What is the Miracle of Islam

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Mr. Raveendran, yes, we still have sociological attack to this organization and Mr. My friend area yet I already know these points of the my journal, the One God of mighty. So I only one question What is the miracle of in Islam? tungsten Solomon 516 like that. So I want to know the miracle so many religious, they said miracles miracles, so I want to know the Islamic miracle. We asked the question What is the miracle of Islam and then recorded Song of Solomon 516

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Song of Solomon is a part of the Bible.

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Song of Solomon is a part of the Old Testament the Bible, which in Hebrew says, Hey, como Mehta Kim becomingly mama dem they do these aryanna Jerusalem it's a Hebrew quotation I'm quoting the exact because the translation differs he come up with a Kim we call the mama them they do these Arya minor Jerusalem which means that he is more sweet he's altogether lovely. He's my beloved or daughter of Jerusalem. Now the original I quoted why, because already mentioned the word Muhammad.

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In the Hebrew language, we add him as approval of respect to word of mama is added mama them like Oh, hello means God alone him with respect for God. So but in the translation of the Bible, they have translated the proper noun woman, as altogether lovely. But if you read the Song of Solomon, chapter five, verse number 16, it speaks about the coming of the last and final lesson the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is even mentioned my name.

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India first question, what is a miracle in Islam? There are many miracles in Islam.

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And if you read the Hadith, there are no less than 300 miracles which our beloved Prophet did. But the miracle which we boast about is

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it is a Glorious Quran.

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This is the miracle of Islam, all the other miracles. For example, we believe that Moses, peace be upon him, he parted the sea, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, he gave life to the dead.

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But today, if you want to analyze, can we go back in time and check with the Moses parked in the car? Not that 10 people were convinced, will you and I can get convinced. So person who doesn't have faith in that religious scriptures, he cannot go back in time to verify with the Moses peace be upon him, did he pass the car not? Did Jesus give life to the dead or not? Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he spread the moon, but you cannot go back in time. One miracle,

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which was a miracle that time is today and will be till eternity is the Glorious Quran.

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It is the miracle of miracles.

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And more than a week back,

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that was about eight days back.

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On the 12th of January, I gave a talk Koran and modern science compatible or incompatible and approved with the lecture. This Quran is a miracle of miracles. It's not only a miracle, it's a miracle of miracles. It's a miracle of all times.

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Previously about the age of miracles, it proved itself. Then came the age of literature and poetry. Quran is the best Arabic literature available on the face of the earth, according to the Muslim, the non Muslim Arabic scholars. But today, if a religious Scripture says in a poetic fashion, the world is flat, will you believe in it? The answer is no. Because today is not the age of literature and poetry today is the age of science and technology. So eight days back, I proved that what the Quran has mentioned 14 years ago, science has proved yesterday 20 years back 50 years back 100 years back 200 years back, who would have mentioned this in the Quran, no one besides the Creator, Almighty

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The best miracle, the ultimate miracle, the miracle of all times, it is a Glorious Quran.