Why are some People Born with Congenital Defects If this is a Test to Parents then why are…

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The next question Dr Nabeel from Kashmir.

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He asks Why are some people born with congenital defects? If this is a test for the parents then why are non Muslim and atheist parents tested especially the non Muslim parents? Allah subhanaw taala says in the Glorious Quran in surah Mulk chapter six seven verse number two, Allah the helical moto will hire Leah Balu Welcome to Kumasi anomala it is Allah who has created death and life to test which of you are good and deeds. So this life, it is a test for the hereafter.

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And based upon our deeds based upon our actions, we will be rewarded or punished in the hereafter.

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So certain people are tested Allah subhanaw taala test different people in different ways. And Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah Baqarah Chapter Two was some 155 well under below one Nakamichi mineral how we will do when accessing mineral am Wiley will unfussy with a Murad watershed Sabreen and we shall surely test you with something of fear and hunger and some loss of lives and wealth, but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere

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so Allah subhanaw taala he tests the believers, Allah subhanaw taala tests different people in different ways. And even if the children they have certain diseases, it is a test for the parents. Will they yet be grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala? Are the content with the decree of Allah subhanaw taala or not? Even the non Muslim parents is a test for them? Will they believe in one God alone? Will they embrace Islam? Will they be content with the decree of Allah subhanaw taala and if they embrace Islam, if they are content with the decree of Allah subhanaw taala their reward will be greater in the hereafter. Because the greater the test, the greater the reward.

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And just because a person has a disease, maybe a congenital heart disease or any other disease, that does not make him a lesser human being.

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That does not mean that he is a less righteous person.

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Even if a person has a disease, he can get into paradise.

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And it is better for a person to enter paradise with a disease rather than entering Hellfire without having a disease.

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So, it is all based upon how you look at it.

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Because for us believers, the prime goal it is the hereafter, this life is temporary 60 or 70 years, 80 years

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as Allah subhanaw taala since rollin on Chapter three was the 185 collapsing the actual mode, every soul shall have a taste of death.

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So every person he will eventually die, this worldly life it is going to end the home of the Hereafter, it is everlasting and it is done. So we should prepare for the home of the Hereafter. And the criterion for judgment in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala it is taqwa It is God consciousness. Even if a person he has a disease,

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he may not have a leg, he may not have a limb, etc. But

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in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. He can be greater if he's a righteous person, if he has a man if he has Taqwa.

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And it reminds me of an incident of a person who did not have his hands and lakes.

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And he was blind.

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And he was continuously reciting the other car. That is He was remembering Allah subhanaw taala continuously reciting it, and he was thanking Allah subhanaw taala. So, some people they passed by him and they asked him, that you do not have your legs, you've not have your hands you are blind, yet you are thanking Allah subhanaw taala yet you are remembering Allah subhanaw taala so he says that at least Allah subhanaw taala Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has given me a tongue, wherein I can praise him. I can do a car I can recite the praises of Allah subhanaw taala look at the man of this person.

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Even though he has lost his limbs, he is blind, but yet he's content with the decree of Allah subhanaw taala

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because we all know and we all should strive for the afterlife. This life it is only temporary and the home of the Hereafter. It is everlasting and it is eternal.