Can a Muslim living in a Non Muslim Country Eat Non Zabiha Meat since Halaal Meat is not Available

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The next question by Abdullah Zach, from cannibal crusading in Ecuador, there are many Muslims in Ecuador.

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And most of the cities have no Muslims at all. The animals here are killed in non Islamic ways. As a Muslim, am I permitted to eat the meet depending on my current situation?

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a similar question from Imran Ashraf, who's a Pakistani living in Philippines. He says in Philippines where I stay, it is difficult to slaughter an animal and eat it. Moreover, what is available in the market does not have a valid stamp. What should I do in such a scenario,

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we need to know that the meat that we eat, it should be slaughtered in this method, does that be our method, it is the method of slaughtering, wherein we got the throat, the windpipe and the blood vessels of the animal without damaging the spinal cord, because if we cut the spinal cord, they can be a cardiac arrest, which will result in stagnation of the blood.

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And as science tells us that blood is a good medium of bacteria, germ and tox. When we slaughter in the Islamic method, these diseases they are eliminated.

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And the Bihar method the slaughtering should be done with a sharp object or knife. And it should be done swiftly

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the meat that is slaughtered in the Islamic method using the Serbia method, the meat remains fresh for a longer time.

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the nerve that is reaching to the brain.

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This nerve it is disconnected when we slaughter through the Serbian method

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thus causing the animal no pain, the animal kicks and riddles not due to pain but due to the flow of the blood out of the body.

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So coming back to the question that if zabiha meat is not available, so what should you do? You should try to find further behind me. And you should ask the chef or the person in the restaurant if you are having food in a restaurant, that is the meat slaughtered in an Islamic way. If it is not, then you should avoid this meat. You have various other options. For example, you can get the chicken at home you can slaughter the chicken at home.

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You can also eat fish, you can eat

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vegetables, etc. But if the meat is not halal, then you should avoid such meat.