Zakir Naik – What is your Opinion Regarding the Extravagantly Luxurious Service

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The high cost of hotels during the offseason and the high rates of staying in close to administrative areas are discussed. The subsidy of Saudi Arabia's airport for airlines' free food and gas is also mentioned. The cost of travel is expensive and many passengers do not enjoy the benefits of spending less than 1000 A day on a trip. The speaker suggests that many people live in poor countries and have dedicated rooms for their own convenience. Many people are subsidizing their travel expenses by paying for their own expenses.
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Hello, welcome to Salam I wasn't recently visited for Umbra and I have some observation. So, could you please tell me about this, I find that over there a lot of luxurious type of thing is been pushed up instead of

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a very neat and clean and warm and like lots of luxurious things, the hotel charges fantastic like 800 yards per day which any ordinary city in the world will not have that type of situation. So Islamic is that any step taken to this extra Windsor Alexandria is an outlet, because every Muslim has the right to go to this place. And if the things are put to the right channel, many people will take the advantage of this is that any concrete attention is given to this issues because that is a lot of extra virgin expenses and other things, which should mean not they're in a holy place like a mecca. And even if you see I in India, that is a in any other religion they have our the same was

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America or a place where people can say a normal at very economical rates and all that. So why don't we put some efforts to this? We'll ask the question that when he went for camera, he found that the rates of per diem staying in hotels very exorbitant, 800 yards, which is very high, but let me tell you one thing, I do agree. The rates are only high during the season. During the month of hajj during Hajj period is very expensive. And in the month of Ramadan. These two are the only times when the rates escalate. Well that is the time when more pilgrims come to the city of Medina. Otherwise, in offseason it is one of the cheapest in the world. 800 Y'all are talking about the peak season. So

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the rates in hotels close to the Haram is one of the most expensive in the world and one of the cheapest in the world. 800 years is nothing what a total of 800 Y'all is about a five star hotel. So 800 Er comes to about 10,000 rupees so if you take the rates of the five star hotel close to the Haram whether Macron Medina in offseason it is the cheapest in the world. Cheapest in the world I'm telling you that you can even stay for 150 years 2000 rupees no five total will get even 4000 rupees offseason. 125 years, I'm telling you that $5 But in season 2000 3000 yards, which becomes the most expensive in the world. Your question should I be numeration I've been had Woomera normally done in

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except to go to Mara during Ramadan. That time during the last 10 days. It's sometimes been more expensive and then high season, but during the other times the formula is very cheap. A poor person can even stay in a five star hotel during offseason if you want to do more. Coming to a question during high school why this expensive? We fail to realize that according to me, after seeing the facility the Saudi Government has given for what I'm saying because the Saudi government it is even possible for a very poor man to watch the facility the Saudi government gives.

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If you see the Harmon bought the Harmon the facility they have the toilet is provided. Imagine more than 2 million people coming for Hajj at one time during Ramadan and the facility will toilet therefore it and marble and toilet. Poor people don't get to live in it and marble in toilet food and marble. There are escalators and they take only a few years. So as far as the airfare is concerned, number one, the government subsidized airfare or because the Saudi government subsidize the rate for the Saudi airlines, the other airlines for competition they're forced to subsidize. So even the non Muslim airlines are subsidizing no why? Because Saudi Arabia started that Saudi Arabian

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said that if you're coming from raw Fahad, we give 25% Discount sometimes a 40% discount because Saudi airline does that the other airlines are forced to do it. So then bother about the Muslims. But if they don't do then they lose business. So they say prefer that the rate come down and we have more flights. So the subsidize actually they're making business. But if you normally if we go to Saudi Arabia, it will cost you 29,000 rupees normal fare up and down from Bombay during Umrah and Hajj it costs 21,000 subsidized subsidize 1/3 So first point number one that fair is subsidize point number two the facility given by government the tax the government takes over is negligible that

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subsidize as far as thing is concerned eating is very cheap eating you will get all types of food mashallah very cheap. Pakistani food this food that food, fast food everything not paying. What you're talking about the rates is the hotel is very close to the Haram Harmon. Now if your budget doesn't provide you to take a hotel which is fine. I know even during high season there are hotels which are costing 50 hours a day. So whether you're staying close to the Harmon the five star hotel or small hotel, even if you take close to the Harmon the cost of the land is expensive.

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The cost of land is

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expensive so even if it's not a five star hotel expensive if you stay in a hotel close to the Haram even if it's not five star, if it's not 1000 yet let it be founder Do you understand because the land is expensive, why the land is expensive because most of them so the moment a poor man when he goes they can very well take hotel which is a half a kilometer away, I want to get towards the problem. And the failure of the government is so good that you can spend the full day in Harlem without any problem. So we should thank the facilities given by the government that it is even possible for a poor man to perform Hajj. Otherwise, if there was no facilities only the ad ticket we

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will now again 250,000 rupees, you understand only their ticket cost about 20 or 30,000 with the airport x 30,000. It's because the package so if you go in a group, if you go the individual expensive, if you have the money I live give you the money you can go there no you stay in a five star so there are trips going for high for one month. So one month are living lodging boarding everything for 30,000 rupees is dirt cheap 1000 A day you're paying actually for traveling internal that Dhamaka to Medina and back where will you get 1000 A day if you go to America, and you want to spend 1000 A day when you go to so DC trips, that's so expensive. So if you compare that with the

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haram for 30 days, on average, you're spending less than 1000 rupees. Sometimes they're spending 800 rupees, including traveling including eating in Munich staying in a good hotel close to the Haram there are cheap to us, which will cost only hardly 600 meals a day. or 600 meals a day for eating staying and traveling is very cheap in a foreign country. It is mentioned the Quran that when you're going for Hajj, when you're going for Hajj, you take some cloth in India which is not available there you can very well take that lot sell it and the government gives you permission so while you're doing it, many people do it free because it takes tough and they spend a few hours a day

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selling it and they recover the cost people even make money that is no problem. So in height if you cannot afford it, you can even do business you can take some material and sell it then many people do it. Many of the people they get material so dear the facility my last model in the Quran and by the government have to appreciate not to say that why do they try it doesn't make sense. Even a poor man can go and there are more poor people coming forward than rich people. More poor people like me vote on different parts of the world. They do the saving and unhandled everything so all the types of facilities then the Haramain whether macpaw Medina, because they're cheap hotels are there. There

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are jamatkhana Also there's worry jamatkhana that Iran jamatkhana There are several so many musafir Canada they are you don't know about it, that's your problem. There are many moussaka and not only in the Haram even in cities in Bombay, the Messiah gana Raja Cambodia going to the dogs. It just lying weekend who's to blame? Yeah to blame. One thing is there that you have to realize that you go into the Saudi government. Why did you put their marbles in the toilet and they want to give you free? You should go into the Saudi government. Why did you put that marble in the toilets? How many people live in it and marbles so hungry that they want to serve the * because they feel that

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serving the high G gives you a burqa when you do a trip from Jeddah to Medina and back in the bus, they charge you 130 original possible 150 Riyadh is only for going and coming. How's it possible that they came to know that many rich people who say that whatever the cost will be half. So when you're paying $130 For three days going to Medina and coming back with the air conditioned bus, the normal bus revenue was 150. Dr. Chavez, I'm 30. It didn't make sense. When I inquired they told me that whatever the cost is 50 person is paid by rich people, they say we want to subsidize it. So if they want to subsidize it, why go in a condition most rich people they want to spend their money in

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serving the hajis.

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So there's some rich man who is subsidizing some people come and tell me you have Nicosia. So cheap is expensive, because the rich people and I'm not this whatever the coffee will be half. So if the cost is approximately 8000 rupees or what is 6000 rupees, they will perhaps So, you get 3000 within Nicosia, it is subsidized by somebody. So, when they want that let the hajis get facilities let the people who come from non good facility so why are you objecting? If you don't want it Don't take it so don't go in the toe you can individually the thing is that the facility given by the people are there hamdulillah because they respect the Hajj is a Hamdulillah we have to appreciate that and we

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have to say that mashallah you can stay in a good hotel also sometime at cheap rate. Sometime if you don't have the money you can stay in a cheapo life you have the money you can stay in the season and experience both of them so question.

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Now, Farcot are good is he has dedicated a building

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and the people can go and stay free down there. And I think even reserve of Hyderabad has done it. Maybe you're not aware. But my information is right that Nizam of Hyderabad at that time he used to give the car to Saudi Arabia.

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They have to send the car they have to sell

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Money to Saudi Arabia. Now it is the opposite. So they have got many of their own places to stay, which is free but again that's limited. So, maybe the place room maybe 50 or 100. So, booking is so people are staying free. There are many people live in our port of Madras, he has got his own place where people can go and stay debt free. They even Bernie says and has got even Harahan has got many trustees have got and they they give three some people charge nominal.

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So depending upon if you want to get away, that's the reason so many poor people can also perform as anomalous. I hope that answers the question.

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