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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of belief in oneself, the existence of oneself, and accountability in the afterlife. They explore the confusion surrounding the worship of multiple gods at the same time and the importance of having a clear understanding of one's own worth. The speakers stress the need for a clear understanding of who God is to fulfill one's needs and achieve their goals.
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In Alhamdulillah and I found a wholeness there you know when I still feel when our other bIllahi min should already unforseen our means to Anna Lena may have to Hilaire for them or they Lillah wa may have little filler heard the other what a shadow and you know a little low activity nursery killer, white shadow and Mohammed and I'm the hula Soo. Yeah, are you Hala? Dina? I'm an otaku? Allaha too far to hear what at mo tuna Illa and to Muslim moon? Yeah, Johan Nasser. Taco Robert Comala the Halacha co Minassian Wahida Wahaca mean Huzzah. Jaha? What better mean? Hello Mary Jane and Kathy you don't want to say what's up Hola. Hola Rita. Sir, you want to be here? Well, our ham in Allaha

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Khanna Alikum la Kiba Yeah, are you Hello Lena I'm an otaku. Hola Hola. Kulu Poland said either you will slip like Malecon Wakefield likoma Lubicon one mejor para la Hawala, Sudha HuFa qualifiers are frozen our Lima and Medanta inner circle, Hadith he Kitab Allah well as an oil heavy heavy Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shorter, a little more removed to her what

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are called liberals in Bala.

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If you look into the reasons that people accept Islam or convert to Islam, and Islam is the fastest growing religion in North America and in the world, you will find that the majority of the time the thing that attracts people to Islam is none other than tell feed. So he that stands out in a world of confusion. And in a world where guidance has been lost. Because all of the alternatives to tell heed are either nonsensical, or they lead down to a very, very destructive path. The first alternative to tell heed is to believe that there is nothing at all, that there is no God whatsoever that there's nothing beyond the material world, just atoms and neurons and energy and the things

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that you study in physics class. But this is an extremely unsatisfying explanation for everything that we see whether it's the existence of ourselves, or the existence of all the beauty that we see around us and all of the order and all of the complexity. How delicious the food is, how beautiful it is to fall in love. None of these things can be explained by simply referring to atoms and chemistry and physics, Allah subhanaw taala he says in the Quran, and Julio Coronavirus, che in and Mohammed Khalid goon, or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators of themselves, Allah subhanaw taala draws our attention, do a contradiction here, it can't be both ways. Either,

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you have to come about from something, or you have to have just come about from nothing. And we know that that's not possible. So if you come from something, who created you, what's responsible for the fact that you exist, it contradicts everything that we know about reality and human life, to imagine that we did not come from a creator, if you walk on the streets, and you see a car parked on the side of the road. And maybe that car is illegally parked, and maybe it's about to get a ticket. And maybe that's your car, the police officer, they're about to write a parking ticket. And they say, who's the owner of this car. And you say, there is no owner to this car, the car just came about

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just like that, right there on the spot, right there on the street, he would probably haul you and put you into a mental institution. Because the existence of a car indicates that somebody put it there. The just like the existence of a watch, or the existence of a building indicates that there was somebody who made it. Brothers and sisters look inside of your own selves, like Allah subhanaw. Taala tells us that there are signs in the creation around us. And within our own selves. If you look down at the biological level, if you look at the sociological level, there are signs and signs and signs. How did it possibly get here? How can we believe that the machines that we use every

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single day, we take it for granted that Steve Jobs made the iPhone or that Bill Gates made the Microsoft and then somehow when it comes to human beings or it comes to the heavens and the earth? It comes to the cells it comes to the trees? It's a debate. All of a sudden now we have to go into these long involved arguments and proofs. No, no. People are running away from responsibility.

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The things that you believe in, they're not neutral. There is no neutral

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ground the things that you believe in have consequences. To believe that we came from nothing to believe that no one is responsible for our existence here on Earth. It means that we don't believe in purpose to human life, it means that we don't believe in any duty between me and you, as human beings or between mother and son or father and daughter, it means that we don't believe in any concrete idea of what is good. If nothing is responsible for bringing us here, then it's just me filling my belly, and you filling your belly. And hopefully, we don't come into conflict that we have to fight each other over it.

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It's the belief. This is the belief of the people who want to live without limits. And Allah subhanaw taala calls us out on the Koran, all of the arguments, all of the posturing, all of the making it seem like this is reasonable and rational and scientific at the base of it. That's not what it is. At the base of it. It's that people want to live without limits. And the easiest way to justify Living without limits is to deny that there's going to be any accountability in the afterlife. Tawheed gives people purpose. And that's why people come from atheism to Islam. Because Tao hate gives people purpose, it tells you that your life has value Allah subhanaw taala doesn't do

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things randomly. He doesn't do things without purpose. He doesn't do things without meaning. And so if you exist, if you're sitting right now listening to this hookah that means that you have value, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada determined that you were valuable enough to create and valuable enough to bring into existence. And one life who believes that he has purpose is not the same as somebody who believes that they do not have purpose. So he gives us direction to how he gives us meaning, and how he gives us structure.

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But believing in nothing at all, is not the only alternative to tell hate, because if it was then the Quraysh would never have needed a profit at all, because the corporation did not believe in nothing. The corporation believed in something they even believed in Allah subhanaw taala. But they believed in idols, they believed in angels, not in the way that we believe in angels. They believed that angels were the daughters of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. They believed that there were these other beings that you could pray to, that you could worship that would help you out and help you get closer to worshiping ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So the next if somebody accepts that there must be

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something out there. There must be something beyond this material world, something that's responsible. The next question that they have to answer is, Well, is it multiple? Or is it singular? Is it one God or is it multiple gods? Now, if there had been two or more gods and those gods had equal power, then they would have eventually come into conflict? Allah subhanaw taala says this in the Quran, though canovee Hema li Hatsune Illa Allah Lhasa ta suka Han Allah or Bill Roc I'm mail see phone had there been within the heavens and the earth gods besides Allah subhanho wa taala, they both meaning both the heavens and the earth would have been ruined. So exalted is the Lord, Lord of

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the Throne of what they describe. Imagine leaving to have your children at home in the kitchen for an hour or two hours or three hours, unsupervised. They might get along at first, but then what's going to happen, one of them wants to do something, the other one wants to do the other thing, they start to conflict, they start to fight, they start to argue, they start to tussle back and forth with each other. Next thing you know, you come back in, and the whole kitchens a mess, the flour and the milk and the butter is everywhere, all over the floor and up the walls, the same would happen, the same would happen even at the level of divinity if there are more than one God, one God wants

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the night to be dark and the other one wants the night to be light. Well, then we would see some sort of evidence of this conflict in the earth, which we do not.

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If there were lesser gods. So imagining that there are two or more gods of equal status. That's one way to do it. The other way is more like the Quraysh to imagine that there is one God at the top, but then underneath of God are all of these intermediaries, all of these partners and associates that will get us closer to Allah. Now the first the first refutation that Allah subhanaw taala says about this is that if that were true, if that were true, then Allah subhanahu wa

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I would have told us about it. Allah subhanaw taala says Maria I will do and I mean Dooney in a smile and some may to her and some What about oh come man's Allah Allah Who behind me on soltana in a hook mo Illa Allah, Allah Allah taboo. Illa Yeah, there Lika Dino by em Allah can Xsara NASCI lie Allah moon, you worship not besides him except just names, names that you've invented yourself. names that you came up with yourself, you and your father's besides You, Allah subhanho wa Taala never sent any evidence. He never sent any authority or warrant to justify worshipping these names. Legislation is only for Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. And Allah azza wa jal has commanded that you

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do not worship anything except for him. That is the correct religion. But most people they don't know if there had been any way to approach Allah subhanahu wata either through an associates or through an intermediary or through a saint or through an angel, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would have told us about it as well. But what do we find a loss of hundreds Allah says in the Quran, one man or salami in public mean milk was sold in in New he lay he and hula Illa Illa Anna for Abu Dune, and We sent not before you any messenger, except that we revealed to him that there is no God except me. So worship me that there is no deity except me. So worship me. And Allah

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subhanaw taala tells us that when all the Prophets and Messengers are gathered on the Day of Judgment, those who claimed that Jesus the son of Mary, taught people to worship him, and we're going to have an expose a, we're going to have an interrogation.

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And our isa alayhi salam is going to free himself from all of what people claimed what is called Allah Who Yeah, are you seven ammonium and absolutely nasty Turkey taki Guney will Mia era Haney me and Dawn ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA camellia Comunale and Paula mele Sally be hacked in to console for further alimta. Tell mo mafia enough see wala Alamo mafia Nashik in Nikka Anta Allama, Lobo Yuba beware watch out for the day when Allah subhanho wa Taala will say to Jesus, oh Jesus, son of Mary, did you tell people take me and my mother as gods besides Allah? Are you serving and Marian will say Subhana exalted be you? It was not for me to say that, that to which I have no right to say and if I

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had said it, then you would have known about it. You know what is in myself and I do not know what is within yourself. Indeed, it is you who are the Knower of the unseen Mapple Tula home in Lima. Mr. Attorney B anyanwu. La Jara B whare back home Welcome to La him Shahid and Madame tofi him fella matter what fate and equal into enter Rottie Valley Hema Anta Allah coalition and Shaheed Risa will say I did not say to them anything except what you told me to say to worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord, and I was a witness and responsible for them as long as I was with them. Once you took me up, once you took me away from them, then you were the watcher over them, and you are over all things.

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Witness. One time when I was in Medina, I was walking around, say the shahada near Jebel ahead, those who have been in the Medina, they know the place. And we were sitting there, me and a couple of classmates, we were drinking tea, and there was someone who came up to us and he noticed because we looked like students of the Islamic University. So he had a question. And he said, many people in my homeland, they say that I cannot worship Allah subhanho wa Taala directly, that I have to go through another means I have to go through a STS or I have to go through the web UI or I have to go through this other sort of way. Because Allah is like a king. And you cannot approach the king by

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yourself. You have to go through his guards, you have to go through His messengers, you have to go through security first. And so I said to him, why does the king need his guards? And why is the king need his security entourage? And why does the king need his spies and need His messengers and need all of his posse? Because the king is weak. The king can't do it all by himself. The king can't be in all places at once or know what's going on and all things in his kingdom at once. The king can't talk to multiple people at once or hear more than one voice at one time. But Allah

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subhanaw taala here's the dua of every single one of you in every single language that you could possibly make it in at the same time, and he can answer it in the same instance. And it doesn't even fatigue him. It doesn't even make him tired. It's not even an effort for him at all. Subhanahu Azada. Allah subhanaw taala is Alleghany he does not need anything. He doesn't even need our worship. This is one of the biggest mistakes that we make. We think that we're doing Allah a favor through worshiping Him Subhana we're only doing ourselves a favor. And if we leave worship, if we miss the prayers, or if we miss our faster if we miss anything, we're not hurting him whatsoever,

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and we're not hurting Islam whatsoever. We're only hurting ourselves. We're only oppressing ourselves, and we're only hurting our afterlife. In fact, Allah subhanaw taala he says in the Quran, and so Look, man, that she worshiping anything besides Allah subhanaw taala is volumi novoline is oppression, great oppression, the greatest oppression that could exist. And the first time many people they read this I have a very confused because when you think of oppression, and I think of oppression, we don't think of idolatry. First, we think about politics, we think about Palestine we think about racism in the United States. We think about all of these other issues that are

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synonymous with oppression. So how is it that ALLAH SubhanA huzzah Allah says in the Quran, the greatest depression of all, is the oppression of Sheikh is the oppression of worshiping something other than Allah subhanho wa taala? Well, I would challenge any one of you to follow around someone who worship other than Allah subhanaw taala, follow them around for a day, follow them around for two days, follow them around for a week, and you will see the oppression that they live under. They don't know if they're coming or going. They don't know if the jinn or the angels or the forces or the ancestors, or the zodiacs, or the crystals are for them against them, they want to get something

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such as a job or such as a spouse or such as a child, and they don't even know how to get about to get what they want. And then if they do something arbitrary, stepping on a crack, walking under a ladder, breaking glass, something like this, it says if they ruin their whole lives in this life and the next, what can be more oppressive than to not know the rules of the game. What could be more oppressive to not know where you stand with your Sustainer Subhana what could be more oppressive than to not know where you're going to end up on the Day of Judgment. This is the oppression of shidduch putting powers to things that have no powers taking the might and the worship that is due

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to Allah subhanaw taala alone and putting it into something that is useless, that cannot even defend itself, let alone defend you. So believe in Tao hade. To believe in Tao heed means to believe in focus. It means to believe in focus as opposed to confusion. It means to believe in clarity, over confusion. And it means to believe in submission over control the name of our religion, and submission.

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And when it comes to idol worship, somebody has to speak for the idol at the end of the day. Because the idle cannot speak for itself. The Idle if it makes requests a view that says it needs some sort of sacrifice or needs some sort of act of obedience out of view, somebody has to speak for it. Who's that going to be somebody who puts themselves up in that position and you can bet yourself, you can bet that there's going to be a conflict of interest and they're going to have you serving them as opposed to serving the so called idol submission is the name of our deen and Allah subhanaw taala sent down the guidance clearly for us to submit not to try to reassert our control over it by

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introducing middlemen or intermediaries or associates with Allah subhanaw taala that is something that takes us far away from tell Hida Furukawa was something Hola Hola. Hola como si le Muslim Elam in Canada that stop Pharaoh who in the hood of afford Rahim?

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Alhamdulillah Allah if Sani was shook Allahu Allah tofi If you on Tina Annie, what's shadow Allah Allah illallah wa Alicia you gotta tell them and they certainly were shadow and and Abby and I will say Eden and Mohammed and Abdullah Sulu. Dhwani so while he while he was happy he was when he was selling water Sleeman kathira.

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To believe until he'd is not just about to believe in Allah's oneness. We talked in the beginning about the choice to believe in something or to believe in nothing.

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But once you've chosen to believe in something

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Hey, then we said that the next choice was to believe in want to believe in many to believe in a singular God or to believe in a multiple God. And so we've concluded that the singular wins out well, there's one item left up for analysis. And that is about who is this God?

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We've decided that he exists, we've concluded that he is one but who is he really? What is the substance? What is the actual character of that being that we worship? Because the last alternative to tell him that exists, is to believe in a distance God to believe in a God that merely started everything, press the button,

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press the start button and walked away.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, well, either Sir, look, I barely any for anybody. Oh gee, Buddha was a Derrida the iron because the G Bo Li. Well, you know, be that Allah whom you're doing.

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And when My servants asked you, oh, Mohamed about me. Tell them indeed I am near. I respond to the prayer of the supplicant when he calls upon me. So let them respond to Me with obedience, and believe in me, so that they may might be rightly guided. Allah subhanaw taala tells us about himself in the Quran. And Allah azza wa jal has the most right to inform us about himself. And the thing that he tells us over and over and over again, is that he is responsive. He is not a distant God, that doesn't care about you and your problems. He is not a distant God, who is impartial to what you do. Just standing back and letting everything just take place and let the chips fall where they may

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know he cares about you. He is Allah dude. He loves you. And he loves you enough to guide you to Islam, and to bring you upon the straight path. Allah Spano Tata also says walk all around Boko Moroni SDG Mulago in Alerion is a step beyond Rona and I that he said hello Naja had number 15. And your Lord says call upon me. If you do, I will respond to you. Indeed, those who turn away from my worship will enter the Hellfire contemptible, Allah subhanaw. Taala is pleasing to you to call out to him. He's begging you to call out to Him, not because he needs it. But because you need it. And this is another trap that we fall into. Sometimes we feel shy or too used to asking people, if I go

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up, I guarantee you, if I go up to you today, it's Friday, it's Joomla. And I asked for $5. You might think it's strange, or you say, okay, the email needs $5. Here's $5. And I come to you Saturday, and I say, Hey, can I have another $5? And you're alerted this is this is not normal, but you might give me a $5. Maybe you like me, if I keep on going to you day after day, there's going to come a day where you say, Hey, what's going on here? Stop asking me for money. Hey, what's going on? I don't I'm not comfortable. Stop asking me for these things. And so we expect that Allah subhanaw taala is the same. We asked for mercy. We ask for forgiveness. We asked for health, we ask for

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success. We ask for protection. And at a certain point, we might start to feel shy. You might start to wonder, well, I've already asked for so much. But Allah subhana wa Tada is not like you or me. He's not like a human being. Because when we ask Allah subhanaw taala we are admitting our desperate need for him. We're admitting the fact that we're hopeless without him, that we depend so utterly on his favor, and on his decree. And so Allah subhanaw taala actually loves that he actually loves that we ask more and more and more, and he would dislike it. If we stopped asking. So don't fall prey to this. What's worse, don't fall prey to this Sherpa to this doubt. Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah subhanaw taala loves that you ask because he loves you. He loves that you ask because he loves to fulfill your need. He loves that you ask because he loves to see that you depend upon him and trust him so much. So to believe in this God, this god, this is Allah. This is tell hate to believe. And so he has to believe in clarity over confusion, as we said, but it's also to believe in mercy is to believe in mercy. And to believe in love. That is the god of Islam, that is Allah and that is to heed