Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Reflect On The Quran I

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of reflective learning and taking action in shaping behavior is emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to start with the Father and not just think about it. The development of Islam is also discussed, with emphasis on recognizing its presence in culture and building one's Africa around working on health. There are also advice for people who cannot eat sweet due to hypertension and diabetes, and some women who have created records in Las Vegas are preparing to be the inheritors of their success.
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cellarpro salam Allah should have been Amir Vidal, he was heavy on whether

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I want to remind myself a new metal as Renata

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advises us to

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reflect on the Quran

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many places around us and made this question

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and as I said in one place for the burner, puranam Allah Allah when a follower said do not reflect on the Quran or are their heart sealed,

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nameless Allah, Allah from the top of Quran and so forth, similar statements have come meaning, so that you may reflect so that you may think

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it is very important for us when we read and we decide to or on when we listen to the Quran, that we reflect on it, we think about it. And we try to bring that knowledge of that element to our beings into our bodies into a new standard when we are reflecting, especially in Salah, this is one of the ways of getting kosher and Sarah is to reflect on what we are saying and reflect on what we are hearing.

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The most important thing there is to start with the sort of the Father which we hear and we decide in every surah in every in every record, where our last mantra begins, which will lead to him In the name of Allah subhanaw taala Who is the man or the him

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and then reveal hamdulillah will al amin

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all praise and all thanks is to Allah that was the rub of the Lamb who is the

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creator the Sustainer nourish the protector

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of everything the rub is the one who provides for every possible need that the creature has. The safer tavola Serrano tala is to take something from a state of incompleteness, step by step to a state of completeness, say napkin school, but it is

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Kemal Santa Monica number one.

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And this is the

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regard to the creation of a human being Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this all the stages of the embryonic development and so on and so forth. And the same thing applies to us mentally, spiritually, in terms of our Deen not only physical world body development, it's also development of the development of understanding of Islam

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dumbs of our spirituality, it refers also to the development of everything that we know around us, and much rather take step by step by step to a level of competition

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that is also the one who

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gives us

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and supplies all our needs. And two of the major needs that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in sort of the Eucharist for example, wherever you are, that is it. That you are Amen, amen.

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The one who gives time who gives food when you are hungry, and the one who gives our when you have half.

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It is important for us to reflect individually to the other even though there is

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there are some problems in some parts of the city 100 a year we are sitting peacefully. Nobody's bothering us. Nobody's you are not under any tension. There's nothing we should think about in the same city. There are people not very far from here who are not sitting like this. They are worried they are concerned. Now that's not gonna protect them and help them. But I'm saying that we have to think we cannot just live life without thinking thoughtlessly. We just somehow got up and did something we don't know what we have done. We have to tangle. And this our elven Allah

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there are other people who cannot leave their houses because of the problems today.

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We are doing all our work is happening without sleep without without any concern. Yeah, you're not worried about anything we should find out about this. This is minimum requirement is we thank Allah We also make dua for those people that are lesser than them, I'm an analyst help them and protect them. So every single thing in terms of food it's not just a question of food, it's a question of Allah subhanaw taala enabling us to eat what he has provided us.

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How many people do you know who want to eat sweets but they can't eat sweet because of the because of a health problem. They want to eat something with with salts, but they cannot eat it because of hypertension.

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They have to eat food without salt. Even though they you know, food has no taste, but they are treated because they have hypertension, somebody has diabetes, they can't eat something with, with sugar, and so on and so on. So what happens a lot and they may have all the money in the world, they may be the wealthiest people in the world they can buy also the factory but the carnage

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is the question, not a question of money, the words that are being the ability that the body cannot take, it's about you, you have to eat. So

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I was given the opportunity to recognize the other very big thing is Allah Subhana. Allah gave us the toffee to recognize him. Yesterday I was speaking to a friend of mine in Bangalore who has recovered from a fourth stage of blood cancer.

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Right, fourth is a blood clot is I had them three or four chemotherapy bouts and he has recovered as a matter of the Hindu. And the whole time he's saying now and he's talking about his God, saying that God has been so kind to him and he has given him a god and so on, so on and so on. And I'm thinking myself so Allah, Allah subhanaw taala kills him but the word does not realize it's our job to introduce Allah subhanaw taala to them to explain to them whether they accept or not is a different matter. It's our job that inshallah we will do it but my point is, that 100 Allah, Allah

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put us in a situation where we can we are actually recognizing Allah. We are not saying that this happened because of some God or something. But at the same time that recognition of Allah smarter is watch the recognition of Allah subhanaw taala is obedience to Allah subhanaw taala is not recognizing our love without Allah. So therefore we need to also look into our lives and say, Where is any there is any disobedience of Allah, that no matter was so called Small, no small and large, with regard to Allah, Allah is big allow us therefore any disobedience of Allah is also

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knows what disobedience. So therefore, in terms of our lives, I advise myself a new let us reflect in our lives and say, How can we bring our lives completely in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala we do not know when our time comes, we know the time will come and when the time comes, it does not get delayed, we have to go and therefore let us prepare for that inshallah and use the life that we have left in order to build our Africa as much as possible because that is where we are going and that is where we will stay forever nobody's going back. That's not that's not a temporary place that places there forever. So therefore, let us try to do our best to prepare the zacchara and rebuild that

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place where we are going. So that when we go there, as he did in the day, the second second record of

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Nevada, Las Vegas describe what this place is, Allah Allah give us that and there's one other of course that the what he has prepared agenda is something which no is seen and no you're reserved and no mind can conceptualize and understand something that is so beautiful that Allah subhanaw taala Did you ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us the inheritors of that to give us that and to be pleased with us and to make it easy for us to please Him. masala Alana will carry Viola de la savage me

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