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Ibraheem Menk
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Illa Allah Al amin will be studying on Sunday on a Sunday mother's MBA

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a long

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term museflower entity john who hasn't either she Tesla, RBS your mother, trust me Will.

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We thank Allah subhanahu wa tada for having gathered us here once again. And we ask Allah to Allah to surround us with the Metallica and to cause his mercy and His Sakina to descend upon us. And to raise us with the MBR Elaine was Salatu was salam, and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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there was a man close to the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who knew the Sahaba holiday a loved one.

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So this man was asked man and an economy.

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What is it that we despise death?

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Why is it that we despise death?

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For karnali Anima Kumamoto dunya

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he said it is because you have built up your dunya will have grown to ohakune. And you have destroyed your urquiola for in the context of hoonah and tequila amin and Romani lol haha. So indeed, you despise moving from that which is built up to that which is destroyed.

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This example, is profound.

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If we think about it, we can strike the example of a man who has to walk.

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He has been given the opportunity to build one that is permanent. But once he is building, he will live in a temporary home. So what does he do?

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He begins to build the one that he is living in temporarily until it is so luxurious, that there is nothing more that he can ask for yet he knows that a time will come where I have to go to the permanent.

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This is the parable of our lives.

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We are living in this dunya.

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And we are building our dunya

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going out every day early in the morning in order to build an empire that will remain in this dunya yet we will continue into the appeal. Have we thought have we pondered for a moment? What are we really doing in reality?

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A while back?

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Someone told me

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Do you want to be a Boolean? I said yes, of course I do.

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And then he told me he says Well, what if I told you

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that I gave you that billion today right now?

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If you were to die tomorrow,

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would you take it?

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Or do you choose life?

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choose life.

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So he says Then why don't you take the billion that your soul pursue every day, every morning, you go out and you pursue that billion you look for it, you strive for it, you sweat for it, and you don't achieve it. And you don't even know when you will go to that which is permanent. Why don't you do a little bit for this and a little bit for that. And in this is the ideology and understanding of a believer in Allah subhana wa Taala knowing that as the days pass, and as the day's move, I am only getting closer to the grave in which I am going to go down into

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so as I am getting closer to that permanent home, I'm building more of this one that I am living in. That does not make sense. That only makes sense to one who believes in this temporary world and forgets about the earth. Here. We are believers in Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is becoming more and more prominent, where people are forgetting completely about the archaea. To the extent that if their brother takes away a little bit of the dunya from him, steals it from him, he cuts him off, he destroys him. He wants to finish him he wants to get rid of why because he's still a little bit of this dunya let it go for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala you are building your appeal by doing

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The reality is our perception of life has changed.

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All together

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sudo muscle a lot while you are sending them says yes.

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Three things follow a dead body, a person who is dead, three things will follow you know, his family omalu. And he's well, what am I, and his deeds by up to his man.

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So two of these things will return from the graveyard

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his family and his wealth will return to back home, they will not go into the grave with him. We have karma who and his deeds will remain with him.

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When your family is gone,

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and what

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rings true in our mind,

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when your family is walking away, when the people are walking away from the graves, you will hear the footsteps leaving you who will be left with you that day, not your son, not your mother, not your father, not your children, nobody will decide to go in the grave with you and answer those questions for you. The reality of life.

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The reality of life is death.

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The reality of life is India. So when we are in that grave, what is it that will benefit us is what we have to do today. If we don't remind ourselves today, when we are six feet down, it is too late.

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It is too late. And this is why when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walked into the masjid one day, and he found the hub, the companions were laughing and joking. He told them what to learn if you knew what I knew. Now, the hc two curriculum whatever came to him kathira, you would have lost a little and you would have cried a lot. It is because of our ignorance of the reality of this dunya that we run after

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we run after

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someone may think that this man is just dooming us one lecture after the other. Well, what if we can't stand with each other and be truthful with each other, if we can't stand with each other, and sit and talk about the reality of this life,

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then when will this happen? We have six feet down, it is too late by then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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You once told the companions,

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he draw, he drew a box.

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And he said this box is the life of a human being.

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And then he took a stick he drew this box into the ground with a stick.

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And he said, this is the life of a human being. This is how it ends, he only has this much of life. And then we took the same stick and he drew a line that went from one side of that box right out of the box. And he says this is his ambition. He wants children so many children, he wants palaces. He wants businesses he wants Well, he wants pleasures. This is his ambition. It goes beyond his life. He doesn't have enough time to achieve and then he drew the two lines moving out on the right and the left of that line, that main line, he drew little line. And then he says this is the calamity that comes to the human being in his life. If one calamity, his death is not written in that

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calamity, his death will come in the next and injuries death is not treated in the next calamity, his death will come in the following calamity. If you have an accident today and you do not die in it, Allah is reminding you your death is coming.

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then understand, realize, ponder and think

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that my life will come to an end. So these ambitions that I have that are going beyond my life, I need to them down. And I need to work for that which is after and that which will remain after I die. So a human being that believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala thinks like, when you die, the breath that you are so used to it coming out of your mouth comes to an end, the life in your hands, the movement that you are used to comes to an end, the eyesight that you see with comes to an end, the yearning that you deal with come to an end you are complete

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motionless and dead in Ukraine. There is no better word to describe than you being dead. But what is it that remains with

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you good and bad deeds, you treated the man Well,

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you looked after him, that remains, your Salah you performed it remains you if you do have had you went for the means of you use the car and your thumb you gave remains with you listen 70 within your heart that you had when you do, did these good deeds remains with you.

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And also let us not forget the swearing of a human being remains with you. The heart of another human being remains with you the sheikh, if you committed any will remain with you in you.

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So this is the currency of the earth here. Today if we have stolen the wealth of a human being $500 1000 pounds 20,000 15 million, we can go back to him and say Hey, brother, I'm really sorry I've stolen it. Let me give it back to you. In the alteon things nothing like that. The currency of the earth here are good and bad deeds. And this is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the one who has taken the rights of his brother, let him in deeds today. God bless Elia Coleman, the known what to do before a day comes where they will be no Dino, no deal, Honey, what will happen on that day when you come and you have no DNR no discipline to give that person who you stole from? Do

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you know what happens in reality, your good and bad deeds become common.

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So, the good deeds of that person are taken the one whom you owe and they are given to you or your good deeds are taken and they are given to him in fact, sorry, your good deeds are taken and they are given to him until you are bankrupt and when you are bankrupt, it does not end there. In this dunya you are bankrupt nobody can take anything away from you any longer because I have nothing

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but in the US does not end there. What happens? The bad deeds of the person will be taken put into your scale of bad deeds. Can we really afford to steal from a Muslim industry?

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Can we really afford to swear another human being in this room? When we think of the impact of our actions in the earth here? We will come to realize

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that I cannot sway anyone. I cannot harm the next human being I cannot replace anyone at all whatsoever. Why? Because I don't want my good and bad deeds to be currency in the air. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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sanity federal Marshal said he had the one who comes with a good deed on the day of piano, he will have tenfold of it. But did Allah subhana wa Taala say the one who does a good deed in this dunion, we'll have Tim folding the earth he'll know the one who comes with that good deed. On the day of piano we'll have 10 fold.

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If you have preserved that good deed, until you reach the earth healer you meet a month's worth it, you have not sworn someone such that it becomes someone's good deed you have not sworn and harm someone such that their bad deeds become yours You come with having preserved it,

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then you will have tenfold of that.

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So let us think about elections. And let us think about what we are doing in reality in this world. Because the more and more we see of this dunya The more we will want to fit the big our eyes will become low and many mid America have been near Punahou why the young, if the son of Adam had one Valley full of gold Valley full of gold, he would have loved for himself to have two values.

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Do you know what the value of gold is worth today? Perhaps it is billions if not trillions of dollars.

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There is one study that claims that all of the gold that came out from the beginning of time until today can be fitted in one stadium that exists. You have more than that today. You have more than everything that has ever been mined, you would have wanted more another one.

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That is the reality of our soul. And that is the reality of our ambition when in the

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and nothing

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will fool the son of Adam's man except for dust, you can eat as much as you want you can enjoy as much as you want. It will never fill your belly except for dust. When the dust is above you then there is no more desire for the studio. So before that day comes, cut off that desire, get rid of it in and you think that you are planting for the dunya and you will achieve something from it. Tomorrow it will be ended tomorrow it will be finished tomorrow it will be gone. Remember what will be what will be remaining is that with which is with Allah subhanho wa Taala man in the comments I do that which is with you finishes on making the money back and that which is with Allah subhanho wa

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Taala he means so worked for that which remains and forget about that which is temporary. Perhaps if you really want to work for this dunya they work for it with the US here in mind. An empire in this dunya saying that yeah Allah if you give me this empire, I will spend it for your sake, I will massage it. I will build my daddy's I will help the pope I will do in order to prepare for my alpha. Don't build for the studio. It is a waste of time. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to understand and May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to practice upon what has been said. I mean also love them or sell them at about 100

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