The Wish of Those Who Were Not Tested

Yasir Qadhi


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So in this world, we don't want to be people who are tested. But in the next world, the people who are not tested will feel jealous of the people who were tested. And they will wish to go back and be tested. Of course, they're going to wish but it's not going to happen. Because when you see the results is different than those here. So we don't want to be tested, but we give glad tidings to those who are tested, and it is human nature when you are tested. You don't want to be tested and that's Helen, and that's permissible. And you ask Allah to lift up the test back to the Hadith I began with that the blind man came to the Prophet sallallahu it was said to him, he said, Yeah,

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rasool Allah make dua to Allah to cure my blindness. So k is halaal. You don't want to be blind. Nobody wants to be in capacity. Nobody wants to be sick. So the profitsystem said to him, if you wish, I'll make dua and if you wish, be patient and I guarantee you agenda