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The transcript describes a group of people discussing a surprise involving a young man killed by a woman named Lucara. They also mention a woman named Lucara who killed a young man and had a similar behavior. The transcript describes various ways the deceased used "br thermostat" and "imran" to describe actions and emotions, including killing a young man and causing chaos. The transcript also touches on the culture of Korean society, including the belief that only one person can request food and the need for people to stay safe from the virus. The transcript ends with a promise to inform the guest of the reasons why the doctor won't be patient and sh tariff them.

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ala Rasulillah from aluminum and fauna on find me my Londoner, was it no element or hammerlock me ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge.

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Trying to have a romantic setting today

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luck with Baraka in this gathering in sha Allah to Allah may Allah Subhana Allah forgive all our sins Inshallah, I mean

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they will continue in sha Allah to Allah with the story of Musa and

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and we mentioned last week that Musa alayhis salam

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proceeded with al Qaeda

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and the first

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thing they did after they agreed on the conditions and the condition were Do not ask me anything until I inform you. They got into the ship, he broke the ship. Why did you break it? You have you're gonna cause her the people on the ship to drown and just showed us how concerned is moosari Suriname about the people before he even think about himself and then

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he apologized and said this was

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my fault that I forgot in remain seated to give me the man a seat and they moved on from Taco hut either lochia Holloman This is where we reached.

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So they moved forward after he told him and I'm alkyl in Nikola Tesla Thea Maya sobre sofidel reminded Musa Ali salaam that I told you you're not going to be patient. Then Allah subhanaw taala did not tell us what happened. He said

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Tanaka had either left here who?

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Call aquatennial turnoff, so the key be high enough Enos LaHood, eg Tashi and Lucara

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then Allah said fell Tada cough

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what does that mean? That means that a hurdle accepted the Apology of Musa alayhis salam

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there's no dialogue that tells us all he told them was okay don't do it again or no no thang talakad that means Okay, let's move forward let's continue and proceed in our journey

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had either a lucky year who Lamin for Katella.

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They proceeded and then they met a Gollum, Gollum

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immediately indicate someone young,

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someone young

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for Katella what's the difference?

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From the first

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breaking of the boat of the ship and the killing of this banana, what's the difference in the language and the words used when it came to the ship, Allah subhanaw taala said

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had either rocky birth is Safina T ha Raka. When they got on the ship, he broke it

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that indicates that there was a period of time before he broke it. Maybe he waited for the people to come in maybe they you know for the captain to say that smooth there was a period of time here when it came to the whole lamb. Instantly, immediately the minute he saw him he killed him

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had either an aqua

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fat, what is the proof that this is what happened? The letter fell in the ship he did not say Farakka that means he walked into the ship immediately and he made the hole in it. No he did not say that. But when it came to the hole and he said Subhana that when he saw the Hunan for Katella

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instantly he killed them. No

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speech, no meeting No My name is this nothing he saw the alarm boom gone. khatola they could imagine had either and we said that either. If it starts this area starts with either and is talking about a story that means you're about to see a massage or you're about to see a surprise. And that was a surprise. This is very surprising. If I

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A righteous man and I'm going with him to learn and all of a sudden he see a young man and boom he kill him. So Musa alayhis salam as a prophet he cannot take this immediately.

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Kinda HotelTonight says okay let me write enough to share nohcra You have killed the soul, if you saw without any reason you have committed. Now in the beginning he used Imran

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at the end, like a Gita che and Imran here laka Gita che and nohcra Which one is worst is heavier Umbra or nohcra

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the second one was heavier because he killed the young man for no reason over there in the boat he made the whole the boat but that might lead for the people to die maybe they will drown and die but here definitely right in front of him the guy's dead so nohcra is heavier than imra okay nohcra is from

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from Moncure right monka something monka Yanni stay away from it's something evil

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luck lucky yeah had either lucky Yeah, the word lucky Yeah.

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means both of them

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met this young at the same time. They used elephant Muthana they both Busan Islam and met this point is the same time it's not like Heather came saw him kill them and then Musa came no hotter either lucky Yeah, they both came and saw the olam at the same time because usually in the Quran it's an Arabic in general, any two lucky someone either it means that someone can arrive somebody was traveling and then you know in the past now we have airports you go pick up in the past the whole village used to go and meet somebody coming back from from a travel. So this is what I thought and also woollacott is used with

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with who

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woulda cotton

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you like you meet somebody that you like and you need somebody that

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say it.

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I do. What I do is also used the word same word luckier with our character I do when the two enemies meet this is also called Morocco. So here had the Nokia they met immediately right there with the with the hola I'm going word by word so you can benefit in Sharla had Nokia Holderman forgotten just annual lamb and he killed him immediately.

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Now, Musa alayhis salam did something called in Arabic is stiff ham

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in carry Yanni he's asking a question, but he's not waiting for an answer. This form of asking the question is a form of complaining. Alcatel 10 Epson bereid enough's

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Luca, Geeta, che and nohcra

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You killed a soul without the soul, this person killing anybody or doing any harm, you have done a major sin.

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This form of questioning is not a form of questioning that Musa alayhis salam was waiting for the man to say, Yes, I killed the man, aka tell tennis. Yes, I can No, no, no, that's not the way that's not what's meant by this questioning. This form of questioning is a form of that. He is so shocked. Just like a character, the

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same form. And we're going to notice the third time if we get to it tonight. It's completely going to change. He did not do that the last

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Now Musa alayhis salam, of course, a prophet seeing a major sin which is killing take place right in front of him. Even though he just apologized. Even if you apologized. You're already gonna forget again probably. Are you going to lose it? How I'm a prophet? I'm coming here to one of the things to protect our deen is the life

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to protect the life How can I be quiet and I'm being a soul being killed right in front of me. Just we came up from the boat and boom, the guys guys gone.

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Musa alayhis salam complained about three things

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or the way he made this.

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Forbidding of evil was in three ways. A cartel Tennyson

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Subhan. Allah He used the word knifes

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knifes as a sole neffs.

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When you say to someone, even if the neffs was old

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Do Young, Muslim non Muslim, the person is sinner, non sinner? You feel when you say the word neffs, it's often the heart. Alcatel Tennyson was number one, he used the word knifes to inform that, you know, which is going to teach us a lesson that when you're ordering good, choose the best words. When you want to forbid evil, I'm gonna be Morrow for now. And then monka you have to really think about every single word, because the outcome or the goal that you're looking forward for to the goal that you want to achieve depends on your speech on the slope that you have used, extremely dependent on the

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slope, the manner that you have approached that scenario.

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Whether he doesn't pray, whether she does not wear the hijab, but whatever it is, many, many people we hear that Subhanallah the day the person calling them to the dean, he was so gentle, without talking without preaching, he made the people perform the Ibaadat just by his actions, his actions, sometimes your actions by themselves, give a major lesson to others without you talking.

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But if you have to talk you have to use the best man so Musa alayhis salam first he mentioned the word nefs Alcatel 10 F's then behind enough's, what does that mean?

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Because usually we are allowed to kill someone if

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they kill somebody. So this person behind NFC did not kill another nurse. So why did you kill him so he gave him another reason? Why did you kill him?

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A Katana FCMB writing Epson

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zakian That's the second one I'm sorry the second one was the Kia

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the Kia said that since he's

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his young man and Musa they serve as a prophet. He could tell that this man did not commit any sins yet he's very young still. Zeki

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is pure from from the cat, right? The cat is to purify your money purify your income. So this man has enough says the key is still fresh, you know?

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So first he told them word use the word knifes then they use the words are key, then he told them behind enough that means you do not have a valid excuse.

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Now, how did that occur? The answer. Now the tone of the huddle, changed a little bit.

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And I'll collect Calaca

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in McAllen, Chestatee, Amaya Sabra. He added two letters to the statement he said before just two letters laka

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lamb calf, and this is normal. If you send your child or you send somebody let's use your child to get something or to have something done. And he goes and he messed up and he came back. First time you let him go, second time, didn't I tell you you use what you

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have collected? Then I tell you to do this. So similarly.

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The huddle

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not disrespectful, but he's reminding him and he has added the word locker to bring more attention that more emphasis that I told you that you're not going to be patient. I told you from the beginning These issues need a lot of patience and I'm a collector in a collision test of Jana Maya, maybe you're patient with other stuff but this issue here you're not going to be patient Marissa Sabra.

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Now Musa alayhis salam

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did not hear apologize or anything

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he instantly recognized his mistake and he did not gonna say or he does not say I'm sorry again. Those kinds of people this kind of caliber they don't apologize much.

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When they apologize once they keep their word callous I told you so he gave him a condition is not say

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I'm sorry again? No. He said call in cell to country by the fella.

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That Bella from Allah don't need a doctor. Mila don't need other.

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If in this if we spoke about it before, in if in one infant sort of lie and circle

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one lie Subhan Allah we wonder why our situation is like this.

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And Allah said in the Quran, if

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If you make me victorious, I will make you victorious. If you put me first I will make you alone, the highest superior. If, but

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we don't need anybody to come and tell us how can we fix our issue? It's already in the Quran. It's already in the Quran. But we either our Eman is weak.

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And we always finally think that there is something else somewhere that has a better solution. Or we're not understanding the Quran. The Quran simply said, You are superior. If you are believers, you are the best if you are believers, no one will defeat you if you are believers. What can Haqqani mean? Whether he or she I don't know who

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were they? Yes, I don't know who didn't caffeine. I didn't mean either. sebelah no way that could follow the non believers will have an upper hand over the meaning. The common word and all the ayat is meaning. Khattab, Allahu

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Allah have confirmed 100% I will be victorious.

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What is this whole earth in the sight of Allah, in terms of Allah and sarcomere one put Allah first. Put Allah first in every decision that you make in your life, you will see your life completely change, completely change. Stop saying maybe I try this it will work I try this. It will never work. Only one thing will work. When we put Allah first. In celtica If I ask you this is this is a man a prophet giving his word insol to kanshi Ambassador forever sadly, if I asked you one more time about anything, fella to Sahami look at the respect. And look at the honor in speech fella to sizably

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you he put the decision of accompanying him with the huddle. Not for that also Hey Buka I'm not going to be with you know, financial saw happening. You can decide if you want to go with me or not. It's up to you. If I ask you one more question, you decide if you're going to keep this company or not. It's up to you. You want to keep me I will go with you. But if you don't I understand 100% Because I broke my promise for that too. So hit me

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cut the left me legend me Audra. I have already gave my excuse I the excuse I used it I had one excuse I used it but if I ask you one more time that indicate that there is only one more chance

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okay, that indicate that there is only one chance

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Tada had either

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Korea teen is stuck

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forever, forever, I don't II

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thought What does that mean again move

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the decision of course or Islam and they moved together fantastica together had either. Now in the first what is the goal from the third incident. The first incident had either Akiba, they got into the ship, the second incident until they met this boy this young man, third incident had their either Korea they got to this village and they met these people.

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Villagers usually as we all know from our countries, visually, villagers usually are small, and people of the villages they all know each other, right. So if a stranger comes into the village, they immediately recognize them. So the people of the village recognize that these two men are strange, even here in our community in the masjid, we have like a small village. If somebody is just as first time attending, people will be looking at him that this is a new face. We recognize them similarly in the village. So

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Korea obviously, we do not know the details but we know obviously that Mussolini Cirebon are tired for two men in such a high caliber to request an ask for food. money they have to be really really starving. famished

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so they asked for food ISTEP Anna, we said before that when you use when you add Elif seen tag to the verb that means you're asking whatever that verb is. stand for and ask him for mafia. He stepped on and asking for time. So they asked for food. Usually anyone? Anybody you ask them for food, they give you food. People usually complain about asking for money, but food nobody complains. Money people complain. You ask them for money. You they complain but if you ask for food, you're hungry. Please give me some food. Nobody tell you no, no, no go go get a job.

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got a job. It's gonna take me a month to find a job. But hunger nobody says anything. So you could imagine how I want to say the word evil but

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me how did these people say no to food for Apple? They refused. Other means refused. We only with an attitude like the shaitan ever. He refused to make some good for you though you format your uniform as a verb from life from the EFA which is hospitality when the guests come over.

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first of all, why is it repeated again, had I had a career thing

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it's that I'm Allah. It's supposed to be it's that

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it it could mean that the people who met them at the beginning at the entrance of the village are the same people who they ask them for food. That means they should have given them the food

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for about a year for whom they refuse to give them

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the food. Now let's talk about something extremely important. It was in the past and still now also which is the generosity al Karim had filled your head one even even in January the Karim generosity was something big before it slammed even. Yeah and he they used to

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they are ready to sell everything they have to show hospitality to the to the guest This is very well known and unfortunately unfortunately we are lacking this we are we are it's it's disappearing from our culture.

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When can you min biller he will human error value cream BIFA whomsoever, believe in Allah on the Day of Judgment, let him honor his guest. This is a Hadith of Rasulullah is Salam telling us that your Eman is not complete until you honor your guest. Now we have guests that are maybe my brother, my sister, we can't wait for them to leave.

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Or we don't even welcome them. This is this hadith is about the stranger. They used to get upset of the stranger refuse not to sleep in the over their house and be fed by them and

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on the mat said the day One day is where Jim

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and three days is the sunnah

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to take care of the guests.

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And this is very important. You're not doing them a favor.

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You're not doing them a favor. This is the right

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this is the right to take care of the guests is the right of a Muslim upon a Muslim take care of your guests. Man, can you let me know Bella? Well, yeah, can you claim the sofa?

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A crown, a crown McBeath. So these people did not do a cram to the dive. Now, of course they're hungry and starving. For what she tells you, Darren, you read to a young Kedah corner.

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So there was a it was a wall in the village that's about to collapse, to fall. So

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that karma, the thought of karma

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by himself did it listen to every single word sort of by himself. It was said you know the stories we don't really pay much attention but said that he put his hand in it and he moved away with his hand it went back up or whatever it is he made it straight again.

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Now, look at the tone of Musa alayhis salam. Remember in the past he was making this thing called Alcatel terrassen

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here called Low sheeter.

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Now he's leaving. He doesn't want to he wants to continue the journey. But at the same time many of these people did not even feed us and you build the wall just a cliche I'm not saying don't build the wall because no way a prophet building a wall no matter who are you building it for is MLK.

00:24:12--> 00:24:25

Right Simon Hi Roberto who you doing it for? We go outside like Imam said the other day go and clean up some people houses we go and we do it for everybody. So if the man build the wall there's nothing wrong and Musa is not complaining about that he's complaining about

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was the issue of at least request.

00:24:31--> 00:24:46

Something to eat something we starving every piece of bread, anything we are very hungry and the people refuse to give us nothing. So the other way you're the former version if you read a comic con, though * that

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tells you that? No, there's no harsh statement or big shock.

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And if you compare this incident to the other incident this is nothing. Breaking the boat killing

00:25:00--> 00:25:11

in demand, these are things that really any big, but you know, fixing the wall is not as big and what's the big deal? So he said what I'm asking what I'm saying is, and he just

00:25:12--> 00:25:15

we should have asked for something to return on

00:25:16--> 00:25:18

eBay, Nick. That's it.

00:25:21--> 00:25:25

As if you're Alko baby ready? That's it. This is a ferok We're gonna split.

00:25:26--> 00:25:45

And that's it. We're not going to stay with each other anymore. Now mousseline Salam did not tell him why, you know, I did not say anything not like before, he's not say that. He's not saying anything he agreed immediately out of respect to the teacher. Now another lesson we learn here that the teacher has to be firm on the conditions that he put.

00:25:47--> 00:26:05

If you notice here, the dean is in cell Tokachi. He used the same word that the condition was was established. Let us me and shake he said insult you can shake, same statement he used again. So he asked him or he suggested something he just suggested. No *.

00:26:06--> 00:26:09

He's not telling you should have Why did you do that to go ship that

00:26:10--> 00:26:53

card. If you're a coder in your bank, this is a separation. That's it set on a Bilka which really marlim just started earlier. Now I will inform you about the matters that you're not patient about. Even though this is from the respect and one of the ingredients of no matter what happens between you and the student. No matter what happens between you and your brother there you disagree upon anything still. When it comes to them. Do not deprive them of them do not deprive them of something good even though Mussolini said okay he did not say okay you want to leave leave just tell me explain to me what happened he did not say that the man the teacher by himself. He said had a Farah

00:26:53--> 00:27:04

Cobain you have a nick sir on a Bianca I will inform you now. Because that will that will is different than what happened that will mean something in the future.

00:27:06--> 00:27:49

The things that he did, you will see the result of the future. Okay. In the future the kingdom we will discuss next week, a king will see the boat and the parents that kid was disobedient child and all that stuff. So that wheel is something that is going to happen in the future. So in a beautiful, really mad and testify at a Sabra, I will inform you about the matters that you will not able to be patient about and shamatha hopefully you will be patient next week. So I can inform you about all the reasons why the doctor do that. Please, I beg you for the sake of Allah to come and attend treasurer tomorrow morning at 630 in sha Allah to Allah and Allah to Allah you will get a huge

00:27:49--> 00:27:54

reward of 27 times more under the protection of Allah.

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Virtue of up all night. Please come and attend treasurer Zachman la cara welcome African slavery collaterali America wabarakatuh