Zakir Naik – Can a Muslim become an IAS or an IPS Officer in a Democratic Country like India

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller asks about the possibility of becoming anII officer in India, and the representative explains that it depends on each individual and that political behavior and political misunderstandings can affect their decision. The representative also advises the caller to be cautious when responding to bribery calls and not to take bribery actions.
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The next question is from Philadelphia, Kerala, India. Can a Muslim become an AI as an officer or an IPS officer in a democratic country like India? First question was from Muslim,

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Muslim sister. This question is from a Muslim male.

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A similar question by Shah Hill, Ahmed from Kolkata, India. I recently completed my B tech in computer science and got job offers from many multinational companies. But I haven't joined yet, because I want to become an IAS officer to serve my country. But there are a few things that are discouraging me from becoming one. Number one, the current political situation which increases hatred against Muslims. Number two, after meeting a few bureaucrats, they say civil servants are bound to get corrupted because they can't overrule the order of the corrupt political masters. Number three constitutionally politicians can harass you because they have power to transfer and

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remove any civil servant from important posts and give less important posts. Since I'm a practicing Muslim. What is the advice? Well, this question is related The first question posed by the Muslim brother that can become an IAS officer or an IPS officer and in a market country like India, and answer depending upon whether Can you follow the deen after becoming an IAS officer or IPS officer? If you can, it is permissible, if you cannot, it's not permissible, it will depend upon each individual. And the question posed by the second grader, that he wants to become an IAS officer. But there are few queries. And all these three queries are very important and need to be addressed

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separately. The first thing he said, is that feeling the hatred towards the Muslims being increased in India?

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Will he be able to do the job of an officer? And the answer is, it will be difficult. It's not impossible. It's possible but difficult. Now, when your colleagues start attacking you attacking Islam or attacking the Prophet attacking you as a Muslim? Do you have the command to reply? Do you have the courage to reply to them is important? If you're a timid person, and you cannot reply, and you're shy, so my advice is that don't take a job. If you think you can answer them, you're good in replying, you are bold, you can take it, then go ahead with it, or they become an IPS officer, whether you become an IAS officer. And the second point pose was that because when you take this

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post, there is bound to be that you may be tempted to do wrong things. You may be tempted for primary will be temporary during which a loved one is a country, which haram activity by Islam. And I agree with the person totally, that when you are in high position like an IPS officer. And it's common that if not all, then majority of the IPS officers.

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Not all, but the majority for sure. corrupted. And if an officer goes there, he either becomes corrupt, or you have to leave the job.

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so in this situation, you are the Muslim but I've been in Haram, how can you take bribe? How can you become corrupt? It's a challenge for you.

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Because the setup is such of these government, whether it is officer with an IPS officer, that if you don't agree with them, they make life difficult for you. And the third part is that the political bosses who don't follow them, they will transfer you Yes, they can transfer you. So my advice to you is that if you're strong, if you know that you have the courage not to involve in bribery, you will not do corruption, you will do justice, you will follow the Quran and Sunnah. And if the political bosses tell you something, one thing you are sure that if you're honest, they cannot remove you they can transfer you Yes, they put you to a place which is isolated. But when

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they transfer you if there is no evidence of yours, which is against the law, what they will do, they cannot demote you. They can transfer you. And when they transfer very often they may have to give you a higher position. I know some officers Muslim officers, which were very honest, because they were honest, they kept on being transferred. And because they were transferred, they kept on getting a raise very fast. So the young age, they read the top position very fast Alhamdulillah that so it's a blessing in disguise. So if you are such a person who's a Muslim, strong, who can face the criticism of the non Muslim who can face the attack of the non Muslims against Islam, and we're

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going to be honest, who will accept the challenge and say that I will not involve in bribery. I will not to corruption, I will give justice even if it goes against myself. I will protect the Muslims, then go ahead with a job. Whether it's an IPS officer, whether it's an IAS officer, it's going to be a challenge is going to be difficult. I know many Muslims have taken this job and have deviated away from Islam. There are few that I know who have talked to the straight path. If you know that you're bold. If you can take the challenge if you have that metal when you then go ahead Alhamdulillah otherwise, it is safer for you not to take up such a job.

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