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Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of trusting Islam and not giving up on one's own fear of God, as it is fundamental to their faith. They also touch on the historical significance of the Battle of Afghanistan and the difficulty of marriage and divorce. The importance of faith and protecting one's home is emphasized, and the need for everyone to submit their actions to God and not to blame others is emphasized. They use the examples of Jesus's warning about fear and the importance of trusting God's will and not giving up on God's strength.
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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah he was already he was having him on a bishop recently. Emily Melissa Nia Cody robina Latina

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Latina de nada Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Today we have with us the 20

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excuse me, the 22nd judge of the poor and today we have the 22nd use of the Quran that we will be studying in just a day. Welcome to this daily program I asked a lot to make us those who read the Quran and understand the Quran, especially in the blessed nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Today we have with us the following sutras from the 22nd Jews, we have

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Surah Surah number 33 surah, Saba Surah 34, sort of felt that sort of 35 and a very beautiful and very well known Surah Surah, Yaseen sort of 36 these are the sutras that we have today. So as seen as at the very end of this just by the way, so we will actually refer to Surah, Yaseen or study soil as in tomorrow because it fits in better with the 23rd just inshallah hudaydah. But today we have these other sutras to study. These are very beautiful passages of the Quran, there is a very,

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it's a very beautiful flow that is in the sutras, and surah. Room is a very, very visibly different in the way it style is, if you were to read the Quran, just the way the sutras before the few sutras before and the sutras after they all have a similar style of flow with subtle differences. But sort of zap sort of 33 is very, very unique and very remarkable. And the reason for that is because all the previous Sutras, before it and the sutras that are after it. They are surah that were revealed in Makkah when the Prophet son was done Makkah, but this one was real on the Prophet Islam was in Medina. And it was revealed in a really tough time at a time where the prophets of Salaam was facing

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unprecedented difficulties, difficulties from an enemy from the outside difficulties from enemies from inside, and also some personal perception problems, some personal issues that he was going through, it was all an amalgamation of problems that were piling up on the Prophet Salaam. And this surah actually addresses that. And that's the theme of the surah is actually talking about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and who he is, how amazing he is, also learn how he is our role model. All those things are mentioned here along with also specific rulings for the prophets also lamb and,

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and, and,

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and, you know, addressing the difficult situation that he was experiencing. Let's start with the introduction, in which Les Paul says William Shatner, gymea, a un Abbe de la hawala, caffiene in our Mona Tina, in the lagana, Lehman hakima, all profit or loss on them feed, have fear of God, and do not yield to those to those who deny the truth and the hypocrites and Allah is all knowing, and all wise, follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. God is aware of all that you do, but our call Allah put your trust in Allah, Allah, God is sufficient as a guardian. This is the introduction. It's a sutra that begins with a you hanabi old prophet. And it tells the prophet to fear Allah it

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does he learn, have conscious or be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The prophet SAW Selim obviously is a person who is conscious of Allah, He is more conscious of Allah than any other person at that time or since, or frankly even before but this is a reminder and the reminder must be given to every single human being, that we must be those who are conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And no one is above the reminder, no one is so great that they are now immune, or they are now beyond the that point where they should be reminded, everybody is reminded and a love begins by reminding His prophets of Allah. He says, Do not totally idle caffeine, do not yield to the disbelievers. And the hypocrites like I mentioned the prophet of Islam in this surah as a time in

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was revealed in Medina, he was facing threats from the outside an enemy, unlike any enemy he's faced before and threats from the inside, the enemy from the outside is fearing the people of koresh. And that is often

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you know, in the students the the word here is referring to the people of Arabia or the profits of adversaries in a battle. And munaf up in the hypocrites are those who are the enemies from within. So Allah subhanaw taala is going to address both of them and how will he do that? He says, Fear Allah number one. And number two, follow the revelation that is the Quran and the Sunnah. And the third is trust Allah, Allah will take care of it, don't you worry and how amazing of a three step process this is for getting through difficult times. Fear Allah, that's the thing that we should be, you know, that should that's the thing that should drive us Is this something that will please Allah

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or not? Number two, following the Scripture, and number three, once we have done what we can do, leaving the rest in the hands of Allah, an incredible three step process that all of us can follow inshallah for our

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for, you know, getting through our own difficult times. Allah, Allah mentions the adopted son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is a problem. This was something that would become a problem. Now the prophets of Salaam had seven children, seven children that were children that he

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wore his own flesh and blood, four daughters and three sons. However, his three sons all passed away in infancy, they did not actually survive the

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it or not survive infancy and the Prophet dogs are some of us did not have any children who any sons who out who survived have his daughters only found him out on the lawn has arrived. him the other three also passed away, but they were all older. And they were all you know, they had become adults and have their own children and whatnot. And two of them were married to one for example. And now the interesting thing is here, the prophets of Salaam

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actually adopted a Zaid

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as his son, Xavier was adopted by the prophet in Makkah as his son before the prophets of Salaam had received revelation. In fact, this was around the time and he got married to Abuja, he had adopted Xavier as his son. And as the as the history tells us, they actually was a slave of the, that was given as a gift to the Prophet, the prophet some, you know, took care of him and treated him like his own. He's like his own zeds parent, dad's father and his uncle came to claim him afterwards. And

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the Prophet son said, Okay, here is it, even though you know, he could have refused and said, You know, this is my slave, I can do whatever I want. But the prophet is showing us how amazing even for like, how amazing he was and how unprecedented his actions were. For that time, he brings Zaid, in front of his father and uncle, and he says, if that is your choice, you want to stay here with me. You can stay here with me, you want to go back home with your family, you are free to go with your family. And they are the one who chose to stay with his, excuse me, he's chose to stay with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and at that point, the prophets on took him to the Kaaba, where the

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people would you know, if you want to make an important announcement, that's where you would take people they said, Hey, people, from now on Zaid is no longer my servant. Zaid is my son, and from now on he will be called Zane even Mohammed. Okay, from now on, you will be known as they did when Mohammed Zaid, the son of Mohammed, this was before the Prophet some had received revelation and this is around the time and he had just gotten married to hadiza. The loved one Hmm. Now, at this is something that Allah, Allah says is actually not permissible in Islam. Not that you can't have a child that you care for, and who you treat as your own son. No, no, that's fine. That's totally

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fine. In fact, the prophet Salam had in throughout his life, especially later in his life, many many kids who he raised, he was effectively their father. He was raising them but he never called him his son. And that's what's

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that's what's impermissible as this ISS room the him who are up for supplying the love. Firstly, a God has not made

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anybody your your mother's okay?

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Your mother is the one who gave birth to you, or the one who breastfed you and nurse you, you can just say to a woman that you're like my mom, and all of a sudden, now she's your mom. No, that doesn't work that way.

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Neither has he made your adopted sons as your own sons. They're not your flesh and blood, even though you can love them and take care of them. And the person loves aid, like a son, ends, AIDS children, the profitsystem loved him or loved them, like his own grandkids, okay.

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But they're not your actual flesh and blood, they're not your DNA. So instead of calling him or calling those adopted kids, by your last name, call them after their father's the ones who are whose DNA they are, right. And that's why you have they even had is that the law on who he was called by the name of his father, even though

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he was,

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even though he or the other one who essentially grew up under the care of the porcelain, that is what is impermissible in Islam, to adopt a child and then call him your own by giving him your own name. And as making him seem like he's your flesh and blood, that is not allowed, however, to have a child in your family, that you care for, and care for like your own, and raise him like your own or raise her like your own. Of course, it is not a problem whatsoever.

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And this is, you know, something that the prophet SAW them when the ayah was revealed. He told the people and like the lemon aroma, Rolando says that this is the first time he realized that they it is actually not the son of the Prophet, because Abdullah was actually a young Sahabi. He grew up like he was a teenager when the Prophet solemn, was,

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you know, about 50, right? So he was like a little boy and the Prophet started to preach the message around the time of birth, that he was like, 12 or 13. So, as normal his whole life had seen the prophet and zayde like father and son, only after this ayah was revealed in Makkah, you know, many years later, was that that Sahaba of that age realize that, Oh, this is actually not the Prophet, son. Wow, that's, you know, shocking. So that was something that was mentioned here. Now, this is an important part, because I'm going to skip to the, to this part here that tough trial for the prophets of Allah. I number 37. I'll come back to the sort of the Battle of having a little bit. The

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prophets of Salaam. Now, his adopted son is Zaid

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and he married somebody he married actually Zainab bint jahsh, a noble woman of orange and the Prophet actually wanted them to get married because the Prophet wanted his son to have or his son wanted to have

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you know, like the best spouse that he could find for him. Right. So he encouraged signups family, to let them you know, for them to accept they into their household, they got married, but it was not a very, you know, it was a rocky marriage. It didn't really work out. Now, Allah had told the prophets of Salaam that it won't work out after this had happened last month had told revealed to the Prophet that they were going to actually end up divorcing and you Oh, Prophet will end up marrying Xena afterwards. Now this was very tough for the Prophet. So because of the optics, how would it seem that he is marrying the wife or the divorced

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wife of his of his son? How is how would it look that he's marrying the ex wife of his adopted son? That is something that is very, very bad in terms of his optics and the Prophet Salim was cognizant of that but when looking at the ISS, when you see the hooded lady Anam Allahu alayhi wa Taala he you said to the man who had been favored by God and by you favored by God for because he was chosen to be a Muslim favored by you because you raised him as a son even though he was your servant and cigar Lake as Oh jack our tequila, keep your wife for yourself to yourself and have fear of God the Prophet is advising Zaid don't divorce her. Okay. What to Fifi NFC comm Allahumma de you sought to

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hide in your heart what God had wished to reveal. You knew that was gonna it's gonna happen a lot. This will happen you will end up marrying, you will he will end up divorcing Xena and then you will marry Xena but you didn't want that? Because what to feed? What what? What? Tasha? NASA you were afraid that people will love aku antosha who but it is more appropriate that you fear Allah loveawake book. This is a glimpse into the

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Hey difficult situation, the prophet, he loves he like his son, he raised him like his own son. Now he's told, you can call him zeta bin Mohammed Alhamdulillah, the prophet has no problem he immediately says he's not even Muhammad. Now, the prophet as any father would do for his son, or any father would or any person will do for the one they love, wants him to be have the best in life. He gets him married to Xena, who is of the nobility and incredible family and incredible lady, but it doesn't work out and the Prophet can see it's falling apart, he wants it to not fall apart. And on top of that, Allah has told him that they are going to divorce and then you will marry sign up. And

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that was a very tough thing for the profitsystem to bear a glimpse into the emotions that he was feeling yet a loss patrulla is going to mention this and very clearly explained what duction does will have gone You shouldn't have feed the people you should only fear Allah. And then when they divorced his wife for them acaba zaidan a minha Whopper on that one Janaka this is only a hobby, by the way mentioned in the Quran. zite

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zoji. Naka, we gave her to you in marriage, the gala akuna lol momineen, a halogen fi as well as their aim. Why would Allah do that, so that there will be no restriction on believers marrying the spouses of their adopted sons after they have divorced them, the ex wives of your adopted sons are not like the ex wives of your actual *, the ex wives of your actual sons are forever impermissible for you. This is actually something islamically even if a man or a woman married, and then the divorce, the girl is still a man is still a, you know, impermissible to the father of that of her her ex husband. She is still her ex father in law, his her father in law for the purposes of

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marriage forever, okay, because now she's married her, his son, that's it, she can never marry the father ever again. And of course, it makes perfect logical sense. It was also something that that's part of the Sharia, but the adopted sons are different. So Allah wanted to do this, to do two things, number one, to eradicate the idea that the adopted son is like your real sun and hus you cannot do. You cannot you know, for example, marry their divorced wife, no, there you can do that, if that situation allows you to do so. And number two, what can Angola Hema for Allah, Allah wanted to do this, he wanted to even show the Prophet Salim that the one you should fear most is Allah, not

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the perception of people. We are aware and cognizant of the people's perceptions, but the one that we fear and the one who we should really care for at the end of the day, what he thinks of us is Allah, Allah, and that is what Allah was referring to here. And this was a very difficult trial for the prophets, Allah, but Allah helped him through it.

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Allah said, there's no blame attached to the Prophet for doing what is sanctioned for him by God. This was God's way with those who went before this is how Allah decreed with the prophets before and that is how Allah decree with the Prophet son now, what can he do rather command of God is a decree determined? All right, that was that the adopted son of the Prophet at that tough trial for the purpose of that also we have here

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in Allah describes I'm going to go back to the beginning of the surah. Here, stay with me, please, that Allah describes how the believers should view the prophets of Allah. The believer, the prophet has a higher claim on the believers than they have even on themselves and the Vu Ola will mean a bit unfussy him, he is we love him even more than we love ourselves and our families. This is actually part of our faith. This is part of the tenants of our faith. This is not something that

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we actually embrace this, we embrace this idea for us, he is also alum is more beloved to us than our own selves, as well, you will mahato him and his wives or their mothers. They are called the mothers of the believers, because we they are like our mothers, you know, even if we're not related by blood, of course, right. And Allah mentions that this is not to, you know, be little blood relatives, blood relatives are closer to one another in God's books. Meaning that your ties of kinship your family, your blood is your blood, of course, and they have your their rights over you, and you have rights over them. But this is a relationship of faith that allows establishing a

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hierarchy of faith. The Prophet some is like the father of this oma and his wives are the mothers of the believers and for us, they are the ones that we love and

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Respect more than even ourselves

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a lot as I mentioned also, the prophet Salim is one of the top five prophets and of course we know him to be at the peak of these five, with Adam and Amina mitaka, whom we took a solemn pledge pledge from the profits from you from Noah from Abraham, Moses and Jesus, the son of Mary, we took a solemn pledge from all of them. If this is the five mighty prophets that are mentioned in the Quran, and Subhanallah these are the ones that are very frequently mentioned their stories make up most of the historical narratives of the Quran. The Battle of Azov is mentioned next. Remember, I said this is where the prophet will face a lot of this sort of was revealed when the Prophet was going through a

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lot of difficulties that's piling up the threat from outside? What is the threat from the outside, it was the army of a job. And that's what the sewer is named after the Confederates is how it's translated. Sometimes it's translated.

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as, you know, the groups what they were was, after the Prophet had fought and the Prophet and the Muslims had fought and defeated the people of Makkah in the Battle of butter. That's the first major battle, the people of America came back and took revenge in some way in good in a in a pretty, you know, pretty equal way. In the Battle of offer. They managed to kind of settle the score. Okay.

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But now, a couple of years later, the Battle of Azov, the people of Morocco are like, Let's end this. Let's finish them off. No more. No more rivalry, no more of negotiations. Are there threat. That's it, let's, let's end them completely. Okay, what was the plan, the plan was the people of Makkah, were going to pay others to join their army, other tribes to join the army. And this massive army was going to go march into Medina and just wipe them off the face of the earth. If that was the plan, and

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the people who are making that plan for Sophia Fallon, Walid Hamra villas, will eventually become Muslims. But at that time, they were,

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you know, set on eradicating the Muslims from the face of the earth here. So this is why they will call us up because they had paid off many other tribes to join

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in a lot of fun, etc. And they became a large army that numbered close to 10,000 10,000. Doesn't seem like a lot. But the residents of Medina were less than 10,000. At the time,

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the size of the army is greater than the number of residents of Medina, that was the job. This was no battle, this was a going to be a massacre, it was going to be a slaughter. Okay. So when this happened, Allah mentions what a difficult battle it was going to be the severity of it

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is Jochem infotech. And when they came against you, from above you and from below you, and your eyes rolled with fear, and your hearts left up to your throats, and you entertained ill thoughts about God. And that was when the believers were put to test and were shaken by shaking as if by an earthquake was z loses Island shaddaa. This is something that had the believers shook, I'm sorry for using that term.

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But that is what happened. The severity was so devastating. And as is the case whenever something devastating happens, you see the true colors of the people, you will see the true colors of the hypocrites, the ones who were pretending to be Muslims. You will see the true colors of the Sahaba the color of Islam, the color of of submitting to Allah, the hypocrites would say he

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Mauer that Allahu wa Sulu illawarra look at this guy's made all these promises that nothing but delusions and they're like you know what, Hey people of yesterday. Yeah, yesterday, slip of the tongue.

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But a lot of records that slip of the tongue calling Medina by its pre Islamic name as if longing for a return for those days. You can withstand this enemy here. So go back and then they said to the profit or profit we can help you in defending Medina. We're gonna go protect our own our own homes because our homes are defenseless. Okay, and Allah says mama here we are older they were not exposed or defenseless. their homes were secured by the trench as well as this is the name of the battle as well. The only wish to flee the trench that secure Medina was the idea of Sandman and Farsi or the Allahu anhu

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When the Prophet heard that this armies coming, they were like Oh my goodness. And then Sandman said, you know, in Persia, it's the man of the Persian. He was from Persia. And he came, found himself all the way into Medina, because he was looking for the prophets of Salaam he had read about the prophet in the scriptures of the

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UN, in the in the Bible that he had studied, he had accepted Christianity. But Christianity of though he'd the Christianity or worshipping Allah alone in in Persia, and he went from church to church to church seeking the pastors and priests that would worship a lot alone. And they would say Jesus is the messenger of God. And when he finally found the last one, and the last one of them said, You know, I actually don't know any other church that's worshiping a lug alone. But I will tell you that there's a prophet coming, and that priests pointed him to where Medina was, and says, This is what the city will look like. And here are the three signs that you should look in this

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prophet, he won't take sadaqa, he won't take charity, he will take gifts number two, and he's got the seal of prophethood, between the shoulder blades on the back. So some magnifiers he made all the way his his long journey finally concluded in Medina, and when you find the porcelain, he verified those three signs, and immediately fell down and started kissing the Prophet sweet. promise them, you know, stood him up and asked him to tell his story. And said man was actually in the process of them was, you know, amazed and very, very pleased to hear some man's story, as a man was actually somebody who was a slave. And his slave owner was a tyrant he wanted like 100 palm trees, which is

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like an impossible amount of

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palm trees to grow. But the Prophet said, we're gonna make it happen and the whole community raised money to

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buy the palm tree seedlings, the prophet himself planted the seedlings, they all grew 100 out of 100 grew into palm trees. That's a miracle by itself. And then handleless and Sandman was finally freed, tells you like we gotta support our own when there's somebody who is ours in our community, who joins our community, we support them through thick and thin. And that's what the process of did for Sandman. And then then someone suggested this, the Prophet says alum accepted right away and said, that's a great strategy, we will implement this strategy and they dug the trench around the city of Medina to protect or to negate the threat of the numbers of the Tsar. That's what the profit zone

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did. And that suggestion came from Superman or fantasy or the long run, who, when last thing was a man is when the prophet SAW them. Finally, when they were digging the trench, and you know, there was like a bit of a back and forth of, you know, is Sandman from the people in Medina? Or does he belong to the people of Makkah? Because he made migration right so he's like a mannequin, right? The profits are sunset, sell man Lumina mean, Alan Bates and man is from my family. My mother's from my family. He's part of my household. So Pamela, so that's how much the profits have honored man or the long run who and it was his idea that was implemented. Now these people Allah says they were saying

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that the houses are exposed, but less as they were not exposed. The Trench protected the whole city. But they only wanted to flee Of course, and that is what they're showing their true colors. Then, of course, the prophet SAW I mentioned

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that, how is it like what is the telltale signs of these people? How can you tell if this person isn't really seeing what's in their heart, regret begrudging you with all help, when danger comes you can see them looking at you with rolling eyes, as if in their death throes. But once their fear has passed, they come to you and do glip talking, you know, seller uchumi, LLC, nothing hidden. She had an alcohol.

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I don't really know what good talking is. But as a seller, who can be ultimate in hated, they smite you with their tongues that are like made of iron. Their words hurt like the strikes of a sword. That's how hurtful their words are. That's what the how the Quran describes the hypocrites that when they criticize their criticism is is so painful for the one who receives it. It's like being struck by a sword. So parallel that should give us pause, that how we criticize people, like how is it we speak to them? Like do we hurt people in a way that it breaks them? And if that's the case, you know, that's actually a characteristic of the hypocrites and we have to be careful not to be like

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that. We actually should be more.

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More like the Prophet

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And then who was very gentle and kind, despite, you know, tough times are good times.

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Allah mentions, of course, that in the middle of this right look how they're talking to the Prophet, the prophet was still kind to them. Because look at Ghana computers who didn't know he was fertile hustler, indeed in the property of a good example. For those who look to the God and the last day and want to remember God always the best example the best role model for us is the Prophet Salaam. Also Allah wants to highlight the Sahaba how they showed their true colors, the colors of Islam, when the believers saw the observed the Confederates this large, massive army, they didn't say, well, we're doomed. The Prophet was not telling the truth. No, no, they're like, this is what God

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has messaged, His Messenger have promised us and surely the promise of God and His Messenger has come true. And it only increased them in faith and submission. The trial didn't make their feet less it didn't shake the email and increase their email, allow it work. What incredible what an incredible state to be in. Allah says these are men who have been true to the pledges that have made with God sodoku ma huddle lot. And what a what an honorable Title I How can anybody now question the integrity of the Sahaba? If anybody's questioning the integrity, the Sahaba you should question their integrity. Because Allah is actually verifying or speaking, that these are men of integrity.

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These are people of integrity. There are among them who have fulfilled their well, ie they have lived and then they were martyred and others are still waiting to fulfill it, ie they're still waiting to die, meaning that they're keeping up their promise with my buddy luta Videla. Their resolve has now changed one bit. their commitment has not wavered in the least In fact, it goes up when times get tough. And that shows you how amazing the Sahaba were and you know how they are role models for us as well.

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Interesting thing that the Quran mentions a subtlety of the Quran language Allah talks he says surely a lower reward reward the truthful for their truthfulness the edge of the law saw the cleaner be said to him Okay, and again I'm just calling this harbor authority in anybody who bears the claim that they're lying that person themselves as a liar. Okay, while you are labeling Muna Filipina in sha Allah, and Allah once if he wishes to the punish the hypocrites. Oh yeah to bother him, or he may accept the repentance for Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, allowing but these are the people who are speaking so hurtfully, they act so insultingly they are cowards, they have all these character

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flaws, but the gates of Toba is not closed, as long as the person is alive. And that is the thing that a Lost Planet Allah is highlighting here, you can punish them, or you can forgive them except their repentance if they turn to repentance, if they turn to fix themselves, and to panela this is the great mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, that, that repentance will never beyond help. We're never beyond hope. We are always always

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that the repentance of Allah is always available, we have to ask for it and go get it. And for sure, we'll find it with a loss pilot Allah, amazing. I had the described sort of zap, then Allah smartly addresses the wives of the Prophet sallam. Now the prophets zone was actually a fairly well off man before he became before he received revelation. And as he received revelation, and as they move to Medina and Medina, he had left everything in Makkah had nothing left, the prophet was fell on really hard times. In fact, in the books of Hadith, you find that I just said that the prophets house like the house of the of the Prophet, meaning her own house and the prophets family would go many, many

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weeks without ever having a fire ignited in the house, meaning there was nothing to cook so there was no fire ignited to cook anything. All they would eat was, you know, dates or some bread or some, you know, vinegar for dipping. Very, very, you know, like, very, very

00:34:26 --> 00:34:59

limited and very malnutrition food. Now, after this battle, things became a little more easier financially for the Muslims. So that was the profit we're like, okay, now, can we get some, like basic luxuries of life or some basic necessities? The problem actually didn't take anything. After the battle was completed and the victory was completed. He actually gave all the land that was won over to other people. People who had left a lot

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

sacrificed a lot. And he's still remained largely in the same state that he was. So now, the lives of the prophets were probably like wondering what is happening here are we going to continue living like this. So Allah gives them an option. He says, If you seek the life of this world, and the finery, then come, I will make a provision for you, and release you honorably, honorably, I will divorce you and you can seek whatever you like to seek somewhere else. But if you want Allah and His messenger and the life of the Hereafter, then know that Allah has prepared a great reward for those who do good deeds. So this passage addresses the wives of the Prophet, how amazing how beautiful,

00:35:35 --> 00:36:18

but it also reminds them that you are, you know, role models, you are the ones that you look up to, right. And you are not like any other woman, let's do like I had them in a nice app. All these things Allah reminds them, and he tells them to, you know, act like the role model that they're supposed to be. And remember the great blessing that you are enjoying, which is that in your houses, the revelation of Quran happens, Allahu Akbar was good, and Mr. Luffy booty couldn't even tell you what hikmah in the Lok NLT from hubiera law is pervading, and all aware of the prophets have offered this option to his wives. None of them accepted it. Of course, they all wanted to stay with the

00:36:18 --> 00:36:55

Salah, and they all faced the good and the bad times together. Well hamdulillah and that was the passage about the wives of the Prophet. Now one of the wives of the Prophet actually asked a very important question um, Salah asked the Prophet once she said Yabba su de la mala Milena Allah knows kung fu karateka euskara jell O Prophet, how come we are not mentioned in the Quran like the men are mentioned in the Quran? meaning how can we the women are not mentioned in the Quran like the men are mentioned? So Allah reveals this ayah saying in the Muslim in our Muslim ad, well movement Nina will mean that surely for men and women who have surrendered to Allah, believing men and believing women,

00:36:56 --> 00:37:01

obedient men and obedient woman is a 10 characteristics By the way, surrender to Allah.

00:37:02 --> 00:37:02

They are

00:37:04 --> 00:37:07

meaning they are the believing ones, the ones who believe

00:37:09 --> 00:37:21

Well, we'll call it in I will call it that obedient men and women are signed up Never saw the hard truth for men and women. What was harsh enough harshly at the

00:37:23 --> 00:38:06

humble men and women Sorry, I skipped over the patient men and women saw the you know, assaulted on that six, while while most of the female most of the charitable minimum and seven, or saw me never saw him at the fasting men and woman eight, what have you Lena food, your home will have your lot. Number nine, the ones who guard their chastity men and women was that getting the lojack. Athena was that cannot the men and women who remember God, much 1010 characteristics of the believers that Allah mentions, and he says about them, or the law hula whom monferrato Angela now vema, God is ready with forgiveness and an immense reward. So panela here's the thing. This is S, these are the

00:38:06 --> 00:38:21

10 characteristics that he's describing are believers in includes the way they view Islam, the way they view their commitment to their faith, the way they act, you know, the way they speak, the way they

00:38:22 --> 00:39:01

act in adversity, the way they support others who are poor, the way they remember Allah in their private times, all of those amazing characteristics. Now, the amazing thing is that this ayah was a response to somebody who said, well, the Quran is not treating the women and men equally. And Allah responds by saying, in fact, spiritual equality is the real equality, spiritually equal, being spiritually equal, is really being equal in the eyes of Allah, you are, if you do something good, your reward depends on the goodness of your action and the sincerity of your your intention. And if you do something

00:39:02 --> 00:39:23

evil, your sin, you it doesn't matter what gender you are, you are sinful either way. So it's a very beautiful, amazing ayah that establishes in Islam, that spiritually men and women are equal in terms of their roles, responsibilities, liabilities, difference, of course, there is a difference without a doubt.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:30

But the spiritually they are equal inside of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:39:34 --> 00:39:59

Then, so we talked about the tough trial of the prophets of Allah describes the prophets of Solomon the Quran. In many in this passage, he says that the prophet SAW solemn, who is, like I mentioned the theme of the surah that oh prophet we have sent you for as a witness as a bearer of good news and a warner and a one who calls to God by his leave and guides them to guide them like a shining light was Suraj

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

Munira You are like a shining light, you illuminate the way for the rest of us and give good news to the believers that they have lots of good in store. And again, don't yield to those who deny the truth and the hypocrites again, this is how the sewer began. And this is kind of how it's coming back to don't give into their influence. You know what that other whom ignore their hurtful talk, you know, stay strong, don't retaliate, like evil with evil. Whatever Allah Allah, put your trust in Allah work I've had been lucky, lucky Allah, Allah is enough to take care of you. The Rossum is describing a beautiful way. And this this these commands, or this Counsel of a law applies to the

00:40:41 --> 00:40:43

rest of us, as well.

00:40:44 --> 00:40:47

Last month, I mentioned some specific rulings about the Prophet sallallahu.

00:40:52 --> 00:41:35

All right, some specific rulings about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam that the Prophet was allowed by a law to marry more than four women at its at a time okay. This is something the prophet SAW was given an exception to other than men do not mean this is applies to you and not the rest of the believers. Also, the prophet alayhi wa sallam had the option of which of his spouses he wants to spend more time with Luigi, Manisha woman who now we like Amanda, you may defer the turn of any of them that you please, and you may receive any of them that you may please. At the same time, the prophet SAW them once he had chosen who he wanted to get married to, like, Hi, Lola cannizzaro,

00:41:35 --> 00:42:03

remembered now no more. You can't marry any other person, any other woman, and you cannot, you know, dive like divorce a woman and then marry someone else after that the ones you have chosen to be married to or profit, those will be your wives. And that was the nine women that the purpose of them was married to the nine mothers of the believers, this is something that Allah mentions, and very clearly he says this, this is

00:42:04 --> 00:42:49

not you know, the the these are exceptions that Allah has made for the prophet and he provides the reason the KLA akuna olika heritage, so that you in that in that case that there is no blame or difficulty upon you, and Allah is most forgiving and most merciful. Now, also there is one other important, specific ruling that was given to the Prophet which is how would you have food with the Prophet son like in his household, like people imagine you had dinner with the Prophet, that's like the, that's the moment of your life that you will tell to your kids and grandkids and your grandkids will tell their kids and that is going to be the story that really defines you. Okay. So imagine

00:42:49 --> 00:43:22

everybody coming and having dinner with the prophet in this way that will take away from his personal time that will take away from his other commitments, his family obligation, so Allah, Allah, the prophet was shy to address this. He didn't really want to say to the people, Hey, can you like, like, just get going now? You didn't want to say that. But Allah addresses that. He says all believers when you are entered, don't enter the house, the prophet unless you're invited for a meal, okay? And then once you are there, Don't linger until a meal is ready, right? Well, Ah, well.

00:43:23 --> 00:44:08

VEDA now. valina, inna? Well, I can either do a tone for the whole meaning don't come before the meal is ready. And you're sitting there come once the meaning meal is ready, and you're invited to enter come enter have your meal, but without buying some fantasy to then take your leave and depart. What was that nice scenery Hades. Don't stick around indulging in conversation. Now where there are people that the problem was sit and talk to and address and all the time all the time, but this is his personal time. This is his own meal, his dinner but his time with his family. Why is Allah saying this in Ghana, he was in Levy, doing that causes annoyance to the Prophet, not just a noise

00:44:08 --> 00:44:25

it hurts. It hurts him You didn't to be fair study mean come, but he is too shy. He doesn't he doesn't feel you know, like he doesn't want to offend you were seeing this. Well, Lola is the human like but was not shy. And I mentioned this, he will tell you as things are

00:44:26 --> 00:44:59

those of Hannah law This is something that Allah mentions with regards to having food with the province celeb, and it shows you the character the gentle character of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he saw was a lamp was someone who didn't want to offend people didn't want to hurt people's feelings, wanted to give people the time that they wanted, wanted to accommodate for them. Yet, you know, obviously he has the balance with that his personal life and a lot pantalla addresses that in this ayah Allah says in this beautiful light in the love of my life.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

lunarlon Navy, God and His angels bestow blessings on the Prophet Opie believers, you should also invoke blessings on him and give him greetings of peace. And this is the ayah that tells us to say alongside of the Allah Mohamed Salah Ali Muhammad amasa later Allah Hema Allah Allah Ibrahim in Medina allama botica Mohammed Allah Allah Muhammad Allah tala Rahim Allah early Ibrahim in Naka, homido Majeed, a beautiful ayah Allah says he sends his prayers and blessings upon the Prophet as the angels. So all believers join Allah and his and his angels in doing so, because he is truly a mercy for all of us, and for all of mankind, generally, but for all of us, as believers,

00:45:43 --> 00:46:07

specifically, Allah says also, that this is something that is for the believers to Allah sends His blessings on the believers and the angels do as well. Or believers remember a lot a lot and glorify Him morning and evening. He is the one who sends Blessings to you and his angels as well. So that he may bring you out of the darkness into the light, and He is the Most Merciful to the believers.

00:46:10 --> 00:46:56

It is a beautiful way for us to express our love and our appreciation for our profits solemn by sending Salawat on him, I encourage you to make this a habit for yourselves and for your families. Allows Pablo says about hijab, there's a dress of hijab here, oh Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters, and the wives of the believers that they should draw for themselves, some of the outer garments while in public, so that as to not be recognized and not be harmed, and the law is most forgiving and most merciful. The idea of hijab is a protection, it is something that covers the the body, it covers a woman and protects her, you know, the the natural charm of a girl and protects a

00:46:56 --> 00:47:14

you know, it covers that up. And that is a type of protection that is afforded by the clothes that she wears. And the reasoning is provide that allow your entrepreneur know your offer for them, so that they won't be harmed,

00:47:15 --> 00:47:58

or become put themselves potentially in a situation of harm, if of course does not put all of the onus of of this on the girls. I mean, of course the men are told if you remember from Surah, number 24, the men were told to lower their gaze first before the eye of hijab was mentioned. So the thing goes hand in hand and the men are addressed before the women are addressed because it's a problem on the side of the men too. If they're constantly checking out a woman or making her feel uncomfortable or making her feel unsafe. The problem is has to be addressed there too. And it is addressed there. But it also is addressed with the women as well. The I the surah circles back to the hypocrites and

00:47:58 --> 00:48:20

how they interact or how the they're bent on harming the believing men and believing women they are like enemies within now Allah gives them a very clear threat that if you don't stop or hypocrites who are being enemies from within if you don't stop and you start Don't

00:48:22 --> 00:49:06

you know, desist from having or from starting the scandals in Medina then surely you will have it coming to you. Okay, it comes. The surah concludes with Allah mentioning bunny surah e very interesting why Allah mentions benissa either, as I mentioned to you, a lot is underlined. The Quran draws a parallel between the Israelites and the hypocrites. Not to say the Israelites are hypocrites, of course, but the Israelites who would say inappropriate, insulting disrespectful things to Moosa, Allah draws a parallel between them and what Moosa had to deal with to the Prophet slum, and the people who were pretending to be Muslims, and what he had to deal with. So here as

00:49:06 --> 00:49:43

that conversation is concluding, Allah says, all believers Don't be like those who slandered Moses, God clear him have cleared him of the allegations. He was honorable in the sight of God, this was when Messiah sound like to take a bath by himself away from the eyes of the people. So the Israelites would say, Well, he's probably doing that because he has some leprosy or something, some deformity, and then last month, I cleared him off his name. And the fact that someone will say that about a prophet is it's preposterous. And that's what Allah says, Don't be like that. And that's a indirect command to the hypocrites that need they need to stop saying things that is hurtful to all

00:49:43 --> 00:49:59

people, but specifically the prophet SAW them in fact, when we're told is we need to fear of God duck lava or New Holland Silesia are nicely the sewer circles back if you're not notice, began with the Prophet being told to have fear of Allah. It ends with the poor of believers being told to have the fear of Allah

00:50:00 --> 00:50:13

taqwa of Allah and say the right thing, who Allah said either in fact, the preposition is not precise. Or your colon said either means say the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Don't hide any of it.

00:50:15 --> 00:50:59

Fearing alone, and then seeing the whole truth, if these two things you can do a law will use the AMA come, bless your works for you, he will fix your life, your family, he will set them straight your works, meaning your life becomes straight, it becomes you know, you know, in sync, it becomes harmonious, we have a look on the new welcome and he'll forgive your sins. So you will have paradise. That's what we're told, we're taught when you speak, speak the truth, because speaking the truth will build that integrity and the integrity will set your life straight, we'll set it on a harmonious correct path, and it will earn you forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. So you will

00:50:59 --> 00:51:22

have gender and this is a beautiful concluding way, the surah circles back because the problem had to face much difficulties, much opposition at this time, but each and each turn. He spoke the truth, nothing but the truth, spoke in the best way acted in the best way. And the last panel navigated him through those difficulties

00:51:23 --> 00:52:05

that he had faced next to Surah Surah number 34 surah falter and number 35 Surah Surah 34, excuse me, Saba and Surah 35 a sort of falter, okay, both of these surah has the same or similar theme, which is submission to a lot of success. inshallah, we'll take a few minutes to finish the shell if you don't mind. Please stick with me. Both the sewers begin by praising Allah, you look at Sora 34. It begins by saying Alhamdulillah Hilary Allahumma sumati marfil Oh, well, Al Hamdulillah Sarah. So 35 begins the same way Alhamdulillah he felt that his sermon was even out all praise be to God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth who made the angels, his messengers with wings to three or four

00:52:05 --> 00:52:39

pairs, he adds to his creation, whatever he wants, for he has power to will anything. Let's go back to Surah Sabah, both of them begin by praising Allah, both of them have the same theme, which is a submission to Allah, his success now as a source will get shorter and shorter. So you know, successively, and so many of them actually have a similar theme that they're addressing, but like slightly different variants of it. So I'm going to start lumping them together going forward. So there are several talks about like the people who submitted to Allah successfully but while they were dominant and powerful example.

00:52:41 --> 00:53:30

Example number one is though that is Anna. Tina de Odom in Nevada, We bestowed upon David great favor we said oh mountains and birds join with him in celebrating are praised and we softened iron for him Island Allah Hadith, he could melt iron, and with that make full length coats on male measuring the links extremely well meaning for protection purposes in the middle of a battle and do righteous deeds or family of David in the bema dama Luna Basia, surely I see all that you do. Next person who submitted while dominant, the son of David Solomon, I mean subjected the wind to Solomon so the model is set up, it's morning course was a month and it's evening course was a month and we

00:53:30 --> 00:54:23

caused a found a molten copper ln Allah who is located to Flo for him, okay. And Jin worked under him by the command of his Lord. And if any of them turned away from his command, he they will be made to taste the punishment of the Fire. They will build up, they will do and they would build for him palaces, statues, bases, like reservoirs, large cooking vessels. Mr. Lu Allah, the Buddha shukra, give things house of David, for few of my servants are truly grateful. This is what Allah says about his great prophet. Today, man, he had such dominance, such majesty, but when he's employing that he's employing that to submit to Allah and be grateful to Allah and thanking Allah.

00:54:23 --> 00:54:45

And that is the successful one submitted while dominant, the one who did not submit while being dominant, or the people of Subbu and that's what the sewer is named. After that Kennedy said my infamous Kenny him Ayah for the people of Sheba, there was a sign in their homeland. This is not the Queen of Sheba. By the way, this is not the same place. It's not the same person. And this is actually

00:54:47 --> 00:54:59

this is a you know, older like the ancestors of those people. Allah mentions their story that they had gardens to gardens and you know, lots of luxury, and enough

00:55:00 --> 00:55:44

To be comfortable, but then they turned away from the truth. So we let loose on them the flood, a flood from the dam and replace their two gardens, by two burying pitcher fruits, and as a punishment alligators in our home Bhima cafaro as a punishment because of their ingratitude. And that's what happens that submitting to Allah or not submitting excuse me to Allah, while dominant leads to a punishment in the next life for sure, but often even leads to a loss of blessings in this life. And that's a lesson for us, for those of us who aren't living a luxurious life, but privilege and, you know, access that this is like our role model would be 1000s to the man submitting and being, you

00:55:44 --> 00:55:53

know, being thankful to Allah while we submit, not like the people who were ungrateful to Allah and then paid for the ingratitude.

00:55:54 --> 00:56:37

An interesting passage in this surah where the dominant and the oppressed talk in the fire of *, Allah Latina, cafaro, la numina we have the Quran those who deny the truth, say, We shall never believe in the Scripture, nor in any that came before. Now Allah says okay, consider this. Well, Tara, if you can only see the wrongdoers when they will be made to stand before the Lord. They're rejecting this books, you know, like happily right now, then they won't be so happy. In fact, they will be casting blame on one another. Yeah. Oh, levinas. Today for Linda Nina, for those who had been weak will say to the arrogant ones, that those weak will say to the dominant ones, Lola and to

00:56:37 --> 00:56:38


00:56:40 --> 00:57:13

Laguna meaning had it not been for you. We would have been believers, you guys stopped us. Now the people who were dominant will say, well, Nando sadhana Kumara Hoda, Jakob, Debbie keep you away from guidance when it came to you, Bill Clinton moduli mean, no, you guys were guilty. You didn't want to follow it anyway. The week will say well Nakuru lane even though it was your scheming night and day, when you commanded us to reject God and assign equals to him, they're blaming each other.

00:57:14 --> 00:57:56

It's not going to do anything. It's too late. It's too late. At that point was a southerner dama de la Mora will either they will show the remorse when they see the punishment, but it will be too late. We will put iron collars around the necks of those who have been bent on denying the truth will they will be requited only in proportion to their misdeeds, hallelujah zona Illa. Can Ramadan last month is not out to get people, they are going to be facing the consequences of the choices that they made. They made these choices, and they're going to be paying for the consequences of those choices. This idea of I can blame somebody and just get away with it. Hey, it was this

00:57:56 --> 00:58:08

person's fault. And that's why I wasn't a believer. It's that person's fault. And that's why I wasn't a believer. That is a rubbish excuse. And Allah will completely as we've seen it, it's completely

00:58:10 --> 00:58:50

you know, taken apart in the Quran. But now here Allah calls people to think for yourself, but in the man who can be wider, no more groupthink, don't just follow the herd. Get everybody's liable for their own actions. So think for yourself for a minute, say to them, I exhort you to do one thing I look when you are healer, and the homeowner that you stand up before God must not have Radha in pairs, or by herself, the motherfucker when you reflect, you think, in pairs, because when two people are together thinking of something, or trying to solve a problem, they actually both are engaged in the problem solving process. No one is being carried by the other end. And this is

00:58:50 --> 00:59:36

actually like an education. This is something called think, share, think pair share. It's actually a pretty famous paradigm of how group work should be done in pairs. Because that's the most productive form of group work. Or Florida or by yourself. You know, if you don't want to think with somebody, think by yourself, thermadata guru and then reflect, reflect on who the prophet SAW them is. Is he crazy? Marty suamico manjinder your companion is not afflicted by madness. He is as upright as any person has ever been, in fact, the most upright, the best in his manners, the most truthful, the most trustworthy, how is he? You know, how can you question his character now? Right? You can't

00:59:36 --> 00:59:59

maybe so Jaime Coleman. Jenna he's not afflicted with mount madness. He is then what? He is a messenger in what Ilana didn't like him, they they they either eventually a warner have a pending punishment. Right? He is what could be his motivation. He's not asking for money. What muscle to come. I mean as info Allah calm. If I've asked you for any money, you keep it. I'm not asking you for anything. My reward is with Allah.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:01

Hello Darla,

01:00:02 --> 01:00:40

it is the Prophet he like how did you come up with this? Well in Baltimore in terms of the law, see if I am an error, that's my burden, I carried myself what he needed to if I am guided, then for Bheema up in a europei that's because of my Lord has revealed to me this is due to Allah subhanaw taala and not because of me, so think for yourself before it's too late. And then you end up blaming others, but then those blames will not do anything. Think for yourself in ones or prayers and submit because that is success sort of author amazing sort of describes or,

01:00:41 --> 01:00:42


01:00:43 --> 01:01:28

It describes how Allah is dominant or people that describes how Allah If none can withhold the blessings that Allah bestows upon people, nor can anyone apart from him to store whatever he withholds my gift, a lovely nasty, rotten fella, music Allah if Allah is holding something back, there is nobody who can give that to you. And if Allah has given something, there's nobody who can take it. Well who will? Aziz will, Hakeem, he's the mighty and wise a lot of talks about how he is dominant. He is all people remember the favor of God upon you? Is there any other creator has been highly affine other than Allah that provides for you from the heavens and the earth? The answer to

01:01:28 --> 01:02:17

that question is no la ilaha illa Hua there is no god but him and how are you turned away from the truth? He talks about all people near you and us in the world alone you have the promise of God is true, but I will run nakuha to dunya then no don't let the life of this world deceive you don't get you know tripped up by the luxuries the privileges the false ideologies were liable under common law rule and don't let the deceiver ie the Satan deceive you either. Okay? shape on the deceiver Oliver or he is your enemy, so treat him as your enemy. In the my other rule has been who he calls his followers, so that they should become the inmates of the burning fire. So recognize that he is your

01:02:17 --> 01:03:02

he's your enemy, not Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah is the one who loves you and takes care of you. And he is the one who makes the night PASS INTO THE DAY makes the day pass into the night subject to the sun and the moon, each running for an appointed term such as God, your Lord, the whole milk for him exclusively is the kingdom and anybody else those whom you invoke, besides God, Lamb Omar, I am lacuna miracle, Tamir don't even own so much as the skin of a date stone, you're going to eat a chocolate a date for a farm, I want you to check out the date stone once you're eating it is like a little, you know, this little film on top of it. It's like a skin. It's like almost like a grayish

01:03:02 --> 01:03:22

color that's on it. That is good to me. And Allah says that even that small, insignificant, insignificant amount, even that is not the property of those who you call other than Allah, everything is the the ownership of Allah the Almighty, okay. He also says

01:03:23 --> 01:04:05

that oh people and demand for Quran, Allah Allah, Allah who will love me, you will Hamid, you are in need of Allah. Allah is not in need of you. He is self sufficient and praiseworthy. Again, Allah sort of the theme of the surah is submission to a success wasn't on top of pile as well. How he is dominant, right, he is dominant. He has used him calm if he wished he could take you away and replace you with new people. And that is not difficult for for a lot. And again, accountability is for everybody's accountabilities, individual. What that does, it was zero to zero. Hello, no bearer of burden shall bear another's burden. You can just say, Well, everybody was doing something wrong.

01:04:05 --> 01:04:45

So I'm I needed to everybody was, you know, was cheating. So I cheated. Everybody was doing schilke. So I did shift. That's not going to fly on the Day of Judgment. or enter the room was Colorado. Neela Henley. Hello, minuti Hello, Canada. And even if on the Day of Judgment, you were to say, hey, please come and carry my load. Take some of my sins from me. No one's gonna do that. Even if that was a mere relative, who in this world will help you in the next world they won't be helped you in number two, and Latina shall not be humble Eva como Sala. This is a reminder a warning for those who fear their Lord and the unseen. Allah is in the unseen. He is dominant, but he's in the unseen and

01:04:45 --> 01:04:59

that's the nature of faith. His signs are everywhere. The evidence for him are all around us. And once you you know, recognize it, that is that the test is for the one who fears a lot without having seen

01:05:00 --> 01:05:12

him okay a woman does not care for in America enough see anyone who purifies herself will benefit greatly from doing so for their own benefit not for anybody else. The people

01:05:14 --> 01:05:56

who can change how people think Allah says you know Am I so yeah well and what in Allaha yusmeiro Masha know that are the living in the dead they're not equal about causes who he wills to hear him, but you cannot make those who are in their graves here you meaning you can change people's minds Your job is to convey the message or profit in enter Ilana you were only a warner was sent with the truth as a bearer of good news and a warner or Indian Homerton. Illa Allah Fianna villain every community has had a warner like your Prophet says Allah. Allah message has been sent to people throughout history and if people reject your Prophet, socket can Medina miracle carbonium before

01:05:56 --> 01:06:39

that people rejected as well. This is unfortunately the way people operate tomasulo messengers came to them with clear signs. What will be enough you will be Zuber and scriptures but will keytab will Munir and with the enlightening book and yet they were rejected and and not accepted. Ulla mentioned some of his amazing signs in the universe he says the lender on the left hand side I'm in a summer EMA Have you not seen how God sends down water from the sky? This is signs of a lot to convince us of believing in Allah in the unseen Okay, how he sends the water for authorize net v thammarat. In most dolphin aloha this example repeats a lot but every time it repeats it brings a different flavor

01:06:39 --> 01:06:58

Okay, and here the flavor no pun intended is about the fruits that are being produced fruits of diverse colors and woman energy bad and then how amazing is the geography of the earth woman or Giovanni Judah Don't be able not sorry geography the

01:07:00 --> 01:07:01

geology thank you

01:07:03 --> 01:07:59

I mean energy Valley Judah Don't be alone the mountains there are streaks of various shades of white and red work or Avi was sued and jet black rocks all different types of terrain and from the people I mean unless people have different shades of color, what they love and be nice animals. What an RM and cattle moose telephone Allah Nobu, Gallic diverse hues diversity of the creation of the people of the cattle of the animals of the terrains, all created by one a law alone in my actual law firm in Ibadan or lemma only the servants of God who understand who who are know they are the ones who will fear God. That's the idea. We look at the signs of a law that tells us about who Allah is, and

01:07:59 --> 01:08:05

that becomes our way to fear him in the unseen in the law season of afford.

01:08:07 --> 01:08:35

Allah signs are also in his servants those who believe in them. Those who recite the book and attend to their prayers establish the prayers spend in charity, Sera, noir alania publicly and privately write publicly to inspire privately for the sake of their salvation, your junetta, Jonathan and tabuteau they are going to they're doing something that that kind of business transaction will never suffer a loss.

01:08:37 --> 01:09:18

elimination mentions the most hopeful point to have been abuzz in this in the Quran. He was asked what's the most the ayah that gives you the most hope? He says the following ayah Allah says from our inability to find them in a bad interview, bestowed the book on those of our sermons whom we have chosen some wrong their souls for men home volleyball University, and others keep halfway between right and wrong. I mean, who does it between good and evil, there's some good there's some evil woman whom cybercom will hire RTV ninja and others are excelling in doing good by Allah permission. That is a law of grace. He gives it to whoever he wants. But then Jenna to eisenia Luna,

01:09:18 --> 01:10:00

they shall all enter gardens of eternity, where they shall be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls. And wear silver garments, excuse me will wear garments of silk. And they will say Alhamdulillah Hillel he doesn't have a and hasn't Praise be to God who has taken away all sorrow from us is taken away everything that makes us sad in another Bonilla food on Shaku amazing. The most hopeful Ayah here is because despite the fact that people are rational keytab they have inherited the book, they were born in the faith. They you know, inherited the faith, or they you know, didn't really take it so seriously.

01:10:00 --> 01:10:44

They were just you know, among the Muslims, many of them did wrong. Many of them did good many of them were good and bad, you know doing this stuff Ambassador mixing them between the two. But Allah says as long as they accepted that law is La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah Jenna to add any at all and they will all enter it together so panela this ayah is what gives us hope that despite our mistakes and flaws, we will be inshallah attaining salvation, as long as we believe in the foundation, the foundation of hate the foundation of La ilaha illAllah, the foundation of our Lord fearing him in the unseen last point, the conclusion of last Mandala concludes the surah. He started

01:10:44 --> 01:11:27

by talking about his beautiful power and creation concludes by saying our legacy roofing out, have not traveled around the earth and seen the fate of those who preceded them. They were far superior to them in strength, can you assure them in whom they were stronger, but Americana lovely, you're a geezer whom in shape. Nothing in the heavens on the earth can ever frustrate God's plan, nothing is beyond a lot in who can any man can do. He is all knowing and all powerful. And if a law hypothetically wanted to take people to task today be Marcus Abu mataranka lava Hammond up, every single person, every single creature will be destroyed.

01:11:29 --> 01:12:08

A lot could have done that he's capable of doing that. He's done that in the past, but we're lucky you know whom he appoints them or grants them respect until an appointed time. And that is a day of judgment for Elijah Angelou when the time comes that for the person that's the beginning of their next life, that's the beginning of their hair after law, for in the law can be either the hubiera there is no delaying that and Allah is observant of his servants, and he is then taking them to task we asked a lot to make our accountability easy. Thank you very much for sticking around and the lobby caught up and now we are at the end of the Jews. And tomorrow we'll start with a scene. Thank

01:12:08 --> 01:12:20

you very much again for being patient. I will see you all tomorrow. Same time. Same place as Aquila Helen Hanukkah Lomo hamburger Chateau La ilaha illa Anta stuff we're going to be like Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

A Juz A Day (22nd): The Prophet (S); Submission to Allah

Link for notes: www.tinyurl.com/AJuzADayNotes

Begins: Al-Ahzab 31
Ends: Yaseen 27
This juz includes Surah Al-Ahzab (33), Saba (34), Faatir (35) and Yaseen (36).

Surah Al-Ahzab – The Prophet (S)
Surah Saba and Fatir – Submission to Allah is Success

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