Why do Muslims Sacrifice Goats or Cows in Bakri Eid

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Good morning Mr. Jackson. Hi. My name is a blockchain with karma. And I have a question

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Bakrid is very, very, very near this time. And the Muslim has believed that Turkey on the occasion of buckwheat, they sacrifice the goats buffaloes and cows and all that. And according to the Islam, in Sanya, and humanity is very important and every height should be picky and kind on animals and human being and all that. Then if they believe in this, then why they give the sacrifice of goats cows and buffaloes on the occasion of buckreef whether this will be whether it is in favor of humanity, our humanity in Santa Rosa very good question. That why are we sacrificing goat on buckwheat? If it not buckwheat can we sacrifice

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any animals any dynamic sacrifice good if the noble creed

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that they sacrifice is the case? The question that mythic noble creed if it's the animal to the Lord, no.

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Question Why do we have non veg? Correct? No, no, I'm not getting what you're saying. Your main question is why do you have non veg Why do you have meat?

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Actually, I want to say on the occasion of buckwheat and other occasion as

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on the occasion of bikinis, Allah says in the Quran in surah Hodge, chapter number 22, that the blood and the meat does not go to Allah, it is your piety which goes to Allah. So unlike other religions, in other regimen, they sacrifice the sacrifice of God and keep it in the altar in the name of deity. And who is one of my deeds.

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In Islam, when we sacrifice what do we do 1/3, compulsory minimum, we have to give to the poor people 1/3 We have to give to the relatives and friends 1/3 We can keep for ourselves. So maximum you can keep is 1/3 for yourself, if you want to give full inch it also you can give. So when we are sacrificing, what are we doing? We are benefiting the humankind.

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We are giving them food to eat. Now giving food to eat is good or bad, rather,

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giving food

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to the poor people to eat? Is it good or bad?

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In humanity, is it good or bad? So therefore Islam is the religion of humanity. Now you may ask the question, What about killing animals? is good for humanity? But what about animals?

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In short, a Muslim can be a very good Muslim, even by being a pure vegetarian. It's not compulsory in Islam that you should have non veg but Since Almighty God has given us permission to have non veg why should we not have known which Allah says in the Quran? In Formica, chapter number five was number one, each of the four footed animal which has been made lawful for you. Allah says in surah Al chapter number 16, verse number five, that the cattle has been made for you so that you benefit from them and of the meat you can eat the same message repeated and for me noon, chapter number 23 was number 21. That in the cattle is instructive sign from the belly to drink milk and have the meat

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you eat. So Since Almighty God has given us permission, why should we not have it?

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Now coming to the logical aspect today science tells us that in non veg food, in flesh food is rich in vitamins.

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And it is only food which has got complete protein, our human body, there are total 23 amino acids required by the human body out of which eight are not synthesized in the body. It has to be given from the external diet. There is no vegetarian food, which gives you all the eight amino acids. It is the flesh food, the non veg food, which gives you all data amino acids. Furthermore, if you analyze a set of teeth, of the herbivorous animal, cow, goat sheep that were flat set of teeth, they only have vegetables, they can't have flesh. If we analyze the set of teeth of the carnivorous animal, tiger, leopard, Lion, that word pointy set of teeth. They've got a carnivorous set of the

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Deaf canine set of teeth, the only flesh food, they can't have vegetables.

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If you're going from the middle and we see a set of teeth, we have got pointed teeth as well a flat teeth, we have got to only wear a set of teeth. If Almighty God wanted us to have only vegetables. Why did you give us the pointy teeth for what?

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You have the flesh food. Furthermore, the days the system of the herbivorous animal, cow goat sheep can only digest vegetables. They can't digest flesh food. The dices system of the carnivorous animal Tiger leopard lion can only digest flesh food. They can't digest vegetables, but the dices system of the human being has

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got small intestine and this time, we can digest vegetable as well as fresh food. If Almighty God wanted us to only vegetables, why did he give a dialysis return we can digest both.

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Furthermore, there is a misconception that Hindus should not have known which it's misconception.

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If you read the Hindu scriptures, it's mentioned Manu Smithy. Chap. Number five was the mortality that Almighty God created some animals to eat, and some to be eaten. If you eat the animals that have been created to be eaten, you're not doing a sin. It's mentioned Manu Smithy. Japp, number five, verse number 31. That Almighty God has created some animal for sacrifice. So if you kill the sacrificing animals, you're not doing a sin. It mentioned Monroe smithy, chapter number five, verse number 40. That killing in sacrifice is not a sin.

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There are various references in the Hindu scriptures and the Vedas, that the sage and sons, they are not which they wouldn't be if

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if you read Mahabharata Anushka sandpearl, chapter number 88. You know the story of the pandals repent of five brothers, delta is better judiciary, he asks Bheeshma that what should we give in yagna in puja, so that our ancestors will be satisfied.

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So Bheeshma replies that if you give herb then sub then vegetables of ancestors will be satisfied for one month.

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If you give fish for two months, if you give meat for three months, if you give hair rabbit for four months, if you give good for five months, if you give bacon for six months, if we give birds for seven months, if you give deer eight months, and the menu continues, if you give Buffalo for 11 months, if you give cow of ancestors will be satisfied for one full year.

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And if you want the ancestors to be satisfied inexhaustibly give red meat of God or a rhinoceros who says that

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Bheeshma to use the full menu of their vegetables, fish, rabbit, goat, everything is in Buffalo cow. So even in Hindu scriptures, eating non veg is permitted. It is many of the Hindus because they were being influenced by other philosophies of ahimsa. They started practicing it, and this people who follow Hamza, that's non violence, not killing any living creature. If any human being

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can lead a life without killing living creatures and for it what is the killing animal is a big thing because the life killing life with privated. Today science advance and we have come to know that even the plants have got life. So by eating vegetables are killing life also. But the logic is saying no, no, we understand that the plants have got life. But the plants can feel pain for killing a plant is a lesson as compared to killing an animal.

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For sake of argument agree

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to the science tells us that the human ear can hear frequencies between 20 cycles per second to 20,000 cycles per second. Anything below and above we can't hear.

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Today science tells us that even the plant cries, but the human ear cannot hear. So there was a farmer in USA who had equipment which converted the crown of the plant to the human ear. And if to know that that required water.

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Someone was okay okay, fine. I agree that the plant can feel pain. But you know, it has got two or three senses less. Therefore killing a plant is a lesson as compared to killing animal which are five senses. For sake of argument, I agree that plants have got two senses less as compared to the animal. I'm asking you a question that suppose your brother, God forbid, if he's born deaf and dumb.

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And when he grows up someone come then kills him. So we'll go and tell the judge me Lord, give the murderer less punishment because my brother, he will defend them. Will you say that? You will tell the judge give him a bigger punishment. My brother was Masoom he could not he could not speak. So in Islam, it does not work like that two senses more two senses this Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two verse number 168 Eat of the good thing we've provided for you what is good, what is tidy up you can have

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and furthermore, I personally have no problem. If the non Muslim don't want to have non veg, I've got no problem personally only when they tell me it's a sin or you telling me to again humanity give the reply. Personally, if the non Muslims continue having resident good for me, if all the non Muslim start having non veg then the price of mutton and beef will go high was minimal.

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No problem