Zakir Naik – Fasting vs. Anorexia

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © In a conversation about fasting and starvation, the speakers discuss the differences between the two. They explain that fasting is the loss of appetite, which is related to the condition of dieting. They also discuss the scientific differences between fasting and starvation, including the effects of fasting on the body and the potential effects of starvation on the body's health.
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Somebody wants to know, how does fasting differ from anorexia?

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anorexia by definition means loss of appetite.

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It's the particular word useful of appetite. And many times this happens in certain people.

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Due to dieting, it's common in young ladies.

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It's a sort of a disease, that those who died, they abstain from food, and then that becomes the habit. And they don't want to have anything. And sometimes they may go into anorexia nervosa, their psychological disorder, that they fear eating, thinking that if they eat, they will increase weight. And that becomes a psychological disorder.

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So anorexia is the theme of loss of appetite. And dieting is not preferred. Because most of the people that that the moment they come off the diet, they either go into anorexia nervosa, that's secondary storage I mentioned, which if you're eating anything, in case of it, and then they lose weight, the health goes down, or they go into a binge of overeating, a bulimic, you know, they eat excessive food. And there were several researches conducted on this, including in Michigan in 1985. Were

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about 557 young ladies

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enrolled in the University, out of which 86% were dieting, only 2%

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of them, they have to eat excessively, when six months time 19% added into the bulimic category, they say eating more, because the moment you stop dieting, you tend to eat excessively and we can move fat or you go wife was on the other side and Rosa Rosa, where you don't need at all and that damages your body.

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Well gonna help us not to get into that.

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Next question, what is the scientific

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difference between fasting and starvation,

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fasting scientifically, starts somewhere close to within 12 hours to optimally force

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and when the carbohydrate reserves of the body are used as a source of energy, it's called as fasting

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moment it starts

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after maybe a few hours, initially the food is utilized and the food intake reduces and when the carbohydrate reserves of the body is used for energy source is called fasting. But after the carbohydrate source in the body depletes gets completely used up, then the protein is used. When protein is used as a source of energy, it's called a starvation. Then you find that the muscle mass keeps on reducing the person becomes thin and it becomes unhealthy scientifically when the carbohydrate source gets depleted, and the protein sources used. It's called a starvation which is not good for the body at all. Fasting is healthy for the body. starvation is unhealthy.

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