Common Mistakes During Ramadan – Breaking Fast Without Real Need

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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Welcome to a new episode of our series common mistakes of Milan.

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*ty our slum have give us

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you know, excuses to break our fast for certain reasons. But what I would like to mention in this point that I found a lot of people will break their fast and before the need is establish. So for instance,

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Shinya allowed the woman who's pregnant or breastfeed to break her fast

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because of pregnancy or breastfeeding, but when there is a need, but if there is no need, let's say a woman were breastfeeding, but if she fast, her milk will not decrease her health will not be endangered. There is no in this case, you can't just say you know what, I'm breastfeeding. So by default, I'm not fasting No, it's the need has to be established. Or because I'm pregnant pregnant teen pregnancy it doesn't you know if 100% it's safe 100% You're fine too fast there is no harm or anything like that or any type of knee in this case you're not allowed to break your fast This is not like traveling traveling is not connected to need traveling is when you travel you're allowed to

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break your fast even if there is no need for it. Also similar to this and even can be a little bit worse scenario people in during Ramadan if they have exams or athletes who play some some sports and they have to go to train they said no it's too hard to our my work is a kind of fee you know, put a lot of physical work on it and I get exhausted get thirsty get whatever and I get tired we say having an exam or study or the nature of your work if it's an operation and operation room or if it is you know construction in the street

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doesn't really is not a reason for you to break your fast what allowed you to break your fast is the need so if you experience sickness tires not safe that will allow you to break your fast so if I'm a students I'm because of I'm so exhausted in studying and being focused study then I feel I get dehydrated. I can't have you know all tired I'm almost fainting and things have I physically can't function. This is what allowed us to break our fast it's not the exam. It's not the nature of job that I do it is the sickness and the tiredness that happened because sometimes you might go work that day or you go to examined there is no need for you to break your fast so you only you break

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your fast when the need occur. Not to break your fast just by default just because I haven't exam today. I hope this is clear because that's a common mistakes and can invalidate your CRM or it's not a valid reason for you to break your fast. May Allah subhana wa tada to give us all a good understanding of the religion and make it easy for all of us during these last days of Ramadan, or sallallahu Mohamad.

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