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Ibrahim 18-34 Word Analysis and Tafsir 22-23

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What color shirt on and the shape on will say. Now Chapin will also speak in order to add to their depression in order to add to their sorrow and grief shaitan will also speak when will he speak lemma, Kalia Unruh? When the matter has been concluded, for the air from the letters of law, the air from the word called law, which is do settle to conclude to decide a matter and carry it out.

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So lamacchia ambu which is this, which affairs this which matter is this

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the matter with regards to the entire creation?

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So, in other words, when the judgment has been concluded, on the day of judgment, that after the people of Paradise have been sent to paradise and the people of Hellfire have been sent to Hellfire,

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when the entire judgment is concluded,

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with the judgment between the servants has finished, it's completed. People of Hellfire are in Hellfire people agenda, our engine. Now, Shere Khan is going to speak and what is he going to say? That in the law hawara Welcome. Indeed, Allah promised you what kind of promise where they'll help the promise of truth your people, because obviously shaytan will be where in the hellfire. Now people will also blame Chetan so what is your plan going to say at that time that Allah promised you a promise of truth?

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What is that promise, the promise of

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the Day of Judgment of recompense, of bias of ASAP of just that he promised you? And it is a health IT is right, it is true. And he also fulfilled it. What are the health, the promise of truth how that first of all, it was real, it was not a lie. In secondly, he fulfilled it. He promised you a true promise. And on the other hand, were to come. And I also promised you what kind of promise, a promise of badly worded about a promise of falsehood? And what is that? That promise which contradicted the promise of Allah Subhana Allah warrand you there will be a day of judgment. I told you, don't worry. Allah warned you that your deeds will be weighed. I told you no big deal. Allah

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warn you that if you don't do your deeds based on a man is lost, as well as according to His instructions, your deeds will be wasted. But I also promised you no big deal, Eliza photo Rahim

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in the La hawara.com, where they'll help you to come and I also promised you but my promise did I fulfill it. I didn't feel left to come. So I betrayed you. I broke my promise. I went against it. I disappointed you. You depended upon me. I went against my promise. How? By abandoning you,

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and failing to help you failing to help you. I told you there will be no Day of Judgment. But see, there was a day of judgment. I told you don't worry about his hair. But see there was herself. For us enough to come I betrayed you. But remember, you cannot blame me. Because we're American earlier. And there was not for me, I lay come upon human salon in any authority. I had absolutely no authority over you.

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What does it mean by this no authority over you.

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Meaning no authority to force you to accept my command. To accept my suggestion to accept my promise. I had no authority to compel you to follow me. I had no evidence to support what I was saying.

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In my except under otoko. I just invited you. I just called you by showing you different wrong things to do by making them seem very attractive by inserting wrong desires. I just invited you. And what did you do? FirstNet optimally, and you responded to me? I only invited you and you responded with your own decision. So it's not my fault. Whose fault is it? It's your fault. Therefore falletta alimony so do not blame me the alimony from the roof letters Lam while me loan and what is allow me to blame someone to report someone to rebuke someone for something wrong that they have done. So don't rebuke me today. Don't approach me today. Don't blame me. Don't say it's my fault. But rather

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woolloomooloo enforcer can blame yourselves. Why? Because you decided to respond to my call.

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You made that decision. So blame yourselves for making that decision. Blame yourselves for not responding to the call of Allah and instead responding to my call. And remember, that may be must really come. I am not at all one who relieves the travel that you're going through. I cannot help you on my own to be Muslim here. And you also

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So are not my Muslim. You also cannot relieve me from the problem that I'm going through from my suffering. The word Muslim is from the roof letters, sod or Ah ha, sorry. And sorry, is to cry, to scream, to shout. And in particular study is to cry out for help, to shout out for help to scream for help. This is why the word study is also used for requesting. Because when a person cries for help, he is requesting help. And most

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most, this isn't fair. And Muslim is one who helps on hearing the call on hearing the cries. So just imagine you are in the house, and all of a sudden you hear someone yelling and screaming from downstairs. So what happens upon hearing those screams? Upon hearing those cries? What do you do? you respond to those screams and you run downstairs to see what's happening. This is where most races so you can yell and cry, and scream and blame and lament and accuse one another or cry in your grief. But remember that I cannot respond to your call. I cannot eat you. I cannot relieve you from the trouble that you're in today. I cannot relieve you from the difficulty that you're in today.

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Man, I'll be Muslim. And if I scream and yell for help, even you cannot help me, we are of no help to one another. What does it show to us

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that people who cooperate with one another in wronged and sin in this dunya

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they will not be able to aid one another on the day of judgment in the hereafter a high level yo MA in baraboo libera when I do. Some best friends, close friends, they will be like enemies to one another on the Day of Judgment except for who? Elon with the theme except for those people who have done.

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So the shale clean and such people who respond to them to cooperate with one another. They help one another they enjoy with one another.

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Like for example, when a person does not say Bismillah and he begins to eat his food, not with his right hand with his left hand what happens Chevron shares in his food

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shed on chairs in his food. So both of them they enjoy from one another. Chetan says don't say Bismillah eat with your left hand, do whatever you want, eat Hello. So the person enjoys at the same time Shere Khan also enjoys. So people who help one another in wrongdoing today, they will not be able to help one another in the hereafter

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in Nika and now shaitaan completely disassociate himself from those people who obeyed Him. That Indeed, I deny I completely refuse

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Bhima Ashok simony min fabuleux with what you use to associate me from before associate me with who would olanzapine without a shock to mu ne ne indicates me you use to associate me with a loss of data before in the dunya. Now, everyone who obeys chiffon does not worship Shetland does not say that shavon is actually a partner of Allah. There are some people who believe that there is the God of good and there's a God of evil. There are some people who have such belief.

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They believe in the good God and they believe in the evil god.

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And there are people who only wish upon will they in reality, only believe in Allah subhanaw taala. So what does it mean by this, that I refuse this trick that you used to do? That used to associate me with a loss of Hunter, evangelist authority, he said that this means that I deny being a partner with Allah, the Exalted and Most honored.

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I deny being a partner with Allah, how you see,

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or Buddha worship. What does it mean?

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obedience, and

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humility and submission, obedience.

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So when a person obeys Allah, what is he doing? What is he doing?

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worshiping Allah? And when a person obeys the shaitaan in disobedience to Allah and what is he doing?

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He's worshipping Shantanu

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because he is giving the right of a lot to someone else. Allah deserves to be obeyed. And when a person obey someone else in disobedience to Allah, that is like giving the right of a law to someone else, sharing someone else in his exclusive right now this does not mean we don't follow anyone. We don't obey anyone. If our parents tell us to do

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Something we say no, we can't obey you because that would be shocked. No. This is obeying someone in disobedience to Allah,

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obeying someone in disobedience to Allah. So shaitan will say that I completely refuse this, I have nothing to do with you. You used to obey me in disobedience to Allah, I completely disassociate myself from this

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in the volume in indeed the wrongdoers lahoma, there have been a name for them is a painful punishment.

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So what do we learn in this ayah? That on the Day of Judgment shaytan will also speak? And what will he speak on that day? Truth?

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And what will he do? He will completely disassociate himself from those people who listen to him from those people who obeyed Him in dystonia.

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Because in the Hellfire, people will be blaming one another.

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People will be asking one another, can you help us today? Can you do something for us today? It's your fault. We're here. It's your fault. You told us to do this, you should be getting double punishment. And in the midst of all of this, they will also be blaming shaitan.

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So shaitan will speak. And he will say that don't blame me. I only invited you. It was your decision, you responded.

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Now just imagine the state of people at this. You listen to someone you obey them, you obey every instruction of theirs. And when you're in trouble, they don't help you. How do you feel betrayed? How do you feel that you have been betrayed terribly, and your time your life has been wasted?

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All that time is spent listening to someone thinking that perhaps they will help you. They made promises, and you thought that perhaps they will fulfill them.

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And right, when you need their help, they leave you they abandon you. And they say Don't blame me, it's your fault. It's your decision.

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Like many times that happens with people, that there are certain people who will advertise falsely, and they will get them to sign something. And once they've signed it, once they've made the payments, then at the end, what happens? If they want to take them to court? They say look, you signed yourself. But

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you signed yourself.

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So like this person is betrayed. And shaitan will also betray people like this.

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Now, what's the lesson in this for us?

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that a person should be extremely careful that Whose call is he responding to?

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In the previous ayah? What did we learn? We have to be careful, who are we following?

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And we learned about the importance of using our minds over here. What is it that we learned that we have to be careful that Whose call are we responding to?

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Who are we are being who are we following?

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And after doing something wrong? What is our behavior? Do we admit it's our fault? Or do we go on blaming other people? Because generally what happens if we do something wrong? We say it was fatal. Okay, what's your thought? What have you done so far?

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Have you changed your ways? Have you improved yourself? Did you give some support to make up for that wrong that you committed?

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So we must realize that we ourselves are going to be accountable for our deeds. And we cannot put the blame on anyone else. Because at the end of the day, it's our decision. No one can force us.

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Many times we do things that are completely unacceptable in religion. Why? Because we say our family wants us to

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the society wants us. If it was up to me, I would never do this. If it was up to me, I would always do this. We always blame people. We blame the society. We blame workplaces, we blame friends. We never take responsibility. But what do we see that on the Day of Judgment, no one will take that blame. Everyone will say that you made that decision. You didn't have to make that decision, we only invited you, you made that choice. So bear the consequences of making that choice.

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For example, many times people are not content with the holiday that they have. And they want to enjoy more with her. And they say that Oh, because this is the only option that's out there in the world today. Therefore, I have to fulfill this need with her. Um, so it's not my fault. It's actually their fault. But what do we see that on the Day of Judgment, nobody will take that blame. You made that decision.

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You went up, you signed that contract, you took that home loan, you agreed to do it, how can you blame others? It's your decision.

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Similarly, sometimes our friends tell us to do something wrong. Do not do the lesson. Do not do the homework to cheat off of something to lie. Do not show up for class. And what happens? We say it's not our fault. It's their fault. It's not their fault. It's your fault because you made that decision.

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So we need to take responsibility.

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of the choices that we make now, so that we can rectify ourselves because if we don't, tomorrow, no one will take the blame, it will come back to us. Because imagine even shaitan is not taking the blame, and shaitan whispers

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on the other hand, what are the hidden levina Emmylou? And those people who believe they will be admitted? who believed? And they also did what were our middle sila hat and they alternate righteous deeds, where will they be admitted? into jannatul into gardens, what kind of gardens that dream into the hill and her underneath which rivers flow

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and in their holiday in a fee her be in European abiding, they're in eternally by the permission of their Lord. Because no one can be successful in the hereafter except by the permission of Allah. No one can say, Oh Allah, I've done all of these good deeds, take them for me and admit me into general No, it's only be ignorant by him by the permission of their Lord, not by their own will not by their own force. No, it's by the permission of Allah. And the hayyan their greeting fee her in it is Sena bees. The greeting of the people of gender is what it's epsilon.

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This is the greeting. But those people who do not have the habit of saying Salaam in this dunya then how will they develop this habit in general?

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You have to develop this habit from now. You can't wait for later. Because we see that Salam is such a major feature of gender. That we see this being repeated over and over again, while Milan equatorial una la him minco libav salomone la comme Bhima sabato.

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Similarly, we learn in total for fun is 75 when you look at the Heaton wasallam

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and they're in they will be met with greetings and the word of peace and respect seminary into the Zoomer and number 73. We learn how to exaggerate over 40 had a variable we'll call it

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Solomon Alaykum Clevedon for the holiday. Similarly, we don't insult the scene I have 58 salam, O Allah mirabello salam will be the greeting of the people of gender amongst themselves. This is how they will be greeted by the angels and this is how they will be greeted by Allah subhanaw taala as well.

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This is the greeting of the people agenda. And in order to be there in order to be a part of that we have to develop this habit from now. But it is said that many times we see other words very common. Other words come first and then comes set up the second reading. It should be the first one the first thing that we say when we meet someone should be Salaam the angels are amazed when they see two Muslims coming across one another without saying Salah Do you know that? When do Muslims they see one another and they don't say Salaam the angels are shocked. They're surprised, amazed.

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And sometimes it happens and we're outside or we see someone who's wearing a hijab. But just because we don't know them we analyze their face and we think oh I don't know them. We don't even bother to say hello. It's extremely important. The Sahaba the setup they were so careful about saying salam to one another that if for example two people were walking and in the middle there came a tree and they happen to pass by the tree from the opposite side when they would see one other again they would say Salah What do you think? Yeah, I said some of them in the morning. What's the big deal? No, say Salah every time you see someone every time you see someone because this is what will spread peace

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and this is a major characteristic of the people have done.

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Okay we listen to the recitation

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being in

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English, that being really

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to come

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to come?

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horning in?

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In walling

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share your reflections.

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I was thinking that one of the main things is that because in our lives, we depend on so many other people. And we every for every action we do we have this sort of like relating to another person why we did it because another person did it because we saw someone else do it, someone told us about it. And it's sort of like it gets beautified for us because people, they don't really like stop you. They just encourage you. And then it's so important that when you choose your leader, you have to choose wisely, because that leader is not going to come to you on the day of judgment and be like, you know, you followed me, I'm sorry, let me help you give me some of your sins, I'll give you some

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good deeds. So it's all on you. And you have to think about yourself like in this one. Yeah, you're independent, you have to be independent. And just because somebody's saying something to you does not mean you have to accept it. If it contradicts what almost a Pantone has told you.

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And the thing that hit me was about being like sheep, you know, we should use our occult because Allah has told us a fella darkly when he has encouraged us all the time through the Quran, use your intellect. So even when you're following somebody, you have to be careful all the time. And sometimes some things they may tell you may not work for you at that time. And so that's fine. But you have to, if it's a good thing, you keep it and you do it when you are able to exactly create a filter, filter, everything that you accept everything that you believe in, because sometimes you read something and there's so many things that are said, Do you believe everything? No.

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You have to create a filter.

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Sonic I was thinking about like, like the deeds that are turned to trash. And so I was thinking of an example. Like, I was thinking like if a boss asked you to do something and you decide to do extra extra, that's something that he didn't ask you. And later on, you present that to him and he goes, I didn't ask you to do any of this. You find that all that time you've been wasting and it's not worth it even though it could have been benefit if he didn't ask for it and you shouldn't be doing it in the first place. So I was just thinking we should always have the intention that we're going to do this we're doing this because almost 400 told us to do and we're doing it for his sake and only he

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is safe enough to show off or anything like that. Because the foundation is the best part. If you have the foundation then the rest would be a lot easier.

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When I was just listening the password

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to be honest, I couldn't enjoy but the first time I was thinking how could we be so mean that collecting all the candies for oneself and you're not sharing it with others and seems the case like these are the people outside. It doesn't mean that they're not good. They're very good in nature, you really want to help them but because they don't know and I was thinking how important it is that we need to spend our time more in learning Quran to get more excellent enough so that we can help them out too because sometimes you don't have enough because you yourself is not care about things and you can convince other recently very best friend of mine. I just got

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chance to sit with them again. And because they're not a student of Morocco long time, and she told me the experience that I was so much confused about a certain thing about the email and interview, and I was so upset, I turned off the computer and I went and I started listening to music. Because I was confused to which one person I'm supposed to follow somebody say do this. Somebody said, do that. And then I told her, that you don't have to do this. And that simple one thing just because connection to the Quran, the thing where you are confused, you get answer every time. So it means same thing. Every people when they're confused outside there, and they're not coming to Iran or

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they're not coming to any good deed just because they're confused how important it is to connect them with Quran, Salaam Alaikum nothing actually really amazed me was the fact that I'm on shade on attempts to do so many bad things. And on the Day of Judgment Day is gonna completely reject us. So I'm like, this morning. It was so hard for me to get out from fetcher and then I realized

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the intrapreneur co Packer reports Allah so now quickly get up from my bed. So um, so we should actually be very careful who we do. Exactly because she upon will abandon us on that day. He will not even take the blame for it.