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In this verse of the Quran of surah Tauba, chapter nine, verse 24.

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Allah is being fully incarnate about whether it be for fathers. And you know, the Quran respects the parents, the high years

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after Allah subhanaw taala. Allah says in the Quran in surah number 17, verse number 2024

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We have ordained for you

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that you worship, but when Allah and that you be kind to your parents. So after Allah come the parents, that became your parents, and if one of them, or both of them reach old age, do not say a word of content, don't say off to them. That means one or both of your parents reach old age.

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Whatever they say, you cannot retaliate. You can't even say off to them. So much you have to respect them. Don't say off to them, but rather, address them with honor. Lord, to them your view of humility, and pay to the Lord that bless them. They cherish me childhood.

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According to the verse of the Quran, respecting the parent is, most importantly, after worshipping Allah, come respecting your parents. Allah says in surah chapter 435. Yeah, you're looking or you believe, stand not for justice, as witness

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to the truth of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. Even if in the against yourself, against your parents, against your narrative, rich or poor, when it comes for standing for justice, in supporting Allah.

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You have to stand up for justice, even if it against yourself, against your parents, mother or father, against your relatives, whether it be your son, your brother, whether it be your spouse's,

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when they reach your home, Allah protects all your alleged telling us that you love your parents, yes. But when it comes to justice, even if we do it against yourself against your parents against you have to stand up for justice, the third one last one out Allah and Allah is repeating the same they call in Ghana about

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favor that be fair for others, or for your sons, or for your brothers, or for your spouse's wives and husbands offer relatives.

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And I'm not going to be used while I'm wanting to move on.

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And the Veldt that ever launched.

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Allah says in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was the Moto 61

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that the Parliament of those spent the day in May of Allah subhanaw taala the parable of those who spend in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala is like

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a grain of fun.

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And that gon

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become seven years each year, many 100 gone that means that one grain become 700 grains.

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Allah says if you spend in the way of Allah, Allah will give you 700 times profit

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and business terminology 70,000% profit.

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If you spend in the way of Allah subhanaw taala Allah promises you 70,000% profit 700 times prophet and Allah continue, Allah will give you much more.

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That mean minimum Prophet Allah guaranteed you if you spend in the way of Allah is 70,000% 700 times Prophet.

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Allah can do what Amala nectar after Musa what does that have

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to do with the rest of

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the business in which you do the housing in which you live? What happens in the nation? Why are you afraid

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to do that? Why are you afraid to go for God in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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striving in the way of Allah subhanaw taala? Are you wondering about your wealth, the business in which you deal, okay, if I do thou with a non Muslim, maybe I will lose my business. Maybe I'll have less customers.

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The wealthy have amassed the business deal now in which you live. Are you afraid that if you do dava Stiven struggle in the way of Allah subhanaw taala whether it be striving physically, whether it be striving for Dawa, whether it be striving to explain the Quran?

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Are you afraid of your father's?

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your sons of your brothers of your spouse's wives and husbands of your relatives? That means they have amassed the burden that you deal now they meet you live

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and Allah God believes

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in Allah

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and family, if you love all the the thing more than Allah

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more than His Rasul

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doing jihad in the way of Allah one Oh,

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Allah and striving, Allah subhanaw taala Allah says Satara Basu wait.

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When Allah says, What does he mean? He's giving you a warning. For example, in the school,

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there is a bully

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who bullies, a junior student. And the junior student tells that big bully was a senior student wait till I get my older brother and his elder brother appears to be a big gangster.

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So when the junior student is telling the seniors to invade, he's actually giving him a warning you buzz off, you get out others will be taught a lesson. When the junior student tells the senior student Wait, he's telling you wait till I teach you a lesson. That means

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when Allah says

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Allah is telling a machine you better improve.

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For Tara Basu had

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until Allah bring the body decision into you. Wait, Otherwise Allah will bring upon destruction unto you. Wala Hola. fasigyn and Allah guides not the far thick people, the poverty transgressors, that I believe people.

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So Allah is giving a warning. In verse number 24 Surah Tauba to all the Muslims, that you should love Allah and His Messenger, I am doing jihad in the way of Allah subhanaw taala more than anything else