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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alaikum peace be unto you. I'm your host and you're watching the deen show today we're going to be answering some of your questions. We don't do this often, because we need a specialist. We don't want to just have anybody answering your questions. We need somebody that's qualified and got a qualified individual to answer. So we're going to do some q&a, a q&a special q&a section, here on the dean show with some questions we feel that many people can relate to. And many people will get to benefit from my next guests when we come back. And Surprise, surprise, that type we right back, this is the theme.

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Salam Alaikum, peace be unto you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome, Eddie. I'm really excited for having me. Thank you for finding the time. First family's good, everything's good. Everything's excellent. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I don't find a group of people who are praising God more every time you ask a Muslim, he can have the worst day, you know, he can have he just handed in law. What do we mean when we say 100? Allah. Basically, we, we believe is Muslim, that everything Allah ordained for us is the best for us. So even if it looks sometimes, you know, it's not the best things happen to me today. But I know that it's tomorrow will be the best for me.

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I know that a lot planned for me. And basically, since they know the nature of this, God is full of goodness, and, and love and mercy. I'm not expecting anything less than that from him. So I know for sure whatever I'm going through today, it's the best thing for me. It's something I love. I'm enjoying it. If it's not something I'm very comfortable with it. I know a lot prepared me preparing me for something so beautiful coming soon shot this amazing, amazing and have the law that you're here with us. And we didn't just want to have anybody asked this question. We want somebody who's qualified. Now you're the Vice President, also of the immigrant Institute. You're also there's a

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group of scholars who run the MG online. This is the American jurists of the assembly of Muslim jurists in North America. Yeah, so you guys answer these types of questions, correct? Yeah, I didn't hear your questions yet. But yes, you get a lot of it. Yes. So we're gonna get straight into it. And we thought we'd pick some questions from the bunch because I feel that these questions many people can relate to and they might be in a similar situation, the sister who writes in she starts off with peace be unto us and I'll laico which is a greeting of all the prophets isn't excellent. We have angels too. Yes. And Allah greets people in paradise with this greet as well. If we make it

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inshallah paradise, we get the greeting of peace, x la hamdulillah. May Allah gathers there. I mean, tell us, she says that she's a nurse. And she's finding it difficult to perform all the prayers on time. She says she can usually perform the morning prayer in the night prayer, and then she gets home and she'll, like combine the prayers that she missed. All right. So she she wants to know that she's been doing this repeatedly. And she wants to know is this correct? And is this okay, because of her work situation? That's one part of the question. The other part of the question, she's saying is, is it okay to do this other part is regarding her clothing. She talks about I am currently not

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wearing a hijab, I am currently reading the Quran and I have found that the creator Toma Allah she says the creator does not state to dress. Mama does state to dress modest by covering the bosoms and lengthening the garments. But she says I do not see anywhere where Allah the Almighty says to cover the hair, she's saying this. And I like how she finishes is this we can take a point she says, If I am mistaken, please provide me with the verse that states explicitly to cover the head. You know, she's like, humbly so if I could be wrong, this is from what what what she's saying? And seems like she just wants to know if she wants to do the right thing. Okay, so there's two parts to the

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question, the prayers, and then the hijab, talk to us. First of all, I'd like to say thank your sister for writing for us, and have this attitude of humbleness. Basically. You want to learn as you mentioned, you pointed that she's made a mistake, you know, and this the attitude of the learners and we all learning our D. As for the first part of the question, she combined the prayer allotment on a cylinder

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On in the salata, Canada, mini Nikita Burma owed a salaat was prescribed upon the believers in certain times. So and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam gibreel entity April came to him and to teach him when each salaat time start and finish, and he came twice to teach him that. So basically, the salaat has a certain time, the ledger, the acid, or acid mahalo, Asia, the night prayer, the Federal prayer, the morning prayer, and the Muslim should keep his prayer, her prayer, and the specific times that the prophets of Allah told us, but in certain circumstances, people might because of the nature of their job, they cannot pay it on time, cannot pay it on time. For example,

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the scholars talk about a doctor or a surgeon perform a surgery or she's a nurse. She is with the patient, or a policeman, he's basically

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involved in his trolling and everything trolling the neighborhood, person work on the borders, whatever nature of job that will prevent that person from preying on time, it will be allowed for that person to combine the whole analysis together, either the time of God, or the time of us, or mother of a nation, the time of martyrdom or the time of Asia, but not not to join the five days, five prayers together or four of them together. Now, that's not a lot. That's not a lot Alhamdulillah we all have like lunch break. You can pray in your lunch break in any place anywhere. You can have a 10 minute break just doesn't take much. He the prayer if you just basically fulfill

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that obligation, or the pillar of the prayer wouldn't take from you three, four minutes, you know, and you're done. And you go back to work fresh, full of energy, full of blessings from a loss paladar. So please try not to make this a habit that you miss the prayer, try to look, talk to your supervisor to find a way that you can perform the solid because we all know first of most we are a servant of Allah soprano, Don will always want him to bless our work or effort our income. So in return, we try always to do the salaat and time slot is one thing we should not ever miss with it. Yes, Islam make it easy on us in certain circumstances. You know, I know maybe one week you couldn't

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do it, maybe another day, but consistently you cannot pray at all on time.

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I would really

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only advise you not to take this as a habit and try to pray on time inshallah. As for the second question is about covering the the hair. Actually the verse that you just refer to what Allah subhanaw taala auditor, the woman to basically to cover themselves to cover themselves, you Dineen, Allah, him injera BB in that basically, she will take the garment, and she will lower the garment from the top of her body, and the top of your body is your head. So that's why that garment come from the top of your body, which is the head all the way down. Some scholars said it goes like this, some sort of goes like this covering the face of you know, a very famous debate between the

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scholars. But Sister, I just want to tell you, there is no one ever, ever in the history of Islam was called a scholar said the Muslim does not need to work to cover her. There's no dispute about Sloane spewed about it, there's no one Allah created so far, called a scholar of God would say any woman can show her her unless she's an old woman. And this old woman, Allah subhanaw taala said in the art, give them permission to show some of their beauties, because they're the ruling is not that strict when it comes to them. And I'm talking about a woman like in her 70s or something like that. 70 somewhere around that age basic. So a woman who's like 40, she can't use this as an as No, like

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in their 60s 70s you know, which is basically if she isn't a status, that she's not interested in married anymore, people men will not be interested in her anymore. And she became all that was a lot of said, Yeah, and they are not necessarily to be so strict about the job like the young, the younger ones, the younger one, but also he said, will you start fifth nylon, if they will keep their job completely. It's better for them. It's better if we see people doing the opposite. Like people say, Well wait till I get 80 then put the job. I don't want to do this. That's wrong. That's okay. So this, I just want to mention something about the hijab. something so beautiful. Every time you

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wear your hijab and you leave your home, can imagine every single second

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by you, you are worshipping Allah, you've been rewarded for it. See the account of your reward is going on until you come back home. Even I don't get that agile as a man, because we don't, we don't get that agile as males. This is only for you For you girls. So this is from Allah smart Allah is net bounty upon you, handler. We live in a country also that accommodate basically our budget, and

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basically necessities for religions. So you can ask your supervisor at the hospital that you work in, to allow you to get a job and a lot of sisters do our job while we go to the work. Like if you don't feel I mean, I'm going to take a break. We'll be right back with more in this q&a session with Dr. Shaikh. Will he be right back?

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the deen show with Dr. Shaikh will lead by Sunni who is the vice president of omega Institute. Also, you are on the committee of scholars from Anja the stands for a simple assembly of Muslim jurists in America. Yes, so people can go there. They have some questions that we don't answer today. But just to kind of add to this, can you tell us now, you mentioned something great about the woman just getting so much reward from wearing this hijab. And also another thing now, that when a person because we go to qualified individuals in medicine to see doctors, when a person like reads the Quran? I mean, there's another part to it the Hadith, and do we take because I see a

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lot of people, they'll read it and they'll say, well, it doesn't say in there, you know, to my understanding, do we have to go to qualify individuals like this great woman did, she came to, you know, the experts to learn rather than taking it upon themselves and say, Hey, you know, I read it doesn't make tell me that? Absolutely. You know, when you want to learn anything, you go to the specialist, you know, I cannot just give my opinion about medical issues or physics or I have to go to the special Same thing with religion. You go to a specialist and they will explain to you and also this religion is not only driven from the Quran, only from the Koran. It's from the the

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tradition of the prophets of Salaam, the son of the prophets of Allah, what the scholars agreed upon the consensus and so forth. Now when you say the scholars, so this No one can say like, well, I'm from the Shafi humbly school of thought we don't do this, this is all these great moms, they run a consensus that this beautiful, modest way of dressing the hijab, is is a literary every single Muslim scholars agree. That woman must cover her hair. Okay, so this is a serious issue to us. Okay, and it's and it's beautiful. Like you said, you got to flip it and see the wonderful reward. Yes, it's again, I love the way you explain it. And and the prayer. I heard 111 scholar mentioned that if

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all the Muslims were to get up for fudger, the situations would change. Absolutely, because that's one prayer. The Prophet Mohammed Salim said it's the heaviest prayer for the hypocrites Yeah, because it's you know, if you resist your the temptation of staying in this warm bed, and you leave it and he go pray in the muster something wonderful, you know, and make you fresh, you start your day fresh.

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Basically, the process is that when you miss budget prayer, you woke up Caslen, lazy, no energy and missing the salaat terrible way to start your day. But a beautiful way to start your day by praying gone to the prayer. And the last part that I said before and federally, the citation of the prayer of fudger is witnessed by Allah himself and the angels. Yeah, so can we attribute a lot of the problems we're having as a community as an oma? is art neglecting these five daily prayers? Absolutely. Absolutely. That's one sign one clue sign of the weakness of the soma. Yeah, so May Allah make us steadfast on those prayers. Amit, Amit moving on to question number two, the person

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wants to know he says Do I have to quit smoking are locally my smokes two packs a day? Okay, he says and some people say it's only mcru this light and others say is haram. So what's the correct answer? I trust you guys to clear this up for me. What do you got to say? Sure. Okay. First of all, smoking I have no doubt in my heart that this is how long and for better but he's not smoked two packs a day. I don't know about you. But you know what our amount is Rasulullah saw Salah I just asked you do you think of our salon today? Alive? Would you be smoking

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Would he be smoking cigarettes? I mean, or cigar? Would you think that of reprisals or when you think of Abubakar amount of the campaign, would you think that way of them, everybody knows this is impossible. That's not never I can imagine that. And just want to tell you something that those there is maybe some individuel. In the old days, scholars, when that smoking just started, they said it's dislike is not Haram, because they don't have the knowledge that we have today, how tobacco is very, it's a deadly thing, you know, there is more than 1015, basically 115,000 people, every globally die because of tobacco daily 15,000 people daily die globally, because of tobacco. This is

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a killer machine, a killing machine. So to tell me that this is halau. And Islam will never allowed what is harmful, what is harmful, and the prophets of Salaam said blah, blah, blah, you cannot harm yourself and you cannot harm others, you harming others by the smoke by smoking, even though Western society and everywhere you go, they realize the dangers of smoking. And they put in so much restriction on it because it's very harmful thing.

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The same thing that I said, when I talk with the emphasis taluka don't do what can lead to your death or lead to the destruction. It's a waste of time. It's a waste of money. It's a waste of resources, you wasting your your health, and it prevents you from Victrola. And to prove that Have you ever seen somebody smoking? He's smoking and smoking isn't Subhana love but hamdulillah Hello, you don't see that doesn't don't go together. You know, you smoke when you go to the bathroom. But you don't smoke when you make Vicar. You don't smoke in the pure places, like the places of worship? Because

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it is evil things. It's not. It's not something good last part that I said, Well, how about if Allah made the beat the evil things forbidden on them? So this is something where it's a very interesting point like that the scholars of that time when they didn't have all the scientific information, they came to this. Yes, that's why every single assembly of scholars measurement, which is a group of a committee of photos across the Muslim world, every single one today in modern days, their effect was very clear that smoking is forbidden. Now and another key point here is like if you if you do see like your mom doing some harm, or doing something that's a human being you can make mistakes.

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Absolutely. So we don't follow them blindly. Absolutely. This is very important. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. You mentioned you mentioned a story once and and I love when you tell these stories. And it was about someone who was at the Kaaba. And he asked the shakes something about wanting him making do out to help him quit. But the moral was that if you don't have this sincere intention, then yes, I can help you. Can you share this story with us? Absolutely. He was saying once, one of my friends who was shooting in episodes like this, but the mecca Yeah. So the camera man is very heavy smoke. So basically, he went outside to smoke and the chef told him, my friend Tom, why don't

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quit smoking. He said, Pray for me. She said, Okay, come on. He said, a face the cabinet's a big window and we'll see the cab. It was Ramadan, last third of the night. And so raising my hand and praising the Lord mentioned his names and attributes, and all these beautiful things about a lot. So and the guy basically was so moved by how I praise the law. Then he said, my friends that I start asking a lot to give this man from all the things I can think of. May Allah bless your wealth, your health, the children, this world they live here after maybe two three minutes of a prayer for good things to this man, and the guy was crying and everybody in the room crying.

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Minami, then he said in the end, they said, Oh, Allah, don't give him anything from what I asked today until he quit smoking got him right there now, the does the garrison army army when they said this, he stopped like, What? You know why he stopped. He didn't he never say army. He didn't say why. Because deep in his heart, he was not ready to quit smoke. Wow. And sometimes he said, Oh, pray for me, blah, blah, blah. But you know what, you're not really ready to quit. You're not really ready to quit smoking. And if you're really ready to quit smoking, you will make the decision and you will commit to it a friend of mine who come to my congregation in Houston. One day he told me

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share, pray for me. I said I'll pray for you. But my prayer is not enough. You have to take the action yourself. A lot will help you when when you start

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start helping yourself, Allah will inspire you, but he will not do in your behalf things, you have to do it, you have to earn it so you earn the reward of it. So what I want you to do this advisor give it to my my friend, and Hamdulillah, after 15 years of smoking, he never smoked a cigarette for the last seven or eight years now. The advice was, I said, Every time you have the urge to smoke, stop saying sapan allowed him to allow local, state or federal law to make the because they don't go together. You cannot be making Vicar while you're smoking. They don't go together and see how it's gonna work for you or not. Try that. Try that. Try that we'll be right back with more here on the

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deen show. No speech is better than to do that. call people to Allah and to do the word no speech is better. No, nothing is better than that. Is it true that if one person on the Hello giving you the ability to guide someone, the last permission, the creator's permission that is better than everything in this world, but in the whole world and everything that's in it in another nation, it's better than the best of world but if we really felt that that he would not be get out giving, and this is something that we encourage all the MSA, all the dowel organizations, the mushes forget this. We want to print one more we give these to the novices for free for free for free Warner

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am

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not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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back here on the D show with Dr. Shaikh. We'll leave asuni answering some questions. And we're gonna move on to question number three.

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The individual is asking is smoking pot no marijuana weed?

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Is this something that is is prohibited in Islam says it's only a natural plants and natural herbs. And and the individual talks about because I don't see it prohibited in the Qur'an. In the end. What do we say about the show?

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Actually, first of all, let me make the this rule clear so we can all agree on it. The permeation of things are not only in the Quran, it's in the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah, Allah, and also what the scholars agreed upon the consensus of the Jamaat so don't just saying I read in the Quran and I don't see it.

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Because first of all, it might be in the Quran and never come across them. And it could be in the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Salah unusually give general rulings, and one of the generals in the Quran very clear, that you cannot cause any harm to your body, anything will harm your body is not allowed. Anything is considered as a hobby, something that evil people considered something evil will not, they will not consume, it doesn't matter, its natural or not. There was a lot of food and animals that are natural, there are manufactured and they're still not allowed to touch them out to eat them, the alternative is impure even. So

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saying that it's a natural, so that's why it's allowed we're allowed to consume it. That's not true. That's not true. There is a lot of natural poison and some of the fruits you're not allowed to eat it, it's haram it's forbidden, it's harmful.

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That's one two. As I said the Quran telling us and generally not allowed to consume anything can cause harm to you or to others and no doubt drugs no matter what.

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Starting from marijuana going all the way down the last are harmful to your body harmful to the society and the cause nothing but in a massive T and always associated with violence and drugs. And I think this is well known today what drugs word looks like.

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So no doubt that it is forbidden in the Muslim scholars today. In modern days they forbade us and also the Prophet Mohammed Salim now and Colima factor the prophets of Salaam forbade consuming or inhaling anything and will basically it will drug you it will make you feel basically so relax and you know, slow and put your mood, anything like that it is forbidden and the prophets of Salaam stated that and the aroma based on this hadith he said using drugs to die or using this type of

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drugs will be forbidden on Allah. Allah knows best. What about somebody like to have doctors who prescribe in some states it's legal where for their sickness they will allow the doctors will allow you to smoke pot. What does Islam have to say about this? If the doctor prescribed this it will be exact look at like any morphine or any drugs that the doctor prescribed for as a painkiller that will be permissible because there is a need for it. Yes, but for you to now look at the Quran and say what law prohibit 100 now pot you smoke some weed and go pray. You know, he said don't come intoxicated. He didn't say don't come Hi. You can play with none. It's the same concept the same

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questions? Why would you want to be high? With the drugs I can tell you how to get high. get high by reading the Quran by committing yourself to Allah subhanaw taala that's how you get it. That's how you get high. That's how you get high. get high with the remembrance of the Creator. Yes, that's where you go I connected to the hands, these drugs have side effects that you might feel high, but then you're going to be real low. Absolutely. Absolutely. This is amazing. Amazing. And where could people go now to if we didn't because we're gonna have to do another q&a session with you. But for I'm sure there's a lot of questions and you are part of the under How can people reach that place

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where they can go ahead and have some more you can submit your questions and Amgen online amj Online and you will Sharla your questions will be answered. Say thank you very much inshallah We look forward to do another q&a session. Thank you very My God Almighty, Allah rewards you thank you. Thank you. And there you have it, a special q&a section look out for another one was shake doctor will leave but Sunni and you got to hear it. Don't disconnect with the crate tour. always pray these prayers. They're there to have us connect and that can get us high. get high by remembering your creative net with drugs, not with things that have nasty side effects and don't

00:27:00--> 00:27:08

earn the pleasure of the one who created you get high with the remembrance of the one who created you. This is the way we'll see you next time here on the show. Until then peace be unto you.