Zakir Naik – Why do the Muslims celebrate Eid when we know that the Devils will be unchained as Ramadhaan ends

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of celebrating the end of the world, as the devil is chained and cannot be killed. They also discuss the importance of accepting their actions and their past sins, as it will be forgiven. They express their sadness and mixed feeling of happiness and sadness, and discuss the importance of accepting their actions and their past sins.
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Save from Tamil Nadu India, a Muslim will always wish that Ramadan does not end because the devils will come back if it ends. So why do we celebrate eat when we know that the devil is going to be unchained as soon as Ramadan end? So without asking the question that why do we celebrate eat after Ramadan is over because in Ramadan profits the devil is chained. So once I'm done is over when it starts why are we celebrating because the devils have been chained? Who should be sad? Why are we celebrating that every good question

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number one, a beloved Prophet said that if asked with sincere faith and seeking the reward from Allah, during the full month of Ramadan,

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all your passes will be forgiven. Our Prophet also said that if you do Campbell l during the nights of Ramadan, all your passing will be forgiven. A prophet also said that if you do km do lead to cover all your past sins will be forgiven. So if we have to fall during the full month of Ramadan and if you see Ramadan will not end if Ramadan will not end the nurses will not be forgiven. If you were to do cam in the month of Ramadan and you pray to Allah Ramadan doesn't end then your sins will not be forgiven. If you have to find the life recover you have to seek it in the last 10 nights if the last 10 Nights don't end then how will you still be forgiven? So basically we are celebrating

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each because our sin the forgiving that Verizon on the end the Saba used to wish each other by saying the Kabbalah minimum income that may Allah subhanaw taala accept from you and me indicating May Allah accept your good deeds and my good deeds. The Cabal Allahu Minar woman that may Allah accept our good deeds, our fasting, our salah, and our charity, all the good deeds. So she eat boba This is later on the Saba never said, Uber, you can say, but the most authentic and the best thing to say is Taco Bell allow me nomikos That Mel accept our deeds. So we celebrate it because we are praying to Allah, and we are still at accept our deeds, our good deeds accepted, our past sins are

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forgiven. But I do agree with you. At the same time, it's a feeling of sadness. And now there is hardly one hour left in Malaysia for I'm not 20 It's a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness, sadness, because we'll be missing the good thing from Dan. And we could see our BAM was more our CRM was there, which it was there, our demand was at the highest level. So you're gonna miss all these things. Therefore, we are sad. At the same time we are happy that this was one month of or highly, as I said, the servicing of the body, and now we are refreshed and all our sins will be forgiven. We are happy that now we are more prepared to fight with the devil. Now the devil will be unchanged but

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now we are more empowered. We are more trained. We are more better equipped than before to fight with the devil. So it's a feeling of happiness and a feeling of sadness. It's a mixed feeling and melasma that accept all our good deeds, mine and all of us inshallah

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