It is Difficult to Believe in the Quran when it says Birds Dropped Stones in the Battlefield

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perspective sir,

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I have focused in

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fostering this further, please to believe please mention your name and one question shijin

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there are some hard to believe instances in any scriptures. For instance, in Quran like birds dropping stones in a

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battlefield on the enemy's

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context like that, which is hard to believe

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that's my first question

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that's the question that certainly mentioned the Quran like birds dropping stones talking about sort of field.

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So, the field chapter 105, there are many things for example, bronze, silver, Shaco, Kamar, proper masala, some spirit the moon into to Musala, salaam spirit they seem to do. These are difficult things. Yes, these are known as miracles. Miracles are those things which a human mind cannot conceive how it happened for a human being,

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to make the moon into two is not possible for a human being to split the scene to do and have a pathway not possible. So these are known as miracles, which only God can do, you and I cannot do so difficult for us to conceive. The only way for us to testify is to go back into time. Just sitting now, we can go back

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3000 4000 years back and check up with the Musala Salah Moses to the Spirit the CEO not so what we see these are miracles which doesn't allow us to go back in time. But there are many things in this Quran I said which has come true today. For example, Quran speaks about science, about the Big Bang, perhaps with the light of the moon notes its own light, perhaps be though the spherical perhaps be the sun rotates, which to a man 14 years backwards on what is is known since the moon has its own light, that the earth is spherical. All these things about the Big Bang. But today after science is advanced, we have come to know it's a fact. But to know what happened in the past, we can't go back

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in time. So what my logic says whatever the Quran has mentioned, certain things you can check up now, certainly we can't check up.

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We can't go back in time. So that goes in ambiguous slot. So what things you can check up today, out of those things, whatever we can check ups 80% Things you can check up. So my logic says 80% of what the Quran mentioned, we can check up today and we have come to 100% Correct.

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of whatever we can check not even 1% is wrong.

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Or historic thing. So yeah, that's a historic for you to say that thing didn't happen. You can only prove by going back in time. If the Quran says Prophet Moses did the See, you can't prove that he didn't split. Neither can you prove he split. But we can't go back in time. Can we go back 3000 4000 years back Can we go we can't. So what we say logically this may have happened may not have happened may have happened not happened the birds may have dropped stone mineral Drosten Correct. What we say this is ambiguous if we talk about the nuclear bomb 1000 years like would they believe what they believe? They would have said this is nonsense right or wrong? But today you and I believe or not

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because science in advance. Similarly there's nuclear bomb that atom bomb so burn dropping stone what the problem it is so easy, nuclear bomb and more difficult. So here we realize we cannot go back in time. So what biologics is whatever we can testify today, whatever we can analyze today, out of that 100% has been proved to be correct. 20% we can analyze we cannot go back. We can't go in future. We cannot prove scientifically whether there's heaven or hell. So you'll ask me but there's an era medical doctor, how do you believe in heaven and hell? I said that goes in the 20% ambiguous slot. So my logic says when 80% What we can check today of the Quran has been 100% to be correct.

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Not even point one person is wrong. So my logic says what 20% is ambiguous inshallah God willing even that will be correct. Maybe science will advance after 50 years or 20 years. We will come to know about life after death we will come to know about heaven or hell. So my logic say there's a logical belief that when not even point 0001 person has been proved wrong of the Quran 80% is 100% Correct. So my logic says inshallah the 20% which you can verify by going back in time or going in future, even that inshallah will be correct of them.