Is it Permissible to Draw Pictures or Diagrams of Animals for the Purpose of Academic Learning

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Next question Assalamualaikum This is Sabrina azim from Bangladesh. Is it permissible in Islam to draw pictures or diagrams of animals for the purpose of academic learning, as animal painting is haram in Islam, our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said it is mentioned in Sahih al Bukhari had this number triple to five, as well as in Sahih Muslim had this number to 110 cool no masal we're in fun now that every image maker he will be in hellfire. And another Hadith that is also mentioned Sahil Bukhari and Muslim Abdullah, Muhammad peace be upon him said that one of the most severe punishments on the day of judgment will be to those people who make images referring to

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drawing. And the drawing that is prohibited in Islam is the drawing of

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living things for example, animals, human beings, birds, insects, etc. When you draw distinctive features of these animals, of these living things, of these humans, of these birds of these insects, etc, for example, their eyes, their ears, their nose, drying their face, etc. This is prohibited in Islam and abroad Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that the one who makes images

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of living things on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will tell him to bring life to these living things.

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So making these kinds of images it is completely prohibited in Islam. As far as for the purpose of education, can we yet make these images can we draw these pictures of these animals etc.

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Even for education, this should be avoided, except in situations where it is a necessity, because the ruling of the Sharia is of Bharat to be a Mahabharat that things that are Haram in a situation of necessity, they are permitted. So for example, if a person or if a student is studying medicine, in this situation, he needs to understand regarding the human body, so he may need to work on a sculpture or he may need to work on some pictures etc. Similarly, the doctor to understand the human anatomy, he needs to work on the sculptures

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on the human sculpture to have a better understanding.

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So to students who are studying medicine, they need to involve in this. so in this situation, when it is necessary, it is permitted.

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I would like to give you another example.

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If the police they want to catch a criminal,

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for example, who's robbed or has done some criminal activity, but they're unable to catch him

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and there is a witness. So, this witness, he knows the physical features, and he knows the facial appearance of this person of this criminal. So,

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he describes this to the artist and the artist sketches or draws the criminals face. so in this situation, it is necessary to draw the face of the criminal, so that the criminal can be caught easily.

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So in a situation where it is necessary, it is permitted to draw and to make images. Whereas the general ruling is that you should not involve in making images, drawing images of animals, of human beings, of birds of insects, etc. When you draw distinctive features, for example, their eyes, their ears, their nose, etc.