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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of doing something that will keep people on for a long time until the day of judgment. They explain that a sadaqa "ya" through continuous charity is the most efficient way to gain a lot of pleasure. The speaker also mentions a walk to serve the owed upon retirement for the purpose of creating a foundation for the poor and helping them achieve their goals.
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The most efficient way that you can gain a lot of pleasure is to do something that's going to keep on giving you returns after returns after returns time and time again until the day of judgment. And the best way to do that is through some sort of sadaqa jariya, through some sort of continuous charity. In Islam, we have something called the lock, which is sort of like an endowment or a trust. Now, what a lock is, is that the underlying asset, nobody can touch it, you're not allowed to sell it, you're not allowed to inherit it, nobody can do anything to it. And the money that's generated from that lock is put towards a charitable and so if you contribute to a well, you will be

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accumulating the reward for what that was generating until the day of judgment. And the Companions understood why this was so important, because man rhodiola, who purchased a well at the time of the Prophet salallahu, Alaihe Salam, and that well, and the area around it that has dates has been dedicated to help feed the poor, and it is still after 1400 some odd years, is still producing dates, and is still helping the poor and he is still getting reward in the afterlife for his contribution that can be you, you can be like this man. at Utica masjid, we are setting up a walk to serve the masjid, the walk is going to make the masjid financially independent. And so one of the

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things that we're doing is that we have purchased a property and we are converting that it's a rental property. And all of the money that's going to be taken from Rent is going to go towards the operational expenses of the mission. And our goal is to get you to commit yet completely financially independent so that we don't have to rely on yearly donations. We've already purchased the building, and we have a shortfall of $30,000. This Ramadan, we are attempting to raise $30,000 To cover the shortfall for the completion of this purchase. And so that if you give to this initiative, this is a walk for you to commit sheet if you appreciate the content that we put out, if you think that we

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should continue what we're doing here, if you contribute to this, you're going to be raking in benefit for your spiritual life until the Day of Judgment. No one's going to touch it, no one's going to sell it, no one's going to buy it. It's not possible. And so take this time imagine if you do this any time of year, it's going to be already an incredible feat. But what if you do it in Ramadan, it's going to be even more valuable for your soul and more valuable for your afterlife. There's a lot of good causes to give to doesn't have to be much but every single person if you believe in our vision and if you believe in our work, I encourage you to help yourself through this

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project to donate to our work and to put yourself in the best possible situation in the afterlife. May Allah accept it from us and from you

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