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AI: Summary © The history of the title "verbal clueless" is discussed, including its use in political and religious reasons and its dis acceptance in many countries. The use of vintage fields and images in disputes with Muslims is also discussed, as well as the rise of Muslims in the Middle East and the loss of Muslims in Spain. The importance of voter education is emphasized, and the recent election in the region is warned against separating Muslims from other groups and the responsibility of individuals to vote is emphasized.
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So adequate to have La

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Silla Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda marine fauna and finally Mount Olympus Anna. Was it now Hillman Yahama Rahimi, ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from my tutorials and increase in knowledge. I mean, I mean

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I ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless this gathering, and make it from the gathering that was seldom said it will be surrounded by angels, and the Sakina descends upon them and Allah will shower them with the mercy and Allah subhanaw taala. We've mentioned their name to the Malala amener bride and

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today in sha Allah, Allah, our hero.

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Unfortunately, very few people have heard of him, even though he's the man.

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He is from the country of my brother Abdullah, thief and Abdulaziz and all the Algerian brothers. We gotta give them their share.

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So who's that?

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Who's that? Who's the

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very famous character very famous here

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alive, they really change the hero for

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us uses

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use of Ben Tashfeen anybody heard of him?

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Raise your hand who heard the use of winterspring

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see Subhanallah now you're gonna see why you should have heard of him. Subhanallah

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use of vintage Fein.

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Rahim Allah

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and when we mentioned our heroes and our scholars always ask Allah Subhana Allah to have mercy on them. So use it for him Allah. He was Burberry.

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Now you know what Barber is?

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What are the barber?

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The barber, as a matter of fact, they were from the people who were Muslims. People think that the barber is something new. The barber really they were strong Muslims from the first year of Hijra.

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Very strong, very strong Muslims, people from the desert Yanni from the mountains, very stubborn on their opinion.

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Kind softhearted but at the same time, they are very determined and they get what they want.

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And Yusuf was Burberry. He was born. It says fifth royal Cobra, Hull Cobra, the big desert grand desert includes Josiah and Margaret in all these areas area over there.

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he was born in the year 400 Hijiri. And Allah subhanaw taala gave him a very long life. He lived exactly 100 years. He died in 500. Adri so from 400 to 500. Let me just give you an idea about the barber and how things used to used to go and that time, the French

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wanted desperately to separate between the barber and the Arab all the time till this day.

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They want to separate between the Berber and Arab and create fights between them. And sometimes it worked. But most of them and 100 a lot of datamine Allah saved the Muslims from falling into this this plot

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at the time of use of rahamallah a lot of big data a

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lot of shook a lot of satin black magic was taking place in the African area.

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So there was a man

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his name was Yehya Ibrahim, a son Hadji

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had been a Brahim a son Hedgy.

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He was one of the leaders who went one time to hedge and when he was unhedged on his way back, he stopped by Tunisia, and he met some scholars, and he told them what's going on in his city in his country. So they sent with him, a very well known man also in that region. His name is Abdullah, even.

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He has seen Abdullah ibn he has seen its color in the authentic hadith. He came and he started teaching the people of Meridian Jezza Oh, that area, teaching them the right Takeda and bringing them back to Islam.

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He helped establish that will let al Murghab 18 That will let Almora be 18

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which include the Senegal Mauritania, borders of Sudan Algeria, Maghreb all that area and Tunis.

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When you hear when Yeah, who brought Abdullah died? I'm just making very brief sure I can get to use of when you hear of normal died.

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He assigned his brother Abu Bakr Ibn Ahmad, to be the leader. Keep in mind, this is not the Khilafah they were not the Khalifa. The Khalifa over there that many was in Baghdad at that time. And the villa in Baghdad was hardly ruling Baghdad and the rules are abnormal was ruining the whole that West Side of Africa. So Abubaker

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took care of the political issues of the government, while Abdullah amnio scene took care of all the religious affairs.

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When Abdullah died of a bucket of Narmada was the leader in both political and religious, he had love for Dawa love for dalla. So he assigned his cousin Youssef, our hero, Ben Tashfeen, as the leader, as you want to call him, the president and he told him I am going for that work visa vie the law. I'm going to spread convey the message the message of Islam

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use of at this time he was

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born, his father died when he was young he was raised as an orphan. And he just like all our scholars and all our heroes Subhanallah if you see something in common they all memorize the Quran at a young age. He memorized the Quran he was in love with the deen he was very well known with great great manners.

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He has he is very famous for building Rakesh.

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He was very famous for building Morocco and making it it's the capital of the whole area, the whole region at that time when he built Marrakech

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in the language of the Quran, between Marshall Kish, Mara Kish, it means more sorry I can

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pass quickly.

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Just to show you to what kind of city he took. Marrakech in their language means more Busara. Any pass quickly. Why? Because there were so many thieves and robbers, so you have to pass quickly before they get you. So he came and cleaned maracas from all these thieves and robbers and he established the dean in in Morocco.

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Now, if Subhan Allah and he he established the deen and establish justice in his time was the best time ever, for that area, the best time ever. Now look at the there's a very beautiful point here. His cousin Abubaker came after, you know, there was no emails and all that to check out what's going on, you know, they could get some messages and messengers, but he came back after 15 years.

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And he saw all justice, economy's good. Everything's beautiful. Subhanallah any normal leader would say what, Zach, Allah here, thank you so much. You can go now, when he saw that, everything's going beautiful. He said, I don't belong here.

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I officially assign you as the leader of this whole region. And then we go back and spread the deen

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Allahu Akbar.

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And if you know how many, not how many people took shahada on this man's hands, how many countries? How many countries became Muslims?

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With the father of Allah first then apobec his effort, Mali, Niger, all these areas became Muslims because of the efforts of Abu Bakr, even even the cousin of yesu use then Tashfeen

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so he gave the authority to use of and he went back to dalla

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use of is the official leader, he ran the whole country according to the Kitab and Sunnah. And the madhhab that they followed at that time was

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Malik, but had Imam Malik he made all tricky issues under the focus of Imam Malik Rahim Allah. Now keep that on the side, let's move to andalas because, you know, if you look at the I wish one time, I'll bring you some pictures. So, you could live live with me whatever what I saw, and how you get touched, when you see like all these countries are ruled by by one man you talking about any half or three quarters of a continent ruled by one man. So now under us we know is in the corner, right?

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And those now keep in mind use of was a desert man. Rough, no luxury whatsoever. Morabito was no luxury whatsoever. As a matter of fact, they said all he ate was lemon even. And he drinks the milk of the label, the milk the meat, of the camels and their milk. That's all he eats. And subhanAllah 100 years he lived so so in endless, an endless they made many small cities, many empires and everybody assigned himself Masha Allah Amin, meaning on each city.

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And because they are surrounded by non Muslims, at that time, they had problems with each other, and Subhanallah it's exactly many of what's happening now. So they started seeking the help of non Muslims to fight his brother

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to the level that some countries gave other Muslim countries as a gift, so I can stay in position. Deja Vu, all these things are Subhanallah you think that this these things that are happening now is history repeating itself. So they did the same thing.

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They gave

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Muslim leaders living in complete luxury. They gave countries they for nothing for nothing just to stay in their in their positions. Now, there was a man there was a crusader. One of the leaders of the Crusaders his name was

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Alfonso, the sixth, Alfonso the sixth, this guy was very shrewd, very smart leader. He decided he wants to get rid of all the Muslims get them out of the Underoos

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he sent a letter to all of them, most of them surrendered. Most of them. They fought with him, they lost, except one.

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One leader, one ruler.

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He sent him a letter, the ruler of ich Baleia. He sent him a letter he said, I want you to give me this, this, this and that. I want this, this and that. And I want my wife to deliver her baby in the masjid of Cordoba

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inside the Masjid.

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Look how, yeah, and he rude.

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A non Muslim woman. He wants his wife to deliver her baby inside the masjid the biggest Masjid. Why? Because the priests told him in order to take over that city of Spain and in the country of Spain, you have to have your son being delivered in the masjid that used to be a church.

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So this man, the leader of the Muslim leader,

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refused. He was he had some Eman left in him. He had some nacwa. He refused.

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And he said something that hardly anybody say in that region. He said, I'm gonna contact use of vintage fields. Usually, the people of Honduras, they don't bring use of interferon for these issues, because they know that they are very hard on the dean, and this is not good for the business.

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All the other leaders told him did not agree with him. And then he said, Because colossal Alfonso wants to come and take over everything. So he said his famous statement.

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He said I'd rather breed camels in Africa than breed pigs in Europe. I would rather breed camels in Africa than breed pigs.

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Europe, what does he mean? That means worst case scenario, I'm going to be a slave to anybody. I'd rather be a slave to my brother and do commerce in Africa than be a slave to these Crusaders.

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use of vintage Finn, at that time was around 80 years old, is not young. He got the message

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that we need your help.

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We need your help against the Crusaders. They made the deal with him to give him

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a piece of land for his for his people, not for him personally. And they agreed and he came right away. He crossed while he was crossing, you know, the sea over there to go to the andalas there was a major storm, a major storm and he was from the car. He mean, he was from the people who tried to hedge it. So he got up why the storm is very heavy.

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He got up in the middle of the night. He raised his hand said Ya Allah, Ya Allah. If

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this trip, this venture is good for the Muslim ummah, con the ocean down and if it's not the Allah make us go back. He said, Well, Allah He did not finish his dua, except the ocean went very smooth and calm. SubhanAllah. So he continued, and he went to, to the Andrews

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he went to Australia, and he had a great plan. One of the plan he did Subhanallah look at the how the why these people became leaders

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on the

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trip from

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his country from Algiers, to and the rose, he took with him, many, many, many camels.

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Many camels at that time, the people of Andalusia, the people of Spain never seen a camel in their life. Never.

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So they were really any astonished with the with the cameras. Never seen an animal in your life. Plus, there was no pictures at that time. And

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the horses, the first the horses of the city, they got scared, so every time they see the camel, they get scared. So they start running away. So he wanted to use that in the battle to scare the horses of Alfonso Subhanallah think of that and to bring a camera with you and camera is not one cabinet we know the size of a cannon SubhanAllah. So, when the people have entered us, so the Morabito when,

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when they saw them coming in

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1000s They came in 20 They say some numbers, say 24,000. Now keep in mind, these are very spoiled. Islam was not too strong and the loss and they saw these men, real men, or they coming for jihad, are they coming for? They're seeing Gani

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all they want is the leader of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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their hearts start soften

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and with the 24,000 of use of 24,000 from the endless joined the army

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Subhan Allah and he there is always at the heart of the Muslims, there's always something soft, you know, with Will they will come back always to Allah subhana wa Taala even though they will very far and the people have with the with the use of the sphere rahamallah They're looking at this at this luxury and they've never seen something like this before. What is this? This is any too much.

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So they had 24,000 and it was said that Alfonso had 100,000 and the year the battle, very famous battle was the name of the battle.

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Very famous battle as allarakha market is Allerca.

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479 Hijri took place and that barrel Jaquan let me just tell you a details a little bit. So 100,000 versus 48,000.

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Alfonso Masha, Allah, full of luck, manners. He told us of he sent them a message. He said, you know, tomorrow Joomla was just like now just like today, tomorrow Joomla is your holiday.

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And then Sunday is our holiday. So let's start fighting on Monday.

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the owner of who who called and whatever who called the Tashfeen to come. He told them this is a trick. These people don't know anything about Friday. They want to just come in and exactly exactly what the Emir told him and because she knew they exactly on Friday

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night in the middle of the day they came and attacked.

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Long story short, the enemy

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He was defeated,

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was defeated so bad that from the 100,000 Any, you will not guess how many people were left

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500 people, all the rest were dead killed

00:20:18--> 00:20:28

500 people, and that yeah, one delayed the loss off and the last 400 years.

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This is the importance of the sheen.

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That delayed, you know, because the Andros has gone 879 in 479 This battle happened and gave the Muslims another 400 years of ruling. Otherwise Subhan Allah, of course, always, this is the idea of Allah subhanaw taala. But he picks these men to take care of these battles and these errors that we can still remember them till till this day.

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They asked, now, why did the other rulers hated Tashfeen to come they were scared that when he takes on here, when the battle finished, he's going to take over. So what he did is, he left it and went back,

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went back to Algeria.

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Second time they asked him, come back and fight for us. Something happened again with the Crusaders. He went back third time.

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He saw that these people are not really learning anything about the dean. And every time he comes and support them, free them and then they go back disobey Allah subhanaw taala. So at that time with Sheikh was extremely famous, homemade lasagna,

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chicken salad. So he asked him

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for a fact what should I do all the Sheoak including hamadryas. Ali told him include an Delos to your under your role. And he did include the Angelus the Andrews under your your role. He

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built many, many masajid. As a matter of fact, the biggest messages, Giselle, and now is built by him the biggest message since he built them that day till now it's still still there. And after the after the victory. And the last he was named Ameerul Muslimeen. He refused to be called Ameerul, Momineen And subhanAllah. He sent the messenger he sent the messenger and he sent the message to the Ameerul Momineen of Baghdad, who was so weak there Khilafah was so weak at that time, he told him, Anna, and as an American, I am under your control whatever you want from me, let me know Subhanallah this man has half or three quarters of a continent and the other guy has Baghdad. And he's telling

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him just in order not to separate between the Muslims, not to say that the Muslims are separated not to look for names and titles. We want to serve this Dean Subhanallah we want to serve this Dean. After

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the year 500 He passed away. And subhanAllah if you look at one of the shields, he did a graph. You see, everything went down the drain downhill. After his death, things started getting bad and worse and worse until the Khilafah was gone. And the mean under Ross was gone And subhanAllah many, many bad things happen. So the name I want you to remember is use of Ben Tashfeen use of Ben Ben Tashfeen now Subhanallah one

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one thing we learn from these people is that their dedication to Allah subhanaw taala and their dedication to the hack.

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They are ready. They know that this dunya is temporary

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and they were working for the akhira all the efforts while for the archaea. All the efforts were to please Allah subhanho wa Taala in everything they did.

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Now we have the election coming up in our masjid

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and I know mashallah that the people who are

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nominated. It's not themselves that they put themselves in that position people chose them

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and handler but I mean, they are all good people Mashallah.

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But I have a message for them in sha Allah Tada, the message is from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:24:40--> 00:24:49

The message is not from me, as one of your religious leaders I have to advise you whether you are running or you are voting.

00:24:51--> 00:24:53

If you are running, that this is a book

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

called rasool Allah Islam and I would like to read the Hadith both in Arabic and in English.

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caller ID salatu salam Mammon Abdon

00:25:06--> 00:25:16

istoriia Hula Araya Fela Muirhead ha Bina see her Illa Lim Yasha draw Jana.

00:25:18--> 00:25:38

I don't want to scare you. But just to get you to know what are you coming to? It's not an easy matter. Let me translate God Allah salatu salam, any man whom Allah because nothing happened without his permission, any man whom Allah has given the authority of rolling some people

00:25:41--> 00:25:48

some people and He does not look after them in honesty, he will not smell Jana

00:25:52--> 00:26:04

he will not smell gender. If you feel you're going to be a position in a position you're going to separate between the Arab and the Pakistan you're going to separate between the brothers of the masjid Be careful.

00:26:05--> 00:26:24

Be very careful. You are in charge of the Arab and the Pakistan and the Indians and the vanguard and all these are all Aqua they are all brothers and sisters in Islam. If you feel that you have tendency to favor someone over the other Wallahi stay home or some luck is better for you.

00:26:26--> 00:26:29

Because you are risking gender it's not a it's not a joke.

00:26:30--> 00:26:52

Be fair now for the brothers who are voting inshallah Tada like I said all the brothers are good mashallah but maybe there are some brothers are better than others in running the issues of the misogyny is to hear from Mr. He'll ask people around if you don't know him very well and then praise the hara before because follow are a big follow up because

00:26:53--> 00:26:57

he marine and can we Yeah, Milan. Allah Allah.

00:26:58--> 00:27:12

Allah sweating by himself. And he does Allah need to sweat Yeah, when and by himself. Yeah, Muhammad, I'm surely in by myself. I will ask them all. I'm gonna ask them all. Why did you vote for this guy?

00:27:16--> 00:27:19

Is he a good candidate to run a masjid

00:27:20--> 00:28:07

House of Allah? Did he show some qualities that qualified him? Or just because somebody told me? I don't know. No yaki. There's nothing I don't know. This is a big responsibility. Wallahi out of love and out of concern. And at the end of the day, whomsoever ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala want to take charge will take charge, and we beg Allah and we ask Allah and this address at night, the night of Jamar, your Allah, whomsoever is good to run this Masjid on the Kitab and Sunnah and your Allah whomsoever is good to unite our hearts and make us love one another and sustain and make this Masjid move forward towards you, your Allah assigned them to run this Masjid say me from your heart, and in from

00:28:07--> 00:28:41

your heart and in your anatomy, so yeah, when this is just as a person of responsibility, advising his brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanaw taala bring the best of us through the sunshine Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make us always love one another for his sake, and may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep this message away from all the Buddha and keep this message on the Kitab and Sunnah Amin herbal Alameen which is a common law here are salat wa salam Allah and Muhammad Ali here are some big man Subhan Allah, masha Allah Allah, Allah and Mr. Fuuka on a toilet