Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-006A Translation Al-Baqarah 21-25 Word Analysis 21-22

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Allah Saleh al Karim rubbish roughly Saudi were Sidley Emery Watlow lokta melissani of coho Kohli Allahumma dia Colby was a deadly Sani was loads of humor the Colby Armenia ruble army lesson number six Surah Al Baqarah verses 21 to 25 We'll do the translation first. Yeah, uh you have all a nasil the people are boo you all worship, Rob bekam your Rob and levy the one who color kakum He created you all when Lavina and those who came Min cobbly come before you all. Lila come so that you all that diccon You all adopt consciousness of Allah you

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all safeguard yourselves, and levy The One Who gyla He made lecom for you all Allah the earth few Russian a smooth bed was sama and the sky Bina and a roof. What unzila and he sent down men from a summer II The Sky man water for a Harada then he brought out be with it. Mina thermal rot all kinds of fruits. That is fun as provision lecan For you all filata Dr. Lu so you all do not make lillahi for Allah and dad and equals what Anton while you all Darla moon you all know what in and if quantum you all are fee in Raybin doubt mimma about what no Zanna We sent down our Allah upon our Butina our worshiper fat to then you all come forth, be Surah tin with a surah Methley he like it were the rule

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and he will call shahada a con your witnesses min Dooney besides Allah He Allah in contem if you all truly saw the pain are ones who are truthful for in then if lambda for our Lou, you all do not do it. Well Enta fie Lou and you all will never do it. Full circle then you all safeguard yourselves from Anala the fire allottee the one which what to do her its fuel. A NASA is the people will hate era and the stones are it that it was prepared little caffeine for those who disbelieve WABA shit and you give good news to a Levina those who are new they have believed wire Emmylou and they have done a slyly had the righteous deeds and now that indeed law home for them Jannetty in will be

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gardens which that Judy it flows mentality her under them and how the rivers Kolyma whenever Rosie cool they are provided men half from them mean some are rotten any fruit at all. That is fun as provision ALU they will say, Heather this lovey is that which Rosie Hakuna we were provided middle club blue before what will to be he and they will be given it muda Shabbiha as one that is similar When at home and for them, fee her in them as well. June will be spouses will Tahara Once completely purified while home and they fee her in them. Holly dune will be ones who remain eternally. Alright so today inshallah we're doing five verses. And here you can see these are the verses that we will

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be covering today. And the words in red are basically words that are completely new. Okay. So you can see over here, how the words in black we have done them before in some form. So for example, we have the word yet even NASA are you guys completely new but UNECE a NAS we have read earlier Wamena Nassima year puluh right that among people is the one who says then we have the word or a boo do you all worship this word also we have done before in the form of iya Kinabalu you will own we worship and we have rubber comb your Rob we have done Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Rob Billa al Amin Rob

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Lord of the Worlds right so back home. And Levy, we have done a Lavina before. So a lady is a singular form of that. We have the word halacha comb over here. And when it comes to the word Halacha, you know harlech, this is something that is well known. Have we done this word before? Why isn't this in red? I don't think we have done it. But the word halacha in the name of Allah Holic is well known, right? The red words are ones that are completely new.

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Okay, so the ones in red are completely new. So anyway, this is just to give you an idea that the words in the Quran are repeated. Okay, so don't get overwhelmed by the length of the lesson. Try to understand the words and try to relate them with what you have already learned. You know, some people whenever they're learning something, they approach every lesson as a completely new lesson, and other people that try to build on the previous knowledge that they have. And this is an important skill that we have to develop as we study the Quran that we have to build on the previous knowledge that we have gained. Because then our knowledge will become practical, we'll be able to

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make those connections and the entire learning process will be enjoyable and it will also be easy. So let's go over all the words one by one. Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, Are you her all and now sue the people? Okay, now Yeah, are you here? I'm sure you have heard of this word before. It's a very common word, you know suited to Nyssa begins with yet a Johan NAS as well. And that is an idea that we hear a lot in Jumeirah. hotbar. Right. Yeah, you have NASA Takakura Baku, Allah the Halacha Coleman. nevsun Wahida wahala come in Huzzah. Jaha, Oberst Amin. humare. Jalan cathedra on when he sir. So you see that I also begins with the A Ewha right. And this I Are we here in hotbar. We here

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in Joomla. hotbar. Hook Monica. Any it's an idea that's caught it very often. So yeah. Are you her means all right. And there is another form of this, which is just Yeah. Yeah. Also means Oh, like, for example, Yara be? We say? Oh my Lord. So in the Quran, we learn Adam Alayhis Salam is told Yeah. Oh,

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Ibrahim alayhi salam is told, yeah, Ibrahim. Oh, Ibrahim. Yeah, no. Oh no. So, yeah, and yeah, you have both mean all this is a way of calling someone right and this is called health need health need that meaning, it is the word that is used to call out to someone to address them to draw their attention to give them a certain instruction or to prohibit them from something. So here Allah subhanaw taala is saying yeah, uh, you have Ness or a NES and we have done the word UNECE before this is L meaning the and NAS meaning people and we discussed earlier, how the root is known Sr, which is the cin to forget because people tend to forget and also from Hamza noon seen on switches

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being having the need to socialize and connect with one another, to be sociable. So yeah, Are you her NAS or people? Now this includes who? A NAS means who just a certain type of people. No, a NAS means all people. So all all mankind, all human beings, all people. What should you do now the command is being given or obudu Robuchon or boo, you all worship. Remember I mentioned to you earlier, that there's a kind of a verb which is called ferry,

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right ferry, Ahmed. And Ahmed is to give a command and easy way that you can recognize that in your translation is with the exclamation mark, and the exclamation mark I mentioned to you earlier, it doesn't mean that someone is yelling, but it's just a way of indicating that a command is being given. Exactly. It's an imperative. So all mankind all people you all worship now this is clearly from the root letters I mean by that you can see that in the word and rabada Norbu we read this earlier now who do we worship Reba to worship? So obudu You all worship? Question? How do we know it's you all? Where did we get the plural from? Exactly the WoW at the end? Very good. So or boo, do

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you all worship? What if there was no well at the end and the word was just voted?

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Or but what would that mean? You worship Exactly. Or would you worship meaning you won

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person and or boodle you all worship. So you all worship who rock back home you're Rob This is Rebecca meaning Rob and CO meaning your and this is from the root letters Raba and we have done this word earlier in Solothurn Fatiha so obudu rava Khan, who is your Rob he is a levy THE ONE WHO and we have done the word Alladhina many times before in Nan Lavina CAFO right indeed, a Levina those who Cafaro they disbelieved earlier also we learned a Lavina you may know and I believe slit alta levena and Antara lay him right. So Alladhina THOSE WHO and that is plural off and Levy and levy means the one who so worship your Lord, the one who color calm, He created you all. Now halacha he created

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Khan you are now halacha is from the root Harlem Tov and like I mentioned earlier, this is well known the name of Allah Holic alright so Holika he created, He created you all will Lavina and those who came meaning he also created those who were men Kubla Khan before you all. So when Medina this is one and Alladhina is the plural of Allah the you can see the word here. So he created also those people who were men, Kublai Khan, before you all now men cobbly together means before, all right now men on its own means from and we have done that as well. Women NSC and from the people or among the people, so men on its own Yes, it gives the meaning of from but when it comes with godly men,

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cobbling together means before, okay, and Kabul is from the letters off. Balamb so he also created those who were men cubberly come before you all, why should you all worship your Lord Lara come so that you all would be ones who are the goon you all adopt the Aqua, worship your Lord so Lauren law calm, this is connected with what this is connected with the command or Budo or a Budo you all worship why Lila calm, so that you all are able to adopt Aqua. Now Lila gives the meaning of so that meaning this is the expected result. And that the comb, we have done the word muda keen earlier, who then deal with the pain? So that TOCOM This is a verb or a noun? Is this verb or noun?

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That the goon huh. Okay, I'm seeing both things. All right. Now let's see this. Remember one sign of a noun that I mentioned to earlier is that it begins with

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me, right? So if you go back to sootel bucket if you open up your must have and open up the verse number second, who there lil muda kin, Moto kin. This is what are known ones who adopt Aqua. And that the goon you all adopt Taqwa? All right? The well known at the end is an indication of plural. So that's why we have all exactly so it's a verb. And the term at the beginning gives us the meaning of you. So you tell you well known at the end, all you all, you all do what what's mentioned in the route while Coffea it Takaya Turkey adopt Aqua. All right, so La La Quinta Takuan you all adopt the Aqua. Now, let's look at the next ayah Allah the the one who now this has connected with again the

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previous idea. If you go to the previous CYA, where Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, uns are Bududa Bakong al v. So worship your Lord who? Allah the Halacha Quran, the One who created you and those who came before you. All right, so you're Rob is Elodie, Jr. Hola, como el are the few Russia. He is the one who made for you all the earth as a smooth bed. So a lady The One Who gyla He made, we have done the word gyla earlier as well. yadgir Aluna also be our home fee. Then he him me no. So our EP had a remote in verse number 19. So I mentioned to you over there that Darla literally means to make but it also gives meaning of put all right to place which is why the translation you have make slash

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putt. So hear the word is coming. It's literal sense. So the one who made G mine lamb is the root he made lecan Lamb mean

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In for and con you all he made for you all Allah the earth we have done the word of the before

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Yes Where did we do it

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led to FSI do fill out of the excellent do not cause corruption in the earth in the land right. So here Allah has made for you all the earth as what as a field Asha as a smooth bed. Now this is a new word, fuselage This is from the root letters fat la sheen. Question Is this a noun?

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How do you know it's a noun? What's the sign of a noun here? That unweaned at the end Excellent. So he has made for you all the earth as a smooth bed and he has made was sama and the sky Bina and as a roof so what's sama and the sky from the root seen me well? Have we done this word earlier? Yes. Oh girl say ye been Mina sama II. Right or like a heavy rain like a downpour from the sky. So he has made the sky Bina and as a roof, Bina and this is new, this is from the letters van Lunia All right, what Angela, and he sent down. So first of all, He created you all in the people who came before us. Secondly, he made for you the earth as a smooth bed. Thirdly, he made the sky as a roof for you.

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Then what ends elemina sama Eema and he sent down from the sky water. Now the word ends Allah. Does this sound familiar? Does this sound familiar? Think about the first lesson of Solothurn Bacara when Medina you may know now Bhima owns Zilla e Laker good that they believe in that which was sent down to you. And they're the meaning of you know, sent down is in the sense of Revelation, meaning that which was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and here what is being sent down is rain and there's in the Quran you will see a lot of resemblance that has been established between rain and the Quran. Okay because both come down from above both bring life both are a source of

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growth. So what NZ Allah and He sent down known xylem Mina sama II from the sky mat and water map is from the root letters meanwell Hamza and then what happened for a Harada then he brought out there you see the word for over here this is connected with the coming down of water meaning the water came down and then as a result of that, oh hello Raja V Hey Mina Thammarat Allah subhanaw taala brought out with that water from the earth all kinds of fruits and this shows us that you know Allah subhanaw taala and he works through ASVAB even though he does not have to but he works through means alright so through the rain he brings out from the earth all kinds of fruits so for Aqua Raja be he

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the he with it it is referring to the water man Okay, Roger b He meaning with the water through the water, he brought out MENA thermal lots a thermal rods This is the plural of the word Sumatra from the root letters sir meme crop and a summarized means fruits all right, Femara fruit a Thermalright fruits and Mina Thammarat all kinds of fruits. So you can see the literal meaning over here main meaning from Al meaning the but together it gives a sense of all kinds of so then he brought out with it all kinds of fruits. And when you think about fruits don't just think about apples and oranges. Or like it was mentioned earlier tomatoes. Think about the word Sumatra in Arabic applies

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to any product of a process basically. So it doesn't just include you know fruits but it also includes grain and you know vegetables and you know different foods that we eat, because they grow after a certain process. So for Raja behemoth emirate, Why did Allah subhanaw taala bring out through the rain all kinds of fruits that is by law comb as provision for you all okay, that is fun as provision of all azalea cough have we done this route earlier? Why me man Laura xakanaxa home Yun feel cone right verse number three, that from what We have provided them the spend so it is con provision. Now you see perfect example.

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of noun. You can see over here, the word ends with 10 Wien. So this can provision and what verb can you derive from that? Allah Zapple. Now, we provided that's a verb. All right? So all of these fruits are provision for you all Lacan for you all filata Dr. Lu, so you all do not make now look at this word filata ger Lu Furman sol la means do not. And third, your aloo you all make, so you all do not make. Now this is a kind of house of armor, but it's like the opposite of that. This is called navy. Now, he means prohibition. Okay, so there's two kinds of federal armor one in which a command is being given that do this like for example or a boo boo and the other is in which a prohibition is

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being given that do not do this. Okay. So for example, if the word was just in your eye loo in your eye Lou, what would that mean you all week, but with the addition of law, what does it mean you all do not make okay. So filata jeraldo. So, you will do not make from the letters G marine lamb, yes, the translation of firm is sometimes saw and sometimes then, given the context, sometimes it also means because sometimes it also gives the meaning of consequently, so Falletta jallo Do not make lillahi for Allah and that n equals and that is a plural of the word NID from the letters noon dal dal, and this is also as you can see a noun or a verb, noun. So do not make equals for Allah, what

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antem tarla moon, while you all know, now what until notice over here, what has been translated as while not and, and this is also important for you to know that the word wha does not always give the meaning of and what's the purpose of and and is just, you know, it's giving you a list, this and this and this and this Right, exactly, it serves a purpose of connection. But in Arabic wa also gives a sense of while meaning while your condition is while your state is, so do not make equals for Allah, while your condition is that you all know meaning you all know that Allah has no equals. So you have to know this and you have to memorize the right translation according to the context. So

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tharla Mon, you all know now this is from iron lamb meme or aim is to know we learned earlier about the hypocrites will kill lair Allah moon, but they do not know in verse number 13. So yar Allah moon, they know Darla moon, you all know, how do we know it's you all and not vague? How do we know that? The wild moon just give us the meaning of plural. Exactly the term at the beginning. All right. So Tara moon, you all know if it was yarn or moon it would be they know.

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