Fasting helps a Person enter Paradise

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tsakhia How can fasting enable us to enter paradise? The Jenna as far as fasting, being away to paradise

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as we mentioned earlier, unless it's no Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was the manatee three laleham takuan so that you may learn self-restraint, that means make a Tacoma and Tacoma will be a way to paradise. Therefore last season next was sort of Baccarat chapter two verse 184.

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Fasting is better for you, if you only knew it. That means it's better to fast. And Allah says in Surah chapter number 33 was number 35. In Muslim in our Muslim Mati for Muslim men and women, well meaning our community for believing men and women. Well, quantity, our quantity for development and woman was thought the key number for Ducati for grown men and women

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was forbidden over popularity for men and women more patient. Well, posh in our partiality for men and women who humble themselves, while Mutasa de Kinabalu descending it for men and women who given charity for Thor Amina was for MIT for men and women who fast will have enough room and hospitality for men and women who got the chestatee was Sakina allows accurately for men and women who engage much in Allah subhanaw taala spaces are the law who know much with one Jenna Thema. For them, Allah has prepared forgiveness and amplifer Award, this award is 10. So all these people are left talking about those who submit their will to Allah, those who believe those who are devout, those who are

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true, those who have a Salah, those who pay zakat, those who fast in the month of Ramadan, those who have yesterday, those who praise Allah, all these people Allah has promised in paradise. So this was also talks about paradise. And it's mentioned this idea of Muslim Mohammed, were number one, or the number 1661. Our beloved prophet masala Salim said that a woman who prays five times Allah and fast and observe the chastity and obeys the husband, she will enter Paradise.

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And there's a need for masala Salam

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in the book of supplications, added number 3545 once masala salam, he climbs on a member, and he says amin, amin, amin ties, so the Sahaba asked him that why we said amin, so, he says that Archangel Gabriel, he had come to him and he was saying that a person who does not have his sins forgiven in the month of Ramadan, then it is very sad for him and he should not in the paradise say I mean, I can give it as much as me. So most Rossum repeats, I mean, thrice

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further, that it was mentioned in Sydney been in the book of fasting, added number

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3438 with a person who approaches the prophet and tells him that I worship none but Allah subhanaw taala and I believe that Muslims of Allah, I provide them the day

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I give zakat. And I fast in the month of Ramadan, and I stand in prayer, who will I be amongst what we measure what the prophet said, that you will be amongst the followers of the Prophet and the matters, that means your channel.

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Further there is added, which is mentioned in Book of tirmidhi, added number 2616. A person comes in as a prophet, that what should I do by which I can go to China, the Prophet says that this is a very difficult thing to do. But for whom Allah wants it to make easy, it's very easy. He should believe and worship only one God and should not associate any partners with Almighty God and believe in the messenger. You should pray five times a day. You should give Zakat he should fast and he performed Hajj and this person shall not go to China.

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There's another Hadith which is mentioned in Muslim Ahmed also repeated in southern USA as well as say Jami number 4044. Where abou Mama metalloproteases him, he comes to the prophet and us that what actually I do that will take him to paradise. So the Prophet said, you fast, there's nothing like it.

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So one particular person which another prophet said fast, did nothing like it.

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And further it's mentioned in, say, Buhari, we're number three in the book of

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Number 1899. The Prophet said that during the month of Ramadan, the gates of heaven the open, the gates of hell are closed, and that there was a chain.

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And the Prophet also said in, say, Buhari, we're number three, in the book of fasting. How did number 1896

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were where it says that in heaven, there is a gate by the name of Ryan.

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And only those people will pass through this gate who have fasted, and those who have not fasted, they will not pass to this gate, and allowed to say on the day, that all goes faster, they stand up, and people have asked to stand up, and they will enter through this gate. And after that, the gate reclose and all those if not faster, will not be allowed to enter this gate. So if you faster will paralyze and enter to the gate of Orion.

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May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to enter the gate of return and to go to the general for those in shaba