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Whats the evidence for life from non life (evolution)?

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are you doing I'm going to share something with you that might just blow your mind simple questions that you can ask

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for people who are in university and the professors and academics there and then they push this story about the origins of the human race with the self replicating so from there the different strands of fish different strands of monkeys apes, and then you have John Jones and the whole human race. I mean, this is very interesting when you ask now so my guest shirt is me I'm sharing it with you and we cover a lot more so make sure you tune in when the show comes out. But the piece I wanted to share with you the questions you can ask us what's the evidence for an A biogenesis was the evidence that life came from non life xodus For one self replicating cell there's no evidence. So

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again, well crafted we'll find a story you might as well be telling the Santa Claus story. So tune in so you don't get misled, lost in confusion. With these topics of the new religion of scientists and evolution. We'll be talking this on this week's episode. Make sure you tune in