Zakir Naik – The Qur’aan is not a Book of Science but it is a Book of Signs

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A medical doctor discusses the concept of "Grind" and its relation to the law of the grind. He criticizes the term "Grind" and argues that it is not a science. He also talks about the importance of reading the Quran and emphasizes the need for a commitment to finish the Quran in the next few months.
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Salam Alaikum

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My name is Mohammed Nisa. I recently graduated from medical college.

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Before that, I would like to thank Bruce Embry and the team for making this for this program coming from KL is really worth it for this for this program.

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Michael question is, I understand the law of the grind, for example the earth go around the sun, but when you explained for embryology being a medical doctor both of us we understand that this embryology sometimes it can, it can go against the law for example, Down syndrome. A spinal bifida due to the soulmates are not in property of the soulmates and how could we explain this being a science of being a medical doctor and also in the religion wise? Thank you. What is a good name brother, Mohammed Nisa

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usually lies in the beginning of my lecture, I said that there's something like scientific facts and something like scientific theories, the scientific facts never the Newton. Today Simon says heart pumps blood, whatever research you do heart rate pump blood, you may come to know more thing about the heart heart, I've got four chambers, ventricle oracles, but the heart will keep on pumping blood. There are something like hypotheses and theories and hypotheses and theories can change.

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That is the reason whenever we are comparing Quran in science, you have to be very careful to talk about facts, not about theories.

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Can I see something?

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theory I remember when you were talking about theory and law theory is something is not proven right? Am I right?

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Is that what theory means? No theory. law can be proven also, but it's not established.

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But it can become a trick later on. Okay. For example, the spider feeder is something we can see. Isn't it been proven? But I don't get it again. But the Quran is not a book of science, sci fi MC one brother asked, Does the Quran mention about Zoroastrianism born in science.

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This is not a book of medicine.

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you will ask me does he talk about epilepsy does the Quran talks about typhoid? Does the Quran talks about tuberculosis? Does it say that they have to take this bet on it? And say

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this is not a book of science, but whatever is there? 100% correct. But everything is on there. If everything is a test to be a big library, we Muslims don't read this small book. What do you read a big encyclopedia?

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How many?

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How never read the translation of the Quran? Isn't the full translation of the Quran? Raise your hand?

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How many have read the full translation of the Quran? Raise and

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raise your hand 112345 678-910-1112 12 people in 1812 people in 101 and a half percent?

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My son

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How many of you? minimum 50 100 bucks 100 bucks in a full life.

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Women are 100 wrong.

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How many there are more than 10 books in the life? Raise your hand?

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How many people read 10 books in your life? Raise your hand

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10 books in your life? Raise your hand or don't you understand English? How many have read 10 books in your life? Raise your hand.

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10 books in your life? Raise your hand.

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Mashallah majority.

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I would say people here at least my read minimum 100 books. Or when you pass your school only finished only books.

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That means we don't really care for the foreign.

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We don't care for the foreign.

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I told you Koran is the most positive book in the world. It's a proclamation to humanity, a fountain of mercy and wisdom of wanting to the hitless, a guide to the airing and assurance to those in doubt, a source to the suffering and hope to those in despair.

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It's not a book of

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Signs sci fi whatever assigns si genus, it's a hidayatullah humanity. It is the instruction manual for the human being the do's and don'ts

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so I request all of us here that at least we take

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we take a commitment

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that we will finish the Quran in the next couple of months Yes or no? Who would like to read the headline the next couple of months Arabian

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Mashallah, I hope, hope you fulfill our commitment written in the language you understand the best with understanding if you know English in English, if you know in Malay, if you know Chinese in Chinese, you owe it to yourself. It is the most positive book in the world. It can solve many of your problems, different problems

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