Waleed Basyouni – Important Rules Of The 10 Days Of Dhul Hijjah And The Days Of Tashreek

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of good deeds and staying true to one's values is emphasized in Islam, with emphasis on praying outside of these days and increasing one's donation to the Nigeria foundation. The success of Islam in achieving spiritual health and productivity is also discussed, along with the importance of endurance and staying in the "meditation" to boost one's spiritual health and productivity. The importance of the 10-day hedger and the rule of the Sun airline is emphasized, along with avoiding cutting one's hair and not cutting theirs. The segment also emphasizes the importance of learning to make technology successful and avoiding cutting one's hair or nails.
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Allah Allah Isla

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as heroin morphine

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ash had one more

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gun Rasul Allah

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Hi yialos Salah

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right y'all

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hi eolane Furla

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along walk on walk bone

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Lulla Isla

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hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala via via the Hoonah Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala hamata Sleeman Kathira Allahu Melaka Al Hamdulillah al Assad era and totally you only you mean Orsolya mausoleum alberic Was it Dona Ana be you know Mohamed sinuata early he was supposed to be a Jemaine I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is lost on final messenger.

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And may Allah subhanho data peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the Day of Judgment, my deep brothers and sisters, we are in such a blessed days in the Nephi aim and other uma Ipsum Allah who will be her while Fajr Allah in ash, Allah says well Fajr and he may an oath with alpha Jaya and 10 nights and these 10 nights as an ambassador, the Allahu Anhu and other said that these are the 10 days of the header, the 10 days of the header, and also it could refer to the 10 day the last 10 days of Ramadan, but the majority of the scholar said that is referring to the 10 days of the hijab and Al

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Fajr here referring to the day of of the day of read aloud, when we pray in the morning after fajr where people are supposed to be praying Salaat I'll read it is the days where Allah mentioned in Surah Al Hajj and verse 28. Where the Quran Allah where the Quran Allah He a yam in lieu Matt He uh yeah I'm in my Lumads so the mentioned Allah subhanaw taala in a specific days and these days are the 10 days of the year as of neuro model basketball the Allah said

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and in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for a yummy dunya for a yummy dunya am Alicia you and you have a yummy dunya Yama and Asha yeah and the ashram in the hidden have been abandoned in bazaar reported the Jabra the Allah who answered that in Ibiza Salam said the best days in this world. The best days in the year are the 10 days meant the 10 days of the ledger. And this hadith is an authentic hadith. It

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if I think of the 10 days of the ledger, I think a very special days in

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inside these days, and one of it is the day of Arafah the day who ever had jewel Akbar the greatest day of head, and the days of the sins were forgiving so much that more than any other days in the hooyo Merle Haggard Akbar, yo mama Virata DUNU, Yeoman Camino near Iran. It's the day where Allah subhanaw taala free so many people from hellfire in the head those who are making Hajj and outside the hunt, those who are not even attending the mountain of ARAVA, but celebrating the day of Arafah and Wasn't this the only thing about this 10 days that it has the day of alpha it's enough, but also it has another day which is so special, as Buddha would report it when NASA didn't Nabi SallAllahu

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wasallam said vamos a yummy and hola yo ma na to my own will? Or will yo Mala the early Yeoman? Anytime any ama lead and abuse of Allah Salim said the greatest day is the day of Eid, Eid the day of sacrifice which is the day of either Aloha, then what's next? He said the next day which is the day up the second day of Eid. I've been Hajra Rahim Allah to Allah in these days. All the men about that act of worship are recommended. And it you do people do the Hajj and sada and CIN and Salah and isn't there is no other days where he all these, the greatest act of worship come together. That's why Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as it bajada deported Nam In a Yemeni llama docile if you

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have been hola me now the in a yam there is no days Allah subhanaw taala love to see you offering good deeds like these days. In the 10 days of the hedger Carlo ya rasool Allah, God whether jihad, Jihad officially Allah Conwell and Jihad visability Allah, Allah Rajaraja bien FC Romani through mellem, your German Daddy can be che, the city also Allah if the good deeds that offered in these days better than any other days. What about Al Jihad visa vie de la when someone go out, you know, to participate in the January sebelah. And other than 10 days, let's say in the month of Muharram, or the month of suffer with that Al Jihad still listened reward, then your good deeds in these 10

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days in abyssal Salam said yes,

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that will not be equal. The good deeds in these days are higher, as long as they are from the same category. So if that Jihad was watching, fulfilling the wajib, inside the 10 days is higher. If that Jihad was recommended Act, the recommended act insight these days are higher, regardless of what recommended act that you do.

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Then in Episode except someone will go with his wealth and his soul and he will lose both and he will die and he will lose everything, sacrifice everything the ultimate sacrifice had been modeled the Allah and heard that the Prophet saw or heard the process of them saying, ma'am, in a Yemeni Lana Luffy enough, but there is nothing more rewarded.

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Then the good deeds on these days

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and these days are on him Allah had then had it done it Dylan and Omar we can understand from this to narration too many things one, an Akula ml inside of Yemen I should have brought in Allah in our cafeteria, that Allah love the good deeds that you do in this 10 days. More than loving it outside these 10 days so he'd love to see you pray in these days more than praying outside these 10 days. He loves to see donating more than seeing it donating outside these 10 days. He would love to see you in the masjid more than loving See you outside these days. He'd love to see you praying federal praying boho, bring us on so forth.

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Second, Anil amla if he had an ASHA of Bloomingdale, Mujahid, if he Sabine Allah Hi, Lydia Raja nfcu. O'Malley, that the one who do good deeds and commit himself to goodness is better than the majority said Isla, who will go and we'll come back to his family safe under law amount of silence. He actually did hinted to that I've been ready to stiffen up that all good deeds in these 10 days are multiplied, no exceptions. And then I'm a silent off bottom in McLaughlin, I'ma leave you right here in the academy ciencia Falfa Ibushi abdominal Farah le variety. When the wifey roofie of one minute now after hearing that the good deeds, the obligations in this 10 days better than the

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obligation outside the 10 days, the recommended act in these 10 days better than the recommended act outside these 10 days. So what are the thing that you should care for the most one Asana to pray as much as you can volunteer prayers and fulfilling the obligatory prayers for Salah to piramal Duer us

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Allah is the best subject a solid is Mo the deen the main pillars in Islam. And and one of the best act of worship Allah loves is pmla praying in the night, so you should increase your Ibadah and your Salah during these 10 days. If you're not in the habit of praying the Sunnah of Rohan McGraw been Orisha Isha, make sure you do if you're not in the habit of making the amillennial make sure that you increase your prayer if you pray outside these 10 days three, rock out or make it five, if it's five, make it seven. If it's seven, make it nine nine make it 11. If you read one page, make it two pages and so on.

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Also a cm fasting a cm law in law nothing under the word like cm. So making it to during this 10 days or nine days is something greatly appreciated. And especially if the owner if you have to pick a day too fast in these nine days will be the ninth day which is the day of Arafa pollen the bees are Salam. So yeah, we owe me out. Have you kept Firo Sen. Lydia Pablo, who will let you buy the camera on Muslim because I'm an editor, that it will erase the sins of two years of two years, the previous one and the coming one, in a matter whom Allah debated among themselves or tried to explain what that means two years, they said, Yeah, I need an equal of two years of sins will be forgiven.

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And the previous year, and this year that you're in as well that will be forgiven, or you have done a great good deed that the power of it will erase the sin of the previous year and whatever might send committed next as well.

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So as for fasting the today and tomorrow, there is a general recommendation to do good deeds is there is any specific Hadith about fasting the days of the nine days of the head. Yeah, there is a Hadith reported Hadith when aw Khalid

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from his wife, that didn't be Salam used to fast the nine days of the hitter, but this hadith is Yeah, and the week is hadith is weak. That's why you're rejected by actually Allah, Hannah, and others as well.

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one of the things that it is important for you to understand that a cm is highly recommended in itself is a great good deed we should increase it in these days if you can, but at least care for the Deaf Ara, which is going to be Shala next Tuesday, and we will have a spot on the messenger to where you're all welcome to come to a bar with us as well. One other thing that I want to sell so increase your supply, increase your donation, and one of the things that I sent yesterday to the community asking the community to something to do a sort of Nigeria to donate to our endowment. So, something that you can commit to during this 10 days $1,000 $510,100 $2 Whatever, you can $5

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Whatever you can use, it will be highly appreciated as a startup by God that will continue for you Inshallah, to add or you can donate to any other cause on domestic for the operation or for the charity or for this account funds. As well as general you know, in any any areas of South Africa that you know people have need, you know, you know a good cause you can donate to it as well increase your recitation of the Quran because it's the best form of vicar, staying in the masjid waiting for the Salah, visiting sick people or visiting your brothers and sisters giving gift to one another. And one of the most important thing to do, especially young people listen to me carefully,

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young men and women who is who are these days off and you know, have a summer break. One of the best deed that you can do in the these days is to be extra good to your parents, to your mother and your father, and who are

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lost their parents like myself, both of them passed away. You still can do better every day.

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You can do to them by making dua for them, making sadaqa on their behalf. Make sure that you do something for them and these days, because that's great act of worship one of the most pleasing thing to Allah is to be good to parents. So if you they're alive, give them a call after this for after this. You know how to say something nice to them. Make dua for them and during the salah or in during the break between the two footballs. Make sure that you make you know give them a call or send them a gift.

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Make sure that you make them happy, put a smile on their face. Say thank you for all the great things that you have done to me say that I love you

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and make sure that you do something good to them, help them aid them. Take care of them, visit them.

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Now Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us, according Massimo Mustapha Allah he will come first off Euro

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Milena via the Hobart my brothers and sisters.

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A brother asked me sir, he said, Chef, we just finished Ramadan. Yeah. And he not long time ago. And now the hedger coming. What's the wisdom?

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Yeah, why didn't we delay it maybe November or something like that? I said first of all, we don't go by the, you know Gregorian calendar November and December we go by the Hijri calendar. And I was, I'll start thinking about what will be the wisdom for having the 10 days of hedger so close to Ramadan like only two months apart, and I found that is a great wisdom actually for that. One of it for example, in Ramadan, we already cleansed ourself and Ramadan, we trained ourselves into the a bad, we are so motivated, our spiritual is high ibandronate anti multifarious, mutated gene out of Paw Daddy and I don't care. So when the 10 days comes, you still have that fuel in you. So you will

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take full advantage of the 10 days

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because of its far into the year. It will take you a while to warm up and by the time you warm up but 10 days are gone. And you will miss the opportunity. So matter of fact it's near Mattila Nila Hayek had the camel yeah and for him and her delamination Allah subhanaw taala already prepared you to take full advantage of this 10 days.

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Also, another thing is this 10 days comes at the end of the year.

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So I remember how Artemia

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deeds are based on how you end your life your year, your day.

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Your week, that's why the end of the week is Friday. We end the week strong by the best saw by an hour word drought as accepted as a great ending of the week. Before you go to sleep you do this beautiful drought and make winter before you go to sleep. Beautiful ending of the day. And the night. You end the day actually with headcount and massage, you end the night with you know, the best way either with salon the beginning of the night or the end of the night.

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And you end the week same thing you end the year also strong by offering Allah giving you this opportunity to end strong to end in a very high you know level.

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And I also believe another thing by looking at our modern days today

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the amount of fit and having fit and Latino and Halina the amount of fit and that we dealing later on that day and nights we don't need 10 days of hygiene we need 100 days of the hygiene.

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You know we need 10 days every month to boost us towards Eman to bring back us to Allah subhanaw taala these are cleansing stations. And it's one of Allah's favor upon we should be grateful and thankful and appreciate it, of having these opportunities. I was put on honey and a bad Allah doesn't need our Ibadah it is for you to take advantage of it. So make sure that you're grateful to Allah Subhana Allah for it. And one of the amazing things about these days with Quran Allah Hafiz ame Malou Matt when Allah chose an actor for an act of worship to be done, specifically in these days, he said mentioned Allah with Kurose Mala havia yam in myeloma. So the mentioned Allah Subhana

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Allah has named a Yama Deacon Lila, a Yama Acklin was should have been within days of eating and drinking any what is Hana and also mentioning Allah subhanaw taala as reported by Muslim Annina visa Salah and in the case of Soleimani mentioned the 10 days of the hinge upon roofie hin increase your lead c'est la ilaha illa Allah and the best form of Lila and Allah to say La Ilaha illa Allah who the hula actually can the hula model call him do who had a coalition for the year and to increase your tech beer and your meat Subhanallah and hamdulillah with Allah Allah Allah Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Al Kabir, our Hamdu lillahi, cathedra Subhan, Allah bukata wa, sila and an interesting

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point of observation, all the narrations about the Kabir during the 10 days and during Eid are the techniques Allahu Akbar Mithuna lays them with Allah now are lower than Sahaba coulby Tiffany Allah, always it is to Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha Illallah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Al Hamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, oh, Kabira and so on. So always it is only mentioned as a couple. Then after that, you send this report to Nero Moto and Massoud SatAM Jubeir. I won't be an ambassador as well. So and if you do three or five, it's really an AMA RAM de la salud. It is not a restricted form.

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have thicker

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but the point is to increase your tech beer can aroma or the Allahu Anhu can't bear Femina well you smell really smart nastic Mira will be ruined when Omar make the Kabir in MENA in his tent. People will be inspired and will make tech beer. Some people thought that aroma are the leading tech biryani Allah Akbar everybody behind him Allah He doesn't know what it means he inspire people to make that clear. You kept building NASA betta kabiri Yeah and inspired by his computer so they start making the computer as well. And even Amara the ALLAH and he used to do that after Salawat while he's laying on his bed while he's walking abroad or the Allah and used to do the same thing as in

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body Rahim Allah mentioned at my office what God was Almaraz if he could then move near Mahara and said I met I still remember seeing people during the tabular in the older among the tablet in and the oldest order, the latest one among the Sahaba their lineup when they use the 10 days and the days of the ship the days varied when they make the commute it sounds like waves of people making the career.

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Today unfortunately, I walked behind Yanni, between the owls and like in the cars and I see myself my family my friends, very few people make into Kabir. Make sure that you teach your children make sure you teach yourself first and be a role model. While you're at work, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Kavita if you find the time to make the computer do all the time. And it is highly recommended to do it in the three days that they have fried and three days after eat and start from the fetcher of Arafa and the day for eat and three days after eat until the assault of the third day after eat.

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These are called yo, yo mon now I am with Tisha after each Salah you say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Remember debated should you say it before the account of the Salah, or after the account of the Salah.

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We don't have anything from the Sunnah of the person that didn't Ibiza, Salah did that right after salah.

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But we know many narration from the Sahaba that used to make it after the Salah. And after the Salah could be immediately or could be after the account, the point doesn't really make a difference. I think the amount of the thing is hamdulillah acceptable both opinion but what is not right is to replace the account of the Salah with the taxpayer of the rate or the career of the AMA tertiary that's not correct. You still have to make the avocado masala. So sometimes you do that cattle Salah first then you follow up with the career or you make the career then after that you make it together. And it's not from the Sunnah, that people chanting together and making it collectively.

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But if their voice comes because we're saying the same thing at the same time, so obviously we got to be together. You know, that's acceptable. And somebody wants to remind people inspire people, that's fine. But it shouldn't be people individually learn how to make that clear. And their own. My brother and sisters, I want to end with this. It is so important for us to

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also realize that among that ruling that is important for us and he is it over here. Make sure the intention to make the

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when you intend to make over here as soon as the majority of the folks that said Rahim Allah that I have, and some of them I said watch it. But then there is a Salam said who ever wish to make over here. So when he said wish to make over here, he made it not obligatory on me. That's why your bucket on Omar sometimes will not make over here for a year or two. Just to make the point it's not watching but it's highly recommended. Highly, highly recommended. And you can do the other yourself. You can pay for an organization to do it in your behalf. But it's much better if you have not done it for a while here to do it. And to put the effort the time if you can, and make sure that your

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children know about the oath here and the meaning behind it and to feed the poor from it and to give gifts from it as well. The portion which is gift can be given to Muslim and non Muslim, the portion which is a sadaqa charity must be given to Muslims and you can do it in the first day of elite. The second, the third, the fourth and colossal. You have all these days to make the oath here it is also Nabis a solemn said if you intend to do it over here, you should not cut your nails or cut anything from your hair. That rules apply only to the one who paying for the outfit. So if I'm doing this my wife is not obligated to hold to stop from cutting hair or nails unless you gotta pay from her own

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money. And she will include me they'll be nice but not many do that these days. But if you want to do one on her behalf, she has to stop cutting nails and hair is it must the majority said it's highly recommended

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

and it has not been a sentence wajib and I believe it's watch it because there is no proof to say it is only two

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Comment and let me also do not do. By the way there is no one said it's permissible. Everybody said it's either recommended or watch haram or dislike that's what the debate over

00:25:14 --> 00:25:48

and I think we should adhere to the processor Lambson regardless of its watchable to just recommend it to do unless there is a need for it to cut your nails or something like that because of work or the nature of your work or hair. And also, what if I don't I don't want to some people don't do the hair because they want to cut their hair. Now there is no relationship between the two. You still can do the old hair even if you cut your hair and nails and what if I assigned someone else to do it on my behalf stomach relief so all stomach relief employees they don't cut their hair and nails and I go free.

00:25:49 --> 00:26:31

The rule applied to you the one who paid not them the one who do it get in your behalf. Okay, and whatever that is overseas and I don't know what is going to end when do I start getting my hair nails when it's sacrifice, and if you couldn't tell when it will be offered. After salata leave you can Sharla cut your hair and nails. That's fine inshallah Tada, Melis path Alex from all of us. And obviously it's a great great deal of the bad don't underestimate the reward of it. Allah said for son Lilia Rob big one her prey which is read prayer 100 which is the sacrifice of the over here on the individual have never missed over here. When he resident or traveler he was still offered the

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over here sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He offered the other here on behalf of himself from camels on behalf of his family.

00:26:38 --> 00:27:23

Cow and on behalf of himself again and his OMA sheep and sheep for one person and one over here. It's better than share because seven people can have a share in a cow. Seven people can have a shared in a camel, but also you can do a camel by yourself. If you have to choose between one share in a camel or one sheep, one sheep is better. If you want to choose between a camel and a sheep, a camel is better especially if it unless it is offered in a country where nobody eat camel meats. In this case you go to the meat that people prefer and the poor will prefer May Allah subhana data is not gonna recommend fit perfect Dean, may Allah subhanaw taala give us ailment natto Ambleside not

00:27:23 --> 00:27:46

accept all of our good deeds Allahumma filetto annually Dena Allah Who Mishima Ivanova Muslimeen Allah Mishima Ivanova Muslim en la mushfiqur Lemery, alumna if you could limitada Allah muslim Riyadh you know Allah, Allah hum you know cultural fit and Allah Menza Ramadan has the mystery to albaraka Tickle of Yakko footlocker generic ROM or somebody Allahumma Allah Muhammad Ali will come with a solid yo from Kamala Harris

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