The Cure to Every Hardship

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hinata de Mille hobbie Alma Kenya vamana elemi Villa Moreno and asleep for Subhana Allah hinder the heck moto Moto, Moto Z one Yama who was

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a remarkable one a shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa de la sharika rufina theory to me when I said to

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Mohammed Abu who was sudo and that he had an advocate of Imani

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in Allah He believed in the machine. Salahuddin he wanted a hurry he was happy he made metal Kawasaki booty.

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Call Allah hota Baraka tada

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Hamid rubella human ashame pony rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim one as a mfe sudo Rahim means in a Hawaiian another surah mata kabini Sadat, Allah will love him. Honorable scholars, respected brothers, elders, mothers and sisters. as Muslims, we are often reminded of our moral, ethical and religious obligation to fellow humans who are in some difficulty adversity or tragedy. And from time to time, there is a call and a campaign respond, assist empower, like someone said it in the Arabic language, sub broca, famously baetica hieromonk just what just ruka famously by the Roman Sabri, it's always better for you to persevere on your own pain and affliction. And it's always better for

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you to re act and assist and not be silent on the pain of others.

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To a certain extent, the Muslim Ummah continues to rally assist and support and May Allah bless one in all. But that's not the focus of my talk today. I want to change strides momentarily, as we draw towards the final days of the sacred, blessed and momentous month of Ramadan.

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How often are we reminded and told that it is our duty in an equal way to share in the joy, happiness and prosperity of others. When my brother or my sister has accomplished something, they are in a prosperous situation. Then as a Muslim, it's my duty to wish well for them, compliment them and congratulate them. After like Napa saw the Allahu anhu said in Nila has been life, you see bonell muslimeen

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Obi Wan may be beaten you can have them in saaremaa I would hear that rain has come on a neighboring town on a neighboring country.

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I don't have any family there, nor do I have any flock delays in there. Just to know that rain has come and benefited some humans in some part of the world. For me, it gives me the equal sense of joy as though that rain has benefited me myself. We're in Nila Asma lil Hakeem in hakama Muslim in the bill ugly for for a hobby he may be beaten color demon Katia, I would hear about a judge an advocate who is executing justice. I don't have any case, nothing pending. I don't have any urine. I have nothing to do with that particular judge or advocate. But just to know there's a good man who's selfless who's, who's given value back to the community brings joy to me brings happiness to me. And

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that's the message that I want to conclude as we bid farewell to the sacred month of Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is having a private meeting with Abu Bakar and Amara, the Allahumma it's the late hours of the night the early hours of the morning. As they conclude and they exit, they find Abdullah ibn Emma sorrow, Dorothea Lange, who engaged in prayer in nocturnal prayer. Wow. The Prophet of Allah comes from the rear. And then he pauses and he extends an attentive ear to Abdullah

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Abdullah is an grassed immersed in his prayer. He says to Abu Bakr and Omar Mansour al al Khurana Allah to ban gamma nessa

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Allah tala.

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If you want to read the Quran, like how it was revealed to me, then follow this man. This is the manner in which the Quran ought to be recited. Then Abdullah goes on into prayer.

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And as he supplicating, the prophet of Allah is saying, mean to his supplication.

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Abu Bakr and Omar are standing on the wings, green with envy, green with envy, aroma. The Amana said in my heart, I decided that tomorrow I'm going to go to Hampton road, and I'm going to share the good news you are in prayer. You are in supplication, clueless of who was standing behind you. Only to know the Prophet of Allah was endorsing your prayer and saying amen to it. The Gathering concluded we dispersed. I retired to bed. Early morning. I rise attached to the door of Abdullah animus road. I knock on the door. He opens any ashes me in. I say to him, oh, Abdullah minimus road. I have good news for you. He says, tell me what's the good news is that you recall last night you're

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performing prayer. I said, Absolutely. It said Well, I want to tell you, after your prayer, when you were supplicating and making the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was saying mean to you? I have come to share that good news. I'm happy for you. Abdullah Mossad said I appreciate your sentiments. But Abu Bakar was here earlier and he conveyed it to me.

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To illustrate in Elizabeth's LA, I knew that Abubakar had always excelled me, I thought there was a need for me to tap in here. And that is just to have the cleanliness of a heart to share in the joy of others. But lo and behold, Abubakar is a legend par excellence. He has excelled on every front. My message is my brother and my sister, find it within yourself, to be happy on the accomplishments of others, and every day you will be happy in your life.

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And if you're a person who's depressed by the accomplishments of others, then every day of your life will be an added day of agony and depression.

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The most telling tale in this regard, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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tells Zadar the Allahu anhu who initially he had adopted zadara the Allahu anhu was adopted by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and then his father went looking for him back at a dinner

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for your Raja do not

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follow him at any Lhasa Ilan. Allah Allah Cabeza de la masala Khadija bell to the girone chanson de todo de ha

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ha were inhabiting

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a genetic Raghu Rama Hosni, he was, the father laments the separation of his son, that as long as the sun rises in the birds chirping the winds blow your separation agonizes me, finally he comes to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he says, I believe my son is in your care, the province has said yes, absolutely. Is that I have come to pay ransom to take him. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam said no, no, you can have him I will not take a dime in lieu, I will not take a cent in lieu. But one thing I will not do, I will not send zayde against his wishes. So his father says Oh, my son said come I have come to take you. And his uncle was worth it says oh my biological dad I

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respect honor and revere you. You are my father and that is my uncle. But the prophet of Allah embodies an uncle, brother, friend, associate in every regard in his personality. I see every one and everything I lead.

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So he ups to stay with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Time moves on. The Prophet of Allah sends a proposal listen to this very, very attentively. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam sends a proposal to his cousin, Xena.

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Xena, Binti Ma Ma.

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Ma Ma, was the aunt of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his maternal and his paternal aunt, the daughter of Abdulmutallab, the brother, the sister of Abdullah, the father of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Zainab roti Alanna has a reservation. She says no Zaid, I don't think I'm comfortable because in the lineage of saying there was a stent, a period of slavery, so then she felt it's not compatible. I belong to another

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Class he belongs to another class. A lot of you diverse warmer can anymore meaning one minute in either chapala pseudo Amran I

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mean every him. He doesn't prefer to believe in male and female. When a lion is prophet pronounce a decree for them to ask for choice option negotiation in the matter. When the verses were revealed, she applied she exceeded, she responded, and the marriage was solemnized the marriage was solemnized but just to expedite it shut hikmat Allahu Allah tawaf aka Bane as he was, by the will of Allah, the married was just not compatible. It just wasn't developing. There was issues there was back and forth. There was ups up and down. It was still Bulent. And then they would come to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam myself and Xena by not getting along, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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I'm sick I'm a jack. What?

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What Oh, Fifi nuptse lessons. They just keep your wife just hang on don't dissolve, don't terminate don't end just make peace reconcile. But he realized at some point, it's going to dissolve.

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Now in his heart, the Quran says in the 22nd juice, he concealed an emotion which allow was going to divulge and allow was going to reveal and what was this emotion what the fake fake enough Sega Milan was more bendy what have Shanaze and that is he was going to wear designer if they are the Allahu divosta because the only way I can mend her heart, rescue her emotions, comfort her self esteem and power her she took the bold step of wedding Zaid against her wishes on my proposal. Lo and behold, it did not materialize. Now to patch and mend her emotions, I will have to read her. But this is where I bring you to the point of reflection on my topic.

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The environment out there is toxic my brother and my sister. We carry in too many grudges in our life. And we give enough this negative energy. We need to become light we need to become relaxed. We need to be happy. We need to empower we need to be cheerful. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent Zaid, the former spouse of Xena said go to your ex wife and go and tell her I am proposing to her.

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Wow. Did you get that my brother? Did you hear that my sister. Generally when a marriage breaks up, it's like well, I want to see if he can get better than me. And I want to see if she can get better than me. You can tour the world you're not going to get another me.

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It has ended it has dissolved. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam is sending say that you go back to your spouse and tell her wafi Amina hikmah Anima jacobina so Janie mina 14 was enough in Soma Paula tiene la jolla Jews who a akuna Manny and ministry if he does though Janie lover for her as they beat me my water had been a pain as a inner hub in a benway akula machinery as a nurse for inner Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam yabuki Wow. The practical wisdom incorporated in the prophetic methodology of dispatch in zadara. The Allahu anhu to his former spouse is to impress upon us that even if you had a sour ending with someone, that doesn't mean you should stop desiring good for your

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former spouse. The teachings of Islam, be selfless, be wholesome, empower and benefit people, even if it means someone with whom you did not have the best of relationship I came across. We live in a world today where people go for these motivational talks. And then you have the psychology and then you have this therapy and then you have this theory. And then they package it together and it's in a glossy magazine. And it's quite colorful and flamboyant and you know, conspicuous. And then these are the five things to do five not to do anger management, this and that. But listen to this amazing, phenomenal reflection in the verse of the Quran. So Allah speaks about

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The time when the brothers of Yousuf arrive in Egypt and use of is on the throne of Egypt is on the throne and his brothers arrived.

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He recognizes this is my brothers. Yeah. But they didn't recognize him because he evolved. He was a child when they dropped him in the well, there were so many different milestones as he grew and evolved, and they were in the advanced age of their life, and they couldn't imagine him sitting on the throne. It's a verse of the Quran. Anyway, formality goes on, he speaks to them. They given some food, some corn, some grain. He then calls the servants of the palace, and he says he Jabu Baba whom fairly hardy him when you go back and these people leave the money taken from them, put it back in their saddlebags put it back in the saddlebags. That's my blood. Fast forward the whole day comes

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the moment where the bubble burst, and the secret is divulged. And the brothers confess and concede guilt, that we are wrong and Allah has honored you. Now I beg for your undivided attention and I came across this. It's such a profound reflection. I promise you if you and I can take this lesson of life it's a formula to make your stay on earth pleasant.

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So the Prophet Yusuf says latter three bad a como Leo, young Pharaoh Hola. Hola, como, como la. I mean, listen, my brother's the 40 years of infliction, systematic oppression, separation lies, distortion, fabrication, brutality, I have forgiven everything, and I will continue praying to Allah to forgive you.

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The question arises, as much as he was a prophet, he was a human, he was a mortal. How do you muster the courage? What's the psychology? What's the thinking? What's the vision? What's the mechanism? What's the stimulation? I mean, you're a human, you're immortal. You have emotions. There's so many things you can have, you know, go down memory lane and all these inflictions can evoke nasty memories. How could he muster the courage and clear out everything in one slide? And this is what I read in the Tafseer. And it's so profound is another

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key behind the lamea buckbee Mohan fit him What is unavoidable Abdu, l l, l, t, b, e, f na a Yama Wolfie Mohamed de him. Allah tala Illa Yusuf hanaa Lima majerle. Tada Watteau. Oh my word. I know my time is up and I'm going to conclude on this note, I want you to just absorb and digest this, the theory, the analogy given to explain the vision of the parties, how they can flush out negativity, close the chapter, turn the page, move on, embrace a new page of life, and be light and happy, cheerful, and not hold and keep any grudge how they do it.

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When a servant views the wrong of fellow servants, a human views the wrong of fellow humans, with the apparent eye, the physical I, the tangible I, then f na Yama houfy Maha Samadhi him, he destroys his whole life in proving his innocence and implicating others. No, no, but I'll never forgive you what you did to me on my wedding day. But that was nasty. That was evil that was obnoxious. How evil How could you have ever said such a nasty thing to my son, but that was wicked of you to do this to my sister. So when a person views the happenings around him of fellow humans with the apparent the outward, the physical eye, his entire life goes in back and forth, up and down, productive,

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counterproductive, exonerating himself implicating others to no avail. Your life ends, if not a Yama houfy Maha Samadhi him but flip the coin and look at the lenses of the pious, what is another alot to

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be behind he, when a servant views the atrocities of other humans to him with the deeper high and the inner eye and that is the will of Allah, that those around me are nothing more than instruments for the action.

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execution of the plan that Allah has decreed for me.

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Then he can release all negativity in one go, because he knows whoever has harmed you as much as that person is a guilty party. My alarm has the cloud and the muscle to block him and stop him. And if Allah did not stop it, then that was the will of Allah in my favor. So he realizes above, he goes beyond. He doesn't have a cursory glance he has a deep eye. He doesn't have the outward eye he has the inner eye. Allah Tara Ella use of hanaa Halima majerle. Tada. Don't you marvel at Yousuf when he seen how the plan of fate destiny and taqdeer played out. He said, I've got no gripe with you. You drop me in the well the caravan picked me up, but ultimately this is what my lord has decreed for

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me. So my chapter with you is done. I have forgiven you and May Allah forgive you are suddenly Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad, while early he was happy, he will hamdulillah me

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa

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rahmatullah wa

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ala bonemeal. Wa Salatu was Salam Alaikum Salam ala tamani rockne album of documenta dama woman of her early he was happy Hill wardwell Miami, your beloved Miranda Anna morana watsonville Bertha, Desiree, Hi, Dr. Molina, Allah, big puppy Bopha Davina

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Gina Waterford Haley Latina photo winner, Ella Hamilton Oh

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yeah, the lines that Eva borrowed

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to Ba ba ba ba ba ba.

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Ba ba, ba ba. Use of mood when a JW survey.

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The use of a bartonella food when a gentle Habiba. Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or before you Dylan kabu Subhana Allah Subhana Allah de la mood about my concluding remarks. As we enter into the occasion of the book, The Prophet of Allah had exhorted the companions to spend those that were wealthy, they had the economic muscle they donated in large amounts, and there was a companion by the name of a

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man who he caught up by night he said a llama in nikka Martina oh my lord, you've instructed us to donate and spend. So Madame de jure Irene deema at the Posada, and then by your word you haven't given me well through which I can spend, and I've come to your Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he couldn't provide me with any help or convenience, because of the fact that all these sources were depleted and exhausted, and Alas, catches the image in the concluding page of the 10th juice of the Quran. What are levena atoka Nita Milan, de la dee da, la da Well, no. Are you no one who may not done right has done and

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there's no blame on those who come to you and ask you to take them on a convenience or give them funds. And you say you don't have anything they turn while they tear and saw that they don't have anything to give. He got up that night. He said Allah I don't have economic wealth or money to give. But I want to make a donation. I don't have a physical I don't have a tangible I want to make an invisible intangible donation. We're in such an akula muslimin we can remove limiting us of any female in oh just said in

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my donation is not money is not monetary. My donation is any person who's offended me violated me or insulted me or will offend me or violate me. I have forgiven them all unconditionally.

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And then he went to bed the next morning when it came to the Prophet of Allah. The prophet SAW Some said many Mutasa

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last night someone gave charity please make yourself known. So he didn't think that was him. The prophets of Allah Some said many Mutasa

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last night who gave charity of his self esteem, he said Neo prophet of Allah is an ABS shill for wellness enough see via de la cookiebot. Physical Matata Bella, may Allah bless you, your charity has been readily accepted and embraced by Allah. Mohammed bin Schaeffler, he said Mandarin emini wanted to be the meta he abroad to hone in LA he Shakira minetta Amara with a woman in Yeoman Georgia. So Mohammed and

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I have forgiven everyone. I don't want to appear before allowing this

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They have Yarmouth and realize that the entry of someone into paradise is suspended because I have not forgiven him. So I have forgiven anyone and everyone in English the very profound quotation is forgive the next person. He might not deserve the pardon, but you deserve the peace or interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam material material Baka da da

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da da da da

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da da da da da da da da da da Fatima to say that UniSA in general the Allahu taala on her will Hudson will never say and say either Shabaab agenda, WA Hamza to Essa de la casa de la de da de COVID-19 arriba de la urashima como la in La, la, la, la, la facture. Curry, de la Kuru. Kuru la la de la.

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Rue yesterday bellicon when I think La La La La La

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La La La MaMa does now artemisa