Zakir Naik – Why do Non Muslim Scientists Accept Science but do not Accept the Qur’aan

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of acceptance of Islam in society, citing the success of Islam in bringing people to truth. They emphasize that individuals are guided to accepting the truth based on their beliefs and that society is a test for their acceptance. The speaker also provides guidance on how to approach questions about Islam and suggests that individuals should be open-minded to others' suggestions.
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I am Ibrahim, I am from Bangladesh. And now I the Student Union map.

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non Muslim scientists, scientists, non Muslim scholars, even non Muslim educated people, knows the truth that there is a significance relationship between modern science and Quran. But my question is the Accept science but not accept Quran and Islam. Why?

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Because the question that

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the people now know the relationship between Quran and science, they accept science why they don't accept Quran? I don't think so everyone knows. Many know.

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Not every scientist knows about the relationship of Quran and science. Many know, out of those who know some of them, they are guided to the truth. And they accept Islam, like the names I took.

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I told it was the other question except Islam. And there are hundreds of scientists accepted Islam. Now many times when you come to notice the truth, you may agree to the truth. But yet you may not follow because you may be worried. What will society tell me? If I change my religion? What will my parent tell me? What will my wife tell me? So the societal pressure prevents him from accepting the truth.

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So once you know it's the truth, you have to accept it. But everyone doesn't accept the truth. So this is a test

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after hearing the lecture, if a person is a non Muslim, and if he's a student of science, he has to do research. What kind of work is this? Talking about astronomy, talking about cycles, talking about geology, about ology, about biology, about botany, about embryology about finger printing metallic and on and on. So, a person who's really a seeker of Truth, and a truthful person, he will be getting to truth, but many people aren't bothered. Okay, now effects if Islam stopped drinking alcohol, who wants to accept Islam?

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If I accept Islam, then I cannot flirt.

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I cannot do sin, I cannot do adultery

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if I might have to provide them the day.

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So these things may stop them from accepting the truth. But our job as Muslim is to convey the message to non Muslim, whether they accept or not at the hands of Allah. We as Muslims have to convey the message if they accept 101 except no problem. We can force anyone. But at least on the Day of Judgment, we can give shadows on the Day of Judgment. I told my friend

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therefore on the Day of Judgment, no, no non Muslim will ever complain to Allah. That

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why am I non Muslim, they will only say given one more chance unless it's too late. So this world is a test for the hereafter.

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This world is a test for thereafter. Once you know that.

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I tell anyone, if anyone proves to me religion believes in Islam, I will convert today.

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I know my regional umbrella. I know my Islam.

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I was a Muslim religious 20 because my father was a Muslim. After that I studied many religions.

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I'm a student of comparative religion. I see that anyone can prove to me a religion whether Islam anyone shows me a book better than the Quran, I will change my religion.

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I don't you don't say that?

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Because you are not afraid of comparative religious.

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I first learned of comparative religion. I've read the Scriptures

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for that very reason. But those whose hearts on truth when they hear and you find Alhamdulillah every day 1000s excepting 1000s only because of pstv hundreds of umbrella. So Pedro, Allah subhanaw taala let me give their guidance for the people who come on the straight path.

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Thank you, man. I see people love you so much. Thank you.

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