What is Better for a Woman, Praying Taraweeh at Home or Masjid?

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Where should a woman pray that our way? And we've also partly answered this question at home or in the masjid, if she prays at home can she lead the congregation or a congregation of women? It's mentioned inside that give her the number 336

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where the Beloved Prophet said

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the best mosque for a woman is, in a most room, I know missed chamber, the best place for a woman to pray, is in a room that the best. And in another Hadith of Muslim diamond are number six, Hadith number 27202, which also mentioned in say, a turkey.

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And it number 335.

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Once led as the Prophet, I would love to pray with you,

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the lady said, and the Prophet replied, I know you'd love to pray with me. But your prayer in a room

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would be better in praying in your house. The prayer in your house would be better than praying in the courtyard.

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Your praying in your courtyard would be better than praying in the mosque, where you live. We are only people

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you're praying in the mosque we live around with people is better than praying in my mosque. That me for a woman, the best player is a neuro mashanda Raisa did that praying in your room is better than House House better than the courtyard Cadabra than the mosque in your area, that mosques are better than the Mosque of the prophet to the Prophet said, as mentioned, say Muslim, Muslim number two or number 3210 That

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praying in my mosque

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is equivalent to 1000 prayers.

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But no Sabrina Mohammed Salah Salem is equal to praying 1000 times in India at the mosque. But this hadith is mainly referring to the men because no to say had gone today. So the 30 million for the men for the woman the best place in the house, especially her in a room and the Hadith in Sudan about why number one

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book of Salah, height number 591.

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mill worker Mila DeVito mommy, she comes to the Prophet and says that I would like to have a more than mHealth and the Prophet never permission the next Hadith so number one number one Papa Salah hate number five next to it faith that masala Salah even to a house after pointing the month in and he asked her to lead the prayer

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in congregation and the woman in the house, they joined

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and then it says that he saw the more than you're the old person.

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It's further missing mission in a say hadith of

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bakkie Hadith number one nine to 200 Asha, Melo Peter, who the wife of Prophet she says that she led the congregation of the woman she was the mom but she stood in the middle of the road.

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And another Hadith in sunnah fib Nabeshima Hadith number four and five three to me Salma, who was also the wife of the Prophet Metalab up later, when she said that she led she was the Imam of our congregation, Mohammed and she was standing in the center. The first row, so here indicates that the woman they can pray.

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But it is better for them to pray in the inner room

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better than going in the mosque. But they are permitted to go in the mosque as we discussed earlier yesterday that praying in the mosque is permitted. But for them the inner room is better than the house. The house is better than the courtyard courtyard better than they must close to them than the Mosque of the Prophet. But they can they can go to the mosque. If the prayer room they can have a congregation. There's no problem at all. And a woman can lead the congregation according to the base image