Can the Creation of the God destroy this Universe

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myself Bala, basically on a normal engineer, I have also strong belief that there is should be only one creator for this whole world. But my question is where the creation, say our humankind, not the creator, can destroy this whole world did created mentioned anything about that downfall of this year?

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There was a question that it does agree there's one Creator, and who's created the universe and everything. But can this creator destroy the universe? Is there any mention, if you read the Quran, the last and final revelation of this Creator Allah subhanho wa taala, it is mentioned that he has created the universe and even destroyed one day, it's mentioned and many destroys it, he will create a new creation, but this world is there for a limited time period.

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But this almighty God, he will destroy this creation which we call as Kiama end of the world. And scientists today also say that our universe will end there are many hypothesis what scientists say like black hole etc. But many of these hypotheses even match with the statements of the Quran. For example, the Quran says that the sun and the moon will join together.

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The Quran says that the ocean will swell up. The Quran says that the stars will fall down. The Quran says that

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the whole universe will come to an end. And many of the things that are mentioned are matching with the hypothesis made by the scientists hypothesis. Why? Because the assumptions because Quran is the last and final revelation, what we say the way it's mentioned the Quran by our Creator, it will end it that way, the whole universe will end that way. After it ends. All of us will be resurrected, Allah will create a new creation. And then based on

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how we performed in this test, as Allah says in surah, chapter number 67, verse number two, Allah's ecological model Hattah its Allah who has created life and that to check which of you is good in deeds. So as mentioned in this scripture, brother, so do you believe in this creator?

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Do you believe there's one God, I couldn't believe that creations say our humankind. You couldn't believe what? For the human kind, creation creation now.

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So you're saying that humankind can and can also destroy the world or the brother said, the human beings can also destroy the world? Yeah.

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That's what I am realizing, you think that human beings can destroy this creation? Yeah, the brother said that, he thinks that even human beings can destroy this creation, they can try but they cannot succeed.

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They can try, but they cannot succeed, they will only succeed with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala normally, we realize that the scientists say, creations are of two types. One is something from something to something

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which human beings do, we take a tree, you cut down, chop it into would make a table and chair that is something from something, which even human beings can do, and even Almighty God does. But the other type of creation is something from nothing,

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which human beings can never do, only our God can do, only Allah can do.

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So Calaca in Arabic has got two meanings. One is to create something from something. And the other meaning of color is to create something from nothing. And that's the challenge or my take is in surah two chapter number 52 was number 35 Can you create something from nothing and the answer is no.

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The same way when you say you destroy you destroy the tree, the tree has got converted to table and chair

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for you can obliterate it the energy changes the form that for scientists so this type of creation human being can do we can make or break and make a building you can destroy the building but that thing is convert something else. It's only Allah subhana wa Taala who can truly create something from nothing

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and he can even destroy completely which we cannot

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we can try you can say okay fine we have nuclear weapon we can destroy. You cannot completely destroy is not possible at all. That only our create Almighty God can do. We cannot. That's the reason the Quran mentions that our creators created this universe

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and he will destroy it and create a new creation.

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Hope that answers the question.