5 Pillars Made Plain – When do Muslims Go on Hajj, Pilgrimage

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the schedule of Islam's major events, including the annual Mecca-And-Mear (Mecca-And-Mear) which is the ninth month of the cycle, and the annual Mecca-And-Mear which is the third month of the cycle. The speaker also mentions the importance of the Prophet's peace and blessings for the hedger and the upcoming Santa Monica warahmat YouTube video.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. I'm Abdullah oduro. And welcome, when is Hajj, when is the ceremonial practices of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam to be performed?

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Well, as we talked about, firstly, let's remember that we cannot go by the Gregorian calendar to figure out when hajis in particular, because Hajj is in the 12th month of the lunar calendar or the Islamic calendar, which is 11 days less than the Gregorian solar calendar, which is in the 12th month called Luna ledger. Now the ledger is the last month of the Islamic calendar. Yes, we do have 12 months which has been confirmed in the Koran. It is particularly in the first 10 or 13 days of this month, particularly starting from the eighth all the way to the 13th. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala within his wisdom, as we know there, there are some connections between the Bible and the

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Koran, but the Koran may confirm certain things that may we may find in other scriptures in the Torah and in the Bible. From this, some scholars mentioned that these first 10 days are the last 10 days of the 40 nights that most Moosa was promised when he went to go to Mount Sinai and to speak to God and he was given what some may consider the 10 commandments. As a law the exalted says in chapter number seven verse number 142. After are the minimum chiffon regime? Well, what are the net Musetta Athena Laila tongue manette, happy Ashlyn Phantom memmio, Arturo OBE, arbaeen Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says, what are the net Moosa Latina Layton and we have promised Moosa are given Moses

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30 nights and then we completed it with 10 so it has been formed to be our ballerina Layla 40 nights. And some scholars say here, these 10 nights that were added are the first 10 nights of the month of June hedger and then a lot continues on to say here after all the balance sheets on a gene will call me Sally a he had

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told me what the what will not be accessible and move see Dean. Then Moses says to his brother, Aaron Harun will call me Sally uh, he had una fluphenazine omy are asleep while at beer Sabine and musi Dean. Then Moses said to his brother, Aaron, take my place, and do right and do not follow the way of the wrongdoers. So he left his brother Aaron with the Israelites, so he could go and meet Allah subhanho wa Taala at the mount Mount Sinai or speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala, to be given the commandments, which is further mentioned. And further in the next verses 143 through 145. It even talks about when Moses comes back. So seeing here, the beauty of the correlation that we may

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find in other scriptures, but confirming these 10 days of notice, which can serve as a remembrance and a reminder for us that Islam is a universal religion, and that it always calls to the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and doesn't concentrate solely around the Prophet himself, remembering that the Prophet was sent to give the message. So how much is in these 10 days, primarily starting on the ninth day now, we see that you whether you're in America or anyplace in the world, you have to come to Mecca, and the places we will talk about, but when looking on the calendar of the hedger Hodge primarily starts on the ninth all the way to the 13th the ninth particularly you will be in Minar,

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all the way to the 10th which you will move on to alpha and alpha some people call out alpha, because it comes from from out of is to know something or maruf which is known and this is where some scholars mentioned that this is where Adam met Eve and this is actually where we were all created and we were predestined in Allah subhanho wa Taala asked us LS to be Rob become Paul rubella shahina Am I not your Lord and we all acknowledge and said, yes, you are You are our Lord. From this on the ninth. We will move on at salata, McGriff go on to a place called mus Delica which is an empty plane also. You will stay the night there and in the morning of the 10th you will go on to

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Mecca and then come back to Mina and the 10th is the day of read which as you know the day of eight and Ramadan, which we have. There is also eight an alga and evil Agha means that there is something called an oath here. an oath here is that animal which you sacrifice. This is one of the practices that are done on the 10th day to show and celebrate and commemorate.

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The practice of Ibrahim and to show gratefulness and gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala for what he has provided for you, as we mentioned in the verse, When Allah told Abraham to perform the pilgrimage. So, the 10th will be the day of a year, there are certain things that you have to perform, then you will move on back to Mina in the 11th and stay there by choice, you don't have to on the 12th and 13th. So, typically, and or Generally, we see that Hij is from the ninth to the 13th, but particularly this season of Hajj are a number of months primarily for and these days, the 10 days of the hedger they are they are categorized or particularized because the Prophet peace and

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blessings be upon him, mentioned that there are no days that the actions of good are best to perform on any days, like the 10 days of the hedger and Allah knows best. There may be some connection and significance between those 10 days that Moses went to speak to his Lord asked to speak to his Lord while fasting and these beautiful 10 days about hedger May Allah subhana wa Taala bless you to be of those that take advantage of your time. And to be of those when taking advantage of that time. It's filled with remembrance, patience, love, and happiness. A Santa Monica warahmatullah katsu. Thank you.