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Hola Hola. Hola Haman hamdulillah Allahumma salli wa salam robotic. I don't know you know Habib, you know Muhammad Ali he was like he's written by Yahweh any man will Muslim on fee so he and

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Bill house are the Allahu Anhu pipe is one of the very, very rare Hadith that are underrated by Amazon, the author himself is in the collection of Muslims so it's authentic. To give you a bit of context I'm out in the house with Lavon who is one of those figures that is worthy it's worth at least once in your you at some point in your life to read about it, he's totally worth reading about very interesting individual honestly, one of the most interesting people that have ever lived

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extremely intelligent person who lived through

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a lot of the changes that happened on Earth meaning he was there when the Prophet Allah you saw to someone else's prophecy he watched it was a part of the movement against him then it became a part of the movement with him. And it's fluctuation of mentality and of mindset is just very intriguing. And just fascinating to see how he you know how took how intellect is not always the best indicator of accepting faith really. And and sometimes this is something that we fall into thinking that you know, you have to know, intellect and the ability. Whether it's street smarts or its academic smarts, it doesn't really have always have a lot to do with with being becoming, being able to find

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the truth within the words of Allah subhanaw taala and committing yourself to it. I think there's a little bit of a disconnection Here's something to talk about, not this definitely not for like five minute health, but um, allows an interesting individual for sure. And he was someone who had a lot of experience in traveling and he knew people in high positions and they respected him as he was obviously from one of the larger houses of cooperation, he had a lot of status himself as his father did, as well. Also, you've been well, and I'm gonna be honest, once her debut happened, once it was signed, he said had he had intercourse at the end of college, by she's done. So he got up he left he

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left Mecca. When the Davia treaty was signed to people decided that they didn't want to live in McKinney, Morrible Sofia and Amber because the moment it happened, they they saw what Muhammad SAW Allah Allah says, He saw saying there was no law, he saw something he knew that it will see once he had once they signed the treaty fills the personnel, you signed a treaty with him, you acknowledge that he's a country. So we got recognition as a state. That's number one. Number two, the with all of the other gibberish in the in the treaty, they got 10 years of peace, the moment the 10 years were there that he was allowed. And so sometimes you speak about his time without fearing for his

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life. And people could accept this time without feeling for their lives, that they the prophet Isaiah says I knew that the war was over. And so did these two people. So it was a Fiat who spent most of his time on his business trips, he wouldn't really stay in Mecca. And I remember that actually left to Habersham

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he decided that he's not living in this continent anymore. He's going to another continent then because and the Joshi was his friend, he went there. So he arrives there and he's gonna He's He's taken everything with him, his family, his stuff, he's going to stay there.

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He walks into the costume, Najafi and he's speaking to him and he lets something fly he says something like he curses the profile that you saw to start with something, but only when the Joshy know you got upset according to who to hire. I'm assuming you're saying this about Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam What about what whom?

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The Joshi on a slim. I'm gonna accept Islam, the Joshi the Dawa Tarom loss. I think it's at that point that he finally felt okay, you know, there's no way around this anymore. If he is related to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam from college he has led Mecca to another continent, only to find the king of the land performing Dawa to him to accept this Dunnville thought Allah mcsalley When I can't stay here anymore, so he takes his stuff and he goes back to Mecca again and it takes him a while to come around but he finally does he finally comes around he runs into hardened William Clark tells him You know it's we have to what are we fighting? What are we fighting here? Why are we fighting

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this? What's the reason and they have this conversation that I wish I had the details for because I can only imagine these two tiny minds kind of clashing and talking about this, but I'm gonna when I was finally with us might have been ianya Valhalla and and really they would make their way to Medina and this is what he this is him telling us what happened when he got there. This is what our laws are saying What happened father, but um Jah Allah, Allah will Islam if you told me when Allah is going to finally allow Islam to enter my heart I tell you to never hear from Allah Allah here early he was a limb of Allah Allah has like you said him, I came to him, but call to ya rasool

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Allah. OB soap, yeah Decker Uber Yak, put your hand out so that I may perform my bar and put my hand into yours and that's what they did. It was you putting the hand hand in the hand of the prophets of Allah. It's like who said lemon he would? And he would Dubai? Yeah, I'd actually heard that Allah Allah Allah Allah and then he will give you things I learned you had the recevied Allah Allah knows helical li Muslim Allah molybdenum arrow, he would choose for each person, honestly things that were relevant to them. That's why you find some differences between each wordings of the Sahaba and with

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By the head and also the timing was I had an effect the Hello Mr. Leone and I fell over yakka put your hand out so I made before my bad pilot for best SELPA Salalah Hana you early your cellular my amino, so he put his hand out so Allah Azza wa sallam you're about to end and I pulled my hand back.

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Then other narration collection my mom met Carla

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Yaniv a second nurse. It was like, everyone just quieted down and

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pulled his hand

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couldn't be like, What do you think the problem is? I put his hand up you're pulling Bacala some Hola. Hola. Hola. Que Amara. What's wrong way putting your hand back. Carla read on a stereo. I need I need to have a condition of color. So Allah Hasan's

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stereo Toby murder What is your what condition can you add to this book on a study and you will thoroughly condition is that i Everything I did has to be forgiven.

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Has to be forgiven i i have worked against you so passionately for so long. I have said things I have done things I have caused so much pain for you and the people around you. If I'm not going to be forgiven, it's not worth it. If I'm doing for help, I might as well just go do what I want. If I if I can I can't if I'm doing for it because I can't imagine I have to I have to make this condition. But if Jessamine never use it. Hola. Hola. Hola for Carla? Yeah, I'm an alum and Al Islam. Yeah, d mu Monica and Kamala one na ga da de mu ma Kanaka or en el hija. Yeah, edema America and a cobbler. So that's why I'm telling you this hadith and

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within the the theme of Hajj that's why I'm reading this hadith. The prophet Ali Hassan says yeah, I'm not I do not know. Don't you know that Islam when you accepted it, you had them meaning it tears down. It destroys it demolishes it removes London, something was there is no longer there. It's it's wiped off. That is now wipes off everything that exists before it. And that is you know, when you perform any job, you came to me, he's telling him you took this now, so everything is wiped out. Well, Hijra you just you came to me, but you emigrated you came to me when you perform a job for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Of course, that's a whole different topic we can talk about later, Dad

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did mark on a couple that also wiped out everything before when Hijjah you had the Makana Coppola and that had you will do it as well, just in case just in case after it's done you make a lot of mistakes. Yes, the case you deform here you learn and then years go by after you hit your own you have all this other garbage now to deal with. Hedge can get rid of it as well. This is not talking about any helpful can a bad obviously, even in terms of mobile ama that you hold on to or someone's that you could refuse to give. But this is talking about all the other mistakes that we make. We make mistakes that affect affect people all the time, indirectly, in ways that you can never really

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account it's not tangible, the actual harm so possible to fix is gone. The press is not there anymore. There's all these other things that we do. How do you get rid of them? Hedge hedge,

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hedge, perform hedge properly, understand what you're doing, why you're doing it? What symbolism exists in it, embrace it, embrace the concept of hygiene. Allah subhanaw taala will Yeah, didn't Makana Kubla it'll demolish everything that existed before and I wanted to share that with you. The story is nice and the the profile that you saw those are actually pointed up here. I just did face to face you may end up needing this again.

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If you think downward into all of us, you will may end up needing to do this again like you may end up wondering I need I need I need like a full demolition of everything that happened I need some way for everything to be forgiven. And he may not be around some Allah so I'm just going to accept your Islam and make it still fire for you and make dua for you and but you can always go and perform Hajj and that can always fix me. You have to email Muslim with Visa and I'm also the Allahu Anhu but but I'm John Allahu Islam if you're Kobe potato Nebby your sword Allah Allah He was a lamb of according to our lawsuit Allah Ubisoft Yanina cofell Oba yak for Bethel personal Allah Allah Who early he was

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selling them i Amina who felt horrible to God Takara ma la que armor a coil to read an exterior Africa Nigeria to be murdered for oil to and your family but call us on Allah Allah you only gonna sell them I didn't tell you ammo and Al Islam yeah had Dima kind of popular one in his Yatta demon Maka, Anna Kabila one alhaja yeah demon America Anna tabula Soraka Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Franklin Huntington Allah Allah Allah just west of Allah Salam