Why Does Islam Allow Having Red Meat

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Recently, I suffered a little bit of a BP and I went to the doctor and the first thing he said to me is that stop eating red meat, which is again allowed in Islam. So I would think that if these things could be harmful to the human body, they should not have been allowed by Who has created us. So if you can clarify me on that, you went to a doctor. And you said you had high BP? Yes. Doctor said you have red meat? Yes. So why does Islam allow red meat? Yes, you know, my friend went to a doctor and doctor said you have diabetes known that sugar.

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right? I don't have sugar. My friend went to a doctor doctor said you're diabetic don't have sugar. Brother. Do you have sugar? Yes, of course.

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Having sugar Yeah, we can live on vegetables easily possible.

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Sugar. Can you live without having sugar? Even vegetarian that sugar better? Yeah. Are you educated? Mashallah, the problem is that person had a problem with his pancreas. In the pancreas there islets of langerhans which break down the sugar because my friend had a problem in the pancreas. He could not bring down the sugar. Therefore the doctors that don't have sugar, right? Well, you have some problem of red meat. You should not have red meat. Others can have red meat.

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The Quran says a general statement Quran says eat what is halaal. Anthea, for you. There's a verse in the Quran. Eat what is halal and tada for you. For a person suffering from diabetes, sugar is not. So according to the Quran. A person having diabetes should have less sugar. It's a general statement, eat what is halal and for you. That means certainty which is good for them may not be good for you. But there are certain things which are bad for everyone. alcohol. Alcohol is bad for everyone. It is good for everyone. Pork is bad for everyone. Therefore pork has been bad for everyone. What you realize certain food because of the way your metabolism is made, because it is a

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problem for you doesn't mean that everyone should abstain from it. Hope that answers the question.