Zakir Naik – Was the Quran Revealed Only to Guide the Muslims or the Arabs

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A doctor from Hospital tells a caller that Islam is a concept and can only be enlightened by the word of God. The doctor explains that the Bible is a great book and that it is a message of love and peace. The doctor also mentions that many Muslims are not following the religion number one, but they can listen to the message.
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I'm Dr. Pooja rora, I'm from Sinai Hospital. I'm a physiotherapist. So I totally agree with you. Just a small question When Muhammad Prophet attained his prophet hood, and he, as you said, he was a common man before he attained prophethood. By that time is it that Quran which is the word of God has enlightened only Muslims, because God can't be partial. So what was the rest of the world doing when Muhammad prophet was enlightening a small sect of people? And isn't that such a long time is being taken for the rest of the sector of society to just get enlightened to this word of God? And how many years would have known when Muslims like Hindus would I totally agree with you, it has to

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be a concept, Hindus are believing idols pictures, but all around Bhagwan whatever, but it is a concept and they have to be enlightened about it, that it is one Hinduism also follows an almighty which is a power or divine power, but unfortunately, it has been given in various forms. So this enlightenment if Quran helps a Hindu to know this enlightenment, it is fabulous.

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It asked a very good question and a very important question.

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She said that the Quran is such a great book.

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If it is a word of Almighty God, then why when it came to Prophet Muhammad was only meant for that small group, you know, Arabs of that time, only Muslim mind not for the full world. How long will it take? Sister the Quran was never revealed only for the Muslims or for the Arabs. The Quran was revealed for the whole of humanity. It's mentioned in cerebra him chapter number 14 Verse number one, so Abraham chapter number 14, verse number 52, in Surah, Bukhara chapter number two was the one he defined. And so resumo chapter 18 And verse them for demand that the Quran was sent for the whole of humanity. Time is short, therefore I'm only giving references not the conditions so Quran was not

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sent only for the Muslim of the Arabs. The Quran was sent for all of humanity and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He was not sent only for the Muslims as Arabs. The Quran says in Surah Ambia chapter number 21 verse Psalm 107 Verma at Santa Monica Illa Rahmatullah mean that we are sending not but at the mercy to all the human beings are at the mercy to all the wolves at the mercy to all the creatures, the message is repeated in Surah Saba Chapter number 34, verse number 28, that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is sent as a universal messenger, giving glad tidings and one in the magazine's, but most of the human beings yet do not know. This verse of the Quran says most of

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the human beings they do not know that the reason Sr, we are having such conferences, it is the duty of every Muslim that should convey the word of Almighty God to all the human beings.

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So, one more thing, sir, can I have time, but better late than never sister, better late than never and everyone who claimed to be a Muslim, may not be a practicing Muslim, he may have a name, Abdullah Zakir mommas was done, but he may not be a practicing Muslim.

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Similarly, as you rightly said, In Hinduism, you don't follow your scriptures. But yet, the religion which is the maximum followed, not only by lip service, but in practice today, it is Islam number one.

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In Numbers, Christianity, it is close to 2 billion Muslims claiming 1.3 billion but the people practicing the religion number one is Islam.

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percentage wise, it is the largest. So these lectures are mainly those small percentage of Muslims who are not following Islam correctly, to get them closer to Islam. And to those non Muslims. We want to give the message of peace, the message of love

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and prove to the world that there is only one God, the ultimate peace can only come if you submit a will to Almighty God. That's the only way to get ultimate peace in this world. And thereafter. So that the reason Sr. We are having such conferences. We have a satellite channel, Peace TV, where every day more than 60 million people that are watching it. So at least on the Day of Judgment, we can give shout out to Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, Rob, we did our best whatever we could we at least give the message every day 80 to 60 million people. And today, the message has even reached you, sister. So tomorrow on the Day of Judgment, I can tell to Almighty God, I gave the message to the

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sister. Whether you accept or not is in your hand sister

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