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The cycle of hedger hedging is the 12th and last month of the Islamic calendar, with hedger being the cycle of hedging where every human being should look at what is put forward for tomorrow. The holy month is a time for a "theological reset" to rectify corruption of the people, and graduation is a significant day for graduation and graduation. The importance of celebrating success and reducing one's desire to eat fast is emphasized, along with giving back to others, especially those who are struggling or alone.

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Old Villa him in a shed Banerji. smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. But other early he was heavy. On one hour of the show. He said that he was really angry. He looked at me and he said he f Coco de la pena it navodaya Hassan. Hassan, Okinawa now, salaam aleikum wa Kumara Atala he will work out who my dear brothers and sisters from Azad Farooq, Sheikh Muhammad, and but Munir and the administration from the Ummah, Pharaoh, thank you for having me. It's always a pleasure for me to be with you all from the law to be virtually with you all.

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We missed the times where we would be together in person, but inshallah soon we will make that happen again in sha Allah as well. Now with the reopening and everything taking place hamdulillah it's really an honor for me always to be at your service and you know, this is this occasion is no different. But

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the the topic at hand is a very important topic for us, which is making the most out of the first 10 days of hedger the top the little hedger

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this particular month carries a lot of significance for us as Muslims, we may not realize it, because, you know, we follow the Gregorian calendar, we generally someone wants to ask you what month it is, you will say July, for example, which is fine, which is not a problem, but certain months of the summit calendar. And certain days in Islamic calendar are extremely critical to the point that Allah Subhana Allah actually terms them as the days of Allah was that get home be a yam in there, the days of Allah subhanaw taala. So it is imperative for us to know about these days, and the importance and significance of of these days as as believers as faithful, devoted believers. I'm

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going to start a little bit first talking about the month of the ledger, then I'm going to transition talking about the first 10 days of the Niger inshallah and conclude with some, you know, frequently asked questions about old fear or poor body, etc. So, the hedger is the 12th and last month of the Islamic calendar

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and it is the month that it is one of the four sacred months as described in the Quran. minha arbeiten Hurrem as the Quran says, In surah, number nine, from this from the year, four months, our sacred hoorah from the word haram Haram is something that's forbidden. haram also is the idea is that there is a sanctity to it. The Quran describes the soul as allottee enough allottee harmala.

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It's a it's a soul that has the sanctity, every human being soul has sanctity. The Masjid al Haram is called as such because it has a elevated sanctity, even above other massages. So this is what Allah calls this month. I mean, how are we doing? Hold on, this is a shadow haram a sacred month. What makes it sacred? Allah Subhana Allah has termed it as such, the personal has told us there's four sacred months is this that will be the cada the month previous to the ledger, the ledger. So let's start again through carta, which is the 11th month of the calendar, the ledger, which is a 12 Muharram, which is the first and then Roger in the middle of the year. These are the four months

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that are sacred, that are a Shahar haraam, the sacred month. Now, what's sacred about it is

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there's a historical element to what made it sacred, the historical element was fighting was prohibited in these months. Fighting was prohibited in this month, and that is the Haram part of the sanctity. Anything that's sanctified has something that is forbidden related to it, the sanctified nature of these months, the forbidden part of it is fighting. A war was completely out of bounds in these months now, this was something actually that Allah hunter legislated from the time of Ibrahim at this time I, I like him as Sarah, okay, and these four months, the, as the Quran describes Yaga Allahu garbatella Badal her Rama, camel Enos or Chahal, harem. Well, hodja Well, Allah, Allah, Allah

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listt V, the rituals and the symbols of Hajj and the sacred months as the mlns as a means to

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Allow human beings in the Arabian Peninsula to survive. And this as we know, the Hajj and

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all the rituals of Hajj, the monastic of Hajj word legislated to Ibrahim alayhi salam, who then taught it to his son is Marielle, that also the Prophet of Allah, and then the tradition continued from then, of course, the tradition was corrupted, very badly corrupted. And then the prophet SAW many centuries later came to eradicate the corruption and bring it back to its original pure form. Now, the point to remember here is the sacredness of this month actually predates the prophets of Allah, by many, many, many, many centuries actually. So, that is the part that is the historical element of the sanctity, no fighting, no war, that was permissible in these months, then there is a

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spiritual aspect to the sanctity, the spiritual aspect of the sense of sanctity is described in the Quran as fell out of the movie in and full circle, don't wrong yourselves, in these months wronging ourselves here is a allusion to sinning. Because when you sin, a person when they commit a sin, the only one that they have heard is themselves, or the first one that they have earned, is themselves, and then maybe others are hurt. Allah spotlight does not get hurt by our sins, we get, you know, our soul takes the damage of our sins that we commit. So Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that do not wrong yourselves. In these ones. The meaning is as such, or the idea is as such, evil is evil at all

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times, sin is sin at all times. But especially in these sacred months, we must stay away from sins, we must stay away from evil, we must take these months as an opportunity to rectify ourselves. Just like historically, these months were the opportunity for the tribes of the Arabs, the kabyle, to seek some sort of peace and reconciliation. You see, there is a beautiful parallel between the historic sanctity of these months to the personal spiritual sanctity of these months. It's like, take these, this opportunity to stop the evil you are doing and take the opportunity to turn turn back to Allah subhanaw taala This is what the ledger should represent. It's an opportunity to return

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back to Allah subhanaw taala it's an opportunity for us to hit the reset button again, you may think well Ramadan just passed, I'm good. No, maybe you are but all of us need a bit of a reset. Okay, all of us can use an opportunity to evaluate ourselves like the Quran says, Well done. Don't assume academically, every human being should look at what they are putting forward for tomorrow, meaning what are you preparing for the day of judgment and your othera so this doesn't hedger, the sacred mountain hygiene is an opportunity for that. But the ledger is this more than is more significant than the other sacred months, because the ledger has the first 10 days in it, these first 10 days of

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the ledger, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said and authentic narration that

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our loved one I am in the law he or sorry, he says,

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follow a Yeah, mille a Yama dunya.

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A yamu. Asha came the says in a narration that is authenticated by albani, that the best days of the world are the 10 days of the ledger, the best days of the world are the 10 days of the ledger. That is a very beautiful thing. That's a very beautiful

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and a powerful statement of the prophets of solemn to tell us that these days really are very important, the first 10 days of the ledger. He also says in a hadith that is narrated in Bukhari and telemovie, and other books of Hadith in which he says, ma'am, in a young man, a young man Allah Armando salehoo, Fie hin Hubbell. Illa Allah He Minh has he Allah Yama, Asha, the problem said that these 10 days of the Niger the first 10 days of the Niger they are the dearest to Allah subhanaw taala in the sense, the good deeds are the dearest in these 10 days to Allah subhanaw taala whatever days of the month, you're shooting whatever days of the year, you want to do good, that's excellent.

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The days that Allah, Allah loves good the most are these first 10 days of the hedgerow. That's what the person is telling us and the Sahaba asked him for

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Kalia rasulillah did you have the visa v dilla said to him, O Messenger of Allah, what about Jihad? jihad is a person volunteering their time and money and really sacrificing their life to defend the Muslim Omar Air Force done within the proper context. And according to the laws of the *tier, the prophet said one of the jihad in not even that comes not even that is, as beloved to Allah as good doing good in these 10 days is beloved to Allah subhanaw taala Okay, and the only thing really like to take the example to its logical conclusion the person gives the example of enlargement and hora giovinazzi Hema Maliki polymyalgia mean that he can be shy, the only one who surpasses, you know,

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like who cannot be surpassed. The only one who cannot be surpassed is the person who

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gives up everything he owns, and even gives up his own life. And that person, no one is catching up to that person. But anything below him or her that Subhanallah right.

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That's the place that's the rank that good deeds in the first 10 days of hedger occupied. So it's a very, very powerful opportunity to do good. And these this hadith in Sahih, Bukhari and many others similar in other books of Hadith give us that understanding that these are very, very special days extremely special. What adds to their specialists is the Hajj, the pillar of Hajj takes place in these 10 days, okay. The ninth day of the hijjah is the day of our fact, the day of alpha is when the pilgrims gather on the plains or in the plains of alpha and they are making go out to Allah subhanaw taala In fact, the Pope said that that is the day that Allah is poplar freeze from the from

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hellfire. Most people have all these in the, in the in the in the year that's today, most people are freed from from the fire of hell meaning salvation is granted to people more on the day of our fire than any other day of the year. So Pamela, so this is such an amazing day, the day the Hajj takes place. Then after the pilgrims go from

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the plains of autofac to the grounds of mo zelicah. And they spend the night there. Okay, then they go from zelicah, to the tents in Mina that's on the 10th, the 10th day of the hedger that is the Yamuna her the day of the sacrifice for the pilgrims, because that's when they sacrifice. They're the sacrificial animals. That's the day they stone the Jamaat, that's the day they make the tawaf, that's the day that they come out there shave their heads for the men, and that's the day they come out of their harem. They're still in a motional state, they're still in a state of a harem. But now they can remove the holding of a harem, and spend the next few days fulfilling and completing the

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rituals of what's the point being the 10th day yo will not hurt for the pilgrims. That is that significant day for us. More not pilgrims were at home here. The ninth day, the day of arafah is a day of fasting. It's the day of fasting as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us that

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it is the day

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fasting is very much encouraged in it Okay, so he says fossa lumpsum uyama alpha tassimo Allah He and you could fit a sonata Latika who wala t BARDA who he says, the fasting Of The Day of arafah I am hoping and expecting that Allah will reward me by removing the sins of the past year and removing the sins of the coming year. The idea is that salvation is granted in the in this on this day through fasting. And if a person is in a beautiful lifestyle, where they are not committing sins, or their sins are so limited, that they're very quickly cleansed, then this day becomes an opportunity to double up on his blessings and goodness, and increase the person's ranks in Paradise. Either way,

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it's a day of immense opportunity. That's the day 90 of the ledger, the day of alpha, the 10th day of the ledger is either out have for us we're not in. We're not the pilgrims, is, of course the day where we pray our eighth prayer, we gather together, we miss our family. We do our old here, the sacrifice of old here, the commemorating the sacrifice of Ibrahim alayhis salam and the amazing like that was upon us.

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skies over there you know who be limping Aleem be ransom him, his marine with a great sacrifice and this is that great sacrifice that we do on the 10th day of the hedger Okay. Then also the hedger has other significant days I am with the ship, the 11th 12th 13 days of the hedger, these are called yamata sheep, the pilgrims stay in the tents and Mina, they do the stoning of the Jamaat they make Vicar of Allah, they remind themselves of the goodness of, of the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon them. And for the rest of us, these are also days of remembrance, we see that there could be rot in these days, we say that we rot after the Salah, you might remember this from pre COVID times,

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but you go to the masjid Around this time, and after the Salah, the Imam is reciting that we read out loud. So the beautiful thing that we do that we rot start from the the measure of the day of alpha, loudly and proudly when hamdulillah after every Salah, and they continue until the answer prayer of the last day of the shriek, the 13th day of the Niger as a beautiful thing. I you see how it's something that, you know, we're, we're asked, we're encouraged, right, the situation is created for us to be reminded of Allah's greatness, even more and to be connected to him even more in these months. So this is the significant events that take place in the first 10 days of the ledger that

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makes this month even more significant. Now, as I mentioned, this, as the Prophet Allah saw, some has said, the goodness, good deeds in these months, excuse me in these 10 days, there is this is the best time to do good, the most beloved, the dearest time in the sight of Allah to do good.

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This is an opportunity presents sisters, for us celebrations of our faith are celebrations that are attached to goodness. This is a beautiful thing about our faith, our celebrations are not celebrations where we are, you know, creating a mess or where we are, you know, losing our rationale by you know, getting drunk, or we are stuffing ourselves with food and then becoming, you know, gluttonous. In fact, our celebrations are always, always connected to doing something good. When we celebrate eagle feather, we pray.

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And then when we celebrate,

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celebrate Friday, tomorrow is a read for us. Tomorrow is a day of celebration. We pray the Salah, especial Salah, okay? Unlike other normal daily prayers, it will allow celebration, but before you celebrate, do good. Before you celebrate either fitter for a month fast before you celebrate you spend 10 days doing as much good as you can see, all of our, all of our celebrations are attached to the idea of doing good idea of being devoted to Allah Subhana Allah and then celebrating by prayer remembrance and being with family and hamdulillah enjoying ourselves there guru worship Allah to reflect the Quran says eat and drink, but don't waste in the hula, you have almost a finger the Lord

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does not love those who waste this is the beautiful opportunity. Okay, so what do we do to avail these opportunities? What is it that we do to make the best of these opportunities? The Prophet son has a recommendation for us. He says, ma'am, in a yaman, Allah, Allah, Allah He will have he lay him in a llama leafy hiner minha de la Asha, similar to what I mentioned before, the best time to do good that deer is time in the sight of Allah to do good are these 10 days. So what do you do? What is the recommendation of the Prophet Salaam? He says for a funeral fee one minute, really? What the community what the Hamid, Allah who I am, this is a hadith narrated by in Muslim Imam Ahmed, the

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prophet said, so increase your seeing of La ilaha illAllah. You're saying of Allahu Akbar, you're saying have Alhamdulillah increase that in these 10 days? That's the first thing to make the most of them hedger is to increase our remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. If you were remembering Allah hamdulillah regularly by, you know, doing the uscar in the morning in the evening, amazing. Add to this, add to this by saying La ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar on hamdulillah frequently in the silent moments that you have.

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You may not find an opportunity as you're driving, you may find an opportunity as you're sitting waiting for something, okay? We find opportunities where we're very attached to our phones. Somehow I am very attached to our phone. I think all of us as a society are just

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You know, like we have withdrawal symptoms if our phone is away for a little bit from us, okay? When we get the temptation to go check our feed, perhaps that's an opportunity for us to make some Vicar of Allah to c'est la ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar Al Hamdulillah. Use that like, opportunity, like we fill up those empty moments by scrolling through our social media quite frequently. Okay, let's try to replace some of that. By the remembrance of Allah. It's a hard thing. It's so hard to become, like, really, really bound to it. But let's at least attempt to do this. Let's attempt to decouple ourselves from what is normal to us. And I'm saying what's normal is not necessarily Haram, but it's

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just normal. It's just, you know, mobile, it's something you're doing something you're checking on your phone. But try to decouple yourself from that, an ad in this place, a daleel, La Ilaha, Illallah takbeer Allahu Akbar, amin, Al Hamdulillah, beautiful statements. This is the first recommendation, I pray to Allah, Allah, He gives me the topic to do this and gives you all of you to do it as well. The second recommendation that we have here is to

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feel free to fast, write too fast.

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In these days, it is something when a person can fast. It is a beautiful thing. It shows you're able to decouple yourself from the desires of this world, you're able to unshackle yourself from the things that you love for the sake of Allah. That is one of the greatest things, one of the greatest testimonies of faith.

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And fasting, I think for many of us seems very daunting until you do it and you're like, you know what, it wasn't so bad, right? But as we stopped doing it, it immediately becomes daunting, again, immediately becomes very, very difficult. So take you know, like, dive in again. Try to fast again and Chawla you've, we just did it and I'm about 100 in

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the fasting Allah father says about this in Hadith kotse through the porcelain, he says kulu Amma Livni, Adam, Allah Who in the song for inner holy or Anna Zb, he says, every single action that the son of Adam does is for himself, except for fasting. Fasting is for me, and only me. And I'm the only one who rewards for it. The idea is as such, is anything you do, or most things that you do, you can publicize them. If you're praying, you're probably going to be noticed that you're praying, if you are donating, someone's gonna give you a tax receipt. Yes.

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You could be very, very amazing. And you could keep everything secret, but probably you will be seen doing these things. Fasting is the only thing you can literally just be completely invisible while fasting. You could, you know, no one watches over you to see Have you eaten lunch, right? But you're not kids anymore, right? So you can very easily not eat, not drink throughout the day, not letting anybody know that you're not eating and drinking because you're fasting those people might think you're just not doing it because you're hungry or something. Right? That's why fasting is so amazing that a person can do it. So purely for the sake of Allah that Allah squanto says I am the one who

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will reward this person for their fast. So that is so amazing. In fact, the police also said that this is a junuh fasting is like a shield. It's it's imagine like the fire of hell. This is the visualize it. It's like the flames are coming towards us. We ask the loss protection from it. And then here is the shield that now Ward's of the flames. And what is that shield, that shield is fasting, right. So this is the beautiful image that I had it gives us so we should, you know not let go of fasting. It's hard, especially in the summer, but we should try and not let go off in

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these 10 days is an opportunity to get back on the fasting bandwagon, right or fasting on that get back on the horse. Again, start fasting as much as you can do as much as you can of the fast if you want to do all of the first nine days you can fast on the 10th day because it's varied by the way, all of you can get fast the first 90 days if you want hamdulillah

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or you can pass as many as you can, or if not any is only one day you can fast then make that the day of alpha the day before it because that's the day where Allah Allah will forgive the sins of the past year and the sins of the next year. So that's number two recommendation to fast. And it's a beautiful reminder to get back to again decouple ourselves from the desires.

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Rule number three, a recommendation is to,

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to to sacrifice, sacrifice an animal to school to hear a poor bond. Okay. Now, if you were to look at the scholars and you ask them

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what is the outcome of all the here? What is the hokum appear? Is it mandatory? What is the ruling of the here? Is it mandatory? Is it recommended? Is that you do it or not doing it all the same? What is it, you will find that in a war hanifa, for example, will say it is mandatory, it's required, you must do it. Okay. If you have the means to do it, you must do it. This is the opinion of me, ma'am. Abu hanifa. Okay, the opinion of the rest of the roadmap. The rest of the roadmap, the rest of the scholars have fit is it is tsunami Qaeda, it is a highly recommended sooner. Either way, it's a good thing to do. If you have the means to do it.

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Whichever school of thought you ascribe to.

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At the end of the day, this is a good thing to do. So do this inshallah Darla, it is something that is unique. It doesn't happen throughout the year, we don't sacrifice animals to give to the poor, or share with our friends and family throughout the restaurant, something we regularly do with special and unique and this time. So because of its specialist, it's encouraged that we do it.

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It's encouraged also that when someone is doing this, someone who is doing

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the old here

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that is a person who should not cut their hair and should not cut their nails. Now, there is a there's a reason for that the person said that there are eight emila there are other volumes on charity. But

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if a person wants to do obeah and the month of the ledger has begun, then they should not cut their hair they should not you know trim their hair or cut their nails. Okay, now is this Haram is this haram according to scholars, according to for example, we Hanafi school and the Maliki school this is not Haram. They said this is actually you could do it. It's actually not even mcru it's not even dislike you can do it completely, it's fine. And they have an explanation for why the problem said what he said, the explanation is the profitsystem wants you to get in like feel the specialness of these 10 days of the ledger, feel the specialist with something physical, just like the moharram in

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the in the pilgrim who's making Hajj, where's the harem and feels the difference physically that that physical state reminds him of being spiritually closer to Allah or encouraged them to express the closer to Allah. This is the same idea that you don't cut your nails or cut your hair to remind you that these are special days. And just like like that, that physical reminder should, should should connect you to the idea that let me be better spiritually in these months. That's the explanation we'll lower them that is provided for those who say it's not permanent, you know, it's okay to do so. Right. So again, whichever opinion you follow hamdulillah it's failed in it. But I'm

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just telling you as a recommendation as a recommendation not as like a mandatory you know, hello as a wajib or as a as a matter of haraam. I'm telling you as a recommendation number three recommendation is dueled here. It's good hamdulillah it's unique. Even if you believe it's not fun, do it still because it's pseudonym Ocala, okay. And don't cut your nails. Or here, even if you believe that that Hadith is not taught does not make it Haram. Fine. You can believe that. But try it because it will remind you of the spirit of these 10 days in sha Allah. And that physical reminder is hopefully going to help you in attaining a higher spiritual state. That's the third

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thing that I would recommend here in this matter of the ledger. The fourth is

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the fourth is to give a lot of sort of to donate in this in this time. If you haven't paid us a cat, as a cat could be paid at any time.

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This is a good time to praise the captain. Because good deeds as the Prophet said, are the dearest to Allah in these 10 days so if you would like to give us a card, this is a great time to do so. Okay?

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If you have already give me yours a cat see like your end of the Islamic year for the cat, your hole is say Ramallah, right? You can actually give us a card before time. Okay, you can give us a cat before it's due. Just note how much the cat you gave. And then when it's the end of the year, you can just tally it all together. So for example, say, you know, I wanted to give the cat I've already given him as a cat. My year is done hamdulillah. But I'm like, you know what, I will give some cat right now. Indonesia hamdulillah gives a cat say I give $200 and then I write it down. I give $200 in the hedger as a cat. Now when it comes to next year, Milan, and I'm tallying my cat again, I will

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say okay, this is how much the cat I, I owe. And this $200 I've already paid. So the balance of it is what I will pay in Ramallah, this idea is there for everybody, whether you pages a cat or not, whether you are paying it later in the year or not, you can still do it right now just note down. These are important times is a beautiful time to do so. And why is this? Why do especially mentors Academy why that's wonderful, because you can give back at any time, right? But the beautiful thing is, if you were to give the cat in these 10 days, you would have all the Pillars of Islam taking place. Like you would have the solder Of course, Shahada, of course, the one can get very

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straightforward. But then you have the Salah taking place, five times a day, you have the fasting on the day of arafah, you would have as a cat that a person has given and Hajj is taking place in in Makkah, at this time. Globally, all the pillars are taking place in these 10 days. That's a beautiful thing to do from that perspective. And even if you're not thinking in that way, just doing good, and just giving your phones a cat in these 10 days, carries the extra blessing but handle and you know as a cat and sada is sometimes even easier to give, do as much as you can for as many people as you can, without burdening yourself without neglecting your responsibility. As the Quran

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says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah times what ha coolest, don't be so stingy that you hold everything to yourself and don't spend at all. And don't be so aggressive and spending that you can hold on to anything in either case maluka tiempo de maluma masura, you will be blameworthy, and you will be trapped in both situations. So don't do the extremes. Be moderate. But do as much as you can realizing ma Casazza fortune, minimal that charity does not decrease. Well, that's the fourth. And the last thing that I will leave you all with in Charlotte, Allah is these are opportunities to, to do good.

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Do whatever good you think is needed. Whatever good you feel is necessary. Whether that's calling someone who you haven't called

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messaging someone who is, you know, has been alone because of COVID. Now, they're they're really alone. They haven't seen anybody, they haven't interacted with anybody. You know, this is a beautiful time to call them or message them and say, Hey, Salaam Alaikum. Hopefully you're well, you know, I just wanted to reach out to you, it, remind them maybe of the hijab, maybe remind them of something, right?

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reach out to someone who could use that reminder who could use you know, your good word, and see the blessings that come from that. This this idea, you know, like the problem said that the believers are one body, right?

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We are like one body, when one part of it's hurting, the other part is also hurting. So this kind of hurt that people are experiencing. It's not a public thing. We see public oppression very easily because it's very obvious. It's public, and it's oppression. It's glaring, but this kind of private suffering that people go through. We don't see that. Okay. Like, in fact, even mentions lie. Yes. Yeah, sub Umoja Hill Alinea? I mean, at the if there are people who financially struggle, but it doesn't seem like they're financially struggling because they're so dignified.

00:34:51--> 00:35:00

You know, the last element NASA will have but they're not always asking people for money, right? The same analogy applies to someone who's private

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

struggling because of circumstances because of the pandemic.

00:35:05--> 00:35:45

It's important to reach out to people like this, it's important to, you know, you know, you know, lend them our hand, because this is how the oma is we are one body, whether you see a pain of someone or you don't, someone isn't pain, try to find out who is in pain, and maybe your words are all that's needed. Maybe your words are all that's needed. You see, the prompts don't emphasize so much on the idea of visiting people who are sick. I'm not telling you to do that right now because I'm COVID Okay, be safe inshallah. But the idea is, he's what happens when you visit someone who's sick, you kill them, are you a doctor? No, but you go and you lift their spirits. You do something

00:35:45--> 00:36:27

nice. You sit there, you make your offer them, they see you, they smile, they're happy, and that uplifts their spirit and hopefully helps their healing. Right. And just for that the reward is so immense. Similarly, the reward for uplifting someone who is maybe mentally suffering right now, spiritually strong suffering right now, in sha Allah is exactly analogously the same. So please do that. Those are the five things I would recommend for you to do. Lots of Vicar, lots of remembrance of Allah, especially that there could be a lot saying that loudly and proudly Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, the line number two, too fast, as much as we can,

00:36:27--> 00:37:15

especially the day of arafah. The night day. Number three is to give justice to do old hear the Qurbani the sacrifice, and also to not cut our hair, our nails and hear during these 10 days, to remind ourselves of the, the we're still in these 10 special days, that physical reminder, number four is the idea of giving your cat or any other sort of that you may have in these days. Very beautiful to do that. Look for that. And lastly, reaching out to someone who might be struggling, reaching out someone who might be alone and who's suffering alone. Your words might be like an ailment to them. So reach out to them. Zach malaco for listening and being with us with me here on

00:37:15--> 00:37:26

the love we ask Allah, Allah to accept from us our good deeds, we ask Allah to bless us and all that we do and that He grants us all gender preferred also. I mean, it

00:37:27--> 00:37:30

was a lot I mean, I'm hammered. And he was happy he

00:37:34--> 00:37:36

said on when you come to love

00:37:37--> 00:37:40

brothers and sisters, from all of you and on behalf of the masjid

00:37:41--> 00:38:19

I want to express appreciation to share hot agenda for joining us tonight hamdulillah there was an excellent and informative lecture covered on the show you covered a lot of information in a limited amount of time just jack in the wall played on so once again, we appreciate today know you're very very busy. And so we really appreciate your taking the time to be with us and we hope inshallah that you can join us again and especially inshallah at the masjid we hope. Soon, one day in sha Allah.

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Okay, she does not have brothers and sisters. So no modicum. We're not a lawyer.