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The immediate priority after the burial of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the choosing of his successor in leading the OMA.

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A group of the companions made their way to the whole of Medina, called the sativa of Bengal cider. To determine who would be the first successor of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Omar had prepared a speech but just before he spoke, I will that killed requested the opportunity to speak first. And after hearing what Rebecca had to say, Omar said, well, Allah He matter Kevin Kelly met in Agia. But now if he has a query in Qaddafi, that the hottie he with La Mina, he said, I swear everything that I had prepared to say prior to this meeting, he mentioned it or added something better without any prior preparation.

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Amara said,

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however, there was one thing that I disliked about the speech of Rebecca,

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whenever that could occur, completed his speech. He took the hands of Omar and available Jarrah, and he raised them and he said, I am satisfied that either of these two men should be the caliph to lead the Muslims after the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Almost dislike of Abu Becker's final statement was due to the high regard which helped.

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Omar he said, I swear by Allah, for me to have my head cut off

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without it drawing me to any sin that is dearer to me than to rule a people. Whenever Beckett is in their midst, that will never happen. Then Omar he turned to Abu Bakr, and he placed his hand within the hand of Abu Bakr, and he gave him the Pledge of Allegiance. And upon seeing this, all of the companions who were present, rushed to Abu Bakr, and they pledged their allegiance as well.

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Abu Bakr now was on the verge of giving his first sermon as the Caliph of the Muslims. And it was eloquent. It was wise, it was comprehensive, and it was unambiguous. After gathering the Muslims, he ascended the pulpit. And he praised Allah Almighty and He said,

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in the record will lead to alikoum well as to be clear, for in essence to the I know knew what to call we Mooney, old people.

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I have been appointed over you, although I'm not the best among you.

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If I am right, then obey me. If I do wrong, then set me right. A Citko Amanda, while caribou Kiana, truthfulness is a trust. Lying is a betrayal of the Eiffel fee can cover up on the hashtag Ori, ha, Ali, Hakka who and then he said, the week among you is strong in my eyes, until I returned to him his rights from others in sha Allah.

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Allah strong among you is weak in my eyes, until I take from him people's right upon him inshallah. And then he said lie there are comun on Jihad fccb de la Illa Baba whom Allah who be dual. Whenever a people forsake jihad in the path of Allah Abubakar, he said Allah will humiliate them while later shear over here to feed me up to Ileana hula hooping Bella. And whenever obscene sins spread amongst people, Allah will affect them all with calamities.

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And then he concludes by saying ugly Onyeama about Allah Allah rasool Allah Who for either isolated la ha ha rasool Allah, who fill out our antibiotic obey me, as long as I obey Allah and His messenger. But if I disobey them, then there is no duty upon you to obey me.

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That's it.

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This was Abu Bakr his manifesto, promising the believers that he would live and die upon the religion of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he was true to his every word

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during his short reign,

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as well that could unify the Islamic nation under the central authority of Medina. After the wars of apostasy, a series of civil wars would also take place by rebel separatists and after eliminating these false prophets who emerged including Messiah who was the strongest of the insurgent leaders, and these successes, led to a mighty central government in the Arabian Peninsula and paved the way for the expansion of Islam into Syria and Iraq.

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He also began the process of compiling the Quran into a single book format, a single manuscript which was priority this preserved in the hearts and the minds of the believers as well as as, as well as in scattered manuscripts in different parts.

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Before the death of our backer, Muslims marched from Iraq to the mass

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because they defeated a large Byzantines army in engineering in Palestine, which gave the Muslims a foothold in that country. So during Abubakar short reign, the Islamic State launched from its infancy and embarked on a movement of expansion which produced the subsequent Islamic empires.

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His way years of blessings and prosperity and unity, unrelenting adherence to the prophetic way.

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Abu Bakr his position as caliph, Khalifa lasted a little over two years and three months before he suffered his final illness.

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Upon sensing, that his life was coming to an end of wobec, who called off man to write his will, on his behalf.

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In this will Abubaker appointed or Madhuban kebab as the next Caliph of the Muslims, and he said after praising Allah, I nominate honourable hottub as my successor. So listen to Him and obey Him. If he acts right, then this is what I hope and assume of him. If he transgresses and he commits evil, then I cannot see into the future and every person shall receive a share of what he has learned. And those who have wronged are going to know what kind of return they will be returned to. As he lie on his deathbed.

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Inhaling his final gasps of

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Abu Bakr asked his daughter Isha, what day is this?

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She said it's Monday.

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And so when he heard this, he said for in mid to mid Leila T, fell out into the Ruby for in herbal ame when nya Li Li, Accra, Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If I die tonight, he said, please don't wait until tomorrow bury me instantly. Because the most beloved of days and nights to me are those that are closest to the Messenger of Allah. So Allah Allahu Allah

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Subhana Allah over two years had passed since the death of the Prophet, two long years of exhaustion, warfare, sleepless nights planning, thinking for the religion, yet the memories of the Prophet did not fade from him.

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This was the moment Abubaker was experiencing. These were the throes of death.

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And when one's primary concerns tend to be at that moment, family or inheritance issues.

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The thought of his dying self didn't even occur to him. Abu Bakr was concerned was being reunited with his teacher, his friend, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is true love and this of course, is our backup.

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Shortly afterwards, the Angel of Death approached him and withdrew the purest of all souls after the soul of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the souls of the Prophets and Messengers. Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu had just passed away.

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See, there is no human being after the prophets and messengers who was and will ever be greater than Abu Bakr.

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He occupies a category on his own, a rank that will never be surpassed. Now what was it that made him so different from everyone else? Think about it. He wasn't as poor as Abu Hurayrah for example, or a Buddha. It he was still greater than them.

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He wasn't tortured like above or below or Somalia or he asked he was still greater than them. He wasn't wounded in battles. sustained injuries, like the Aveda are highly evil, yet he was greater than them.

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He wasn't even killed as a Sheki as a matter in the path of Allah, like Omar was or OS nine was or ally or Hamza almost

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said I didn't know more. Yet he was still greater than them all. So what was it? What was it that raised doubleback into this exclusive level of greatness level which surpasses that of every scholar worship warrior of his time and the times to come. One of the time you're in second generation Muslims solve this mystery in a single sentence.

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His name was McRib Abdullah. He was funny. He said Mercer, calm Abu Bakr and be Kathy Salatin white. So yeah, we're lacking Bucha in waka rafiqul.

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He says it was an abundance of prayer or fasting, which raised Abubaker beyond all others.

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He said it was something that had settled in his heart.

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You see, an action of the heart elevated him to an attainable heights.

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This is what Omar was referring to when he said that Abu Bakr Eman is heavier than the Eman of the Ummah combined.

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You see, allow me to expand upon this a little bit. We are all aware that imagine faith consists of speech with the tongue.

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actions with the limbs, certainty within the heart. The majority of us have focused almost entirely on the outward

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form of Eman the actions of the names

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without putting their correct emphasis on its essence, the actions of the heart. And this results in frail religiosity that is constantly at risk of collapsing.

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Every act of worship has a surah an outward form and appearance. And it also has a loop meaning an essence a core reality. So, the outward appearance for example of Salah prayer is standing bowing frustrating, but the loop the essence the heart of it is for sure inner humility. The outward appearance of fasting is not eating, drinking and other Nullifiers from sunrise to sunset. But the loop the core of fasting is what Taqwa consciousness of Allah, the outward form of Hajj circumambulation around the cada standing on Arafa, throwing the pebbles and so on. But the loop the essence of hedge is what honoring the sacred commandments and symbols of Allah. Again, the outward

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appearance of do is raising your hands facing the direction of the prayer calling, what's the essence of law, that inner sense of if declared bankruptcy to Allah and need

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all of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam were fervent worshipers. But what differentiated them

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were those secrets that were hidden within hearts? elements like genuine love and fear of Allah hope in Him shyness of him sincerity, absolute certainty in Allah. These are the true elevators in the hereafter focusing on the loop and the essence not just the outward forms, and that is why you have Nomad he would say Muthiah which dunya took power will academic one of ours would accurately talk to our globe, the journeys in this world that you are made on your feet.

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As for the journeys to the hereafter that is made by the heart