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The Reaction of the Kuffaar Pt 1


AI: Summary © The importance of studying Sierra Sierra and protesting Islam is emphasized, as it is placed on people to prevent violence and pressured Muslims to stop their actions. The speaker discusses various topics related to criminal culture in Australia, including persecution, assassination attempts, and assassination attempts. They also mention various examples and encourage viewers to leave comments and share their own experiences. The importance of protecting Islam is emphasized, along with the use of drugs and bribery. The upcoming major draw to Almudena and the shadow and Mr. Furukawa is also mentioned.
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If someone has the Green Book, what page numbers and

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reactions and advisory

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policies reactions, so from here on.

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Now the next few pages, is a lot of them actually goes on to mention all the reactions of the kofod. So I'm going to summarize them on the board for you and then we're going to look at them as it is in the book.

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What were the reactions of the kuffar to the message of Islam? There are as follows there are 11 1111 points. And this these 11 points will basically teach you the main hedge of the kuffaar. When it comes to the reactions towards Islam. Think of as confer one on one,

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manage of the kuffaar if you want to understand how they will react to Islam in every time every place in every era, this is basically the way and methodology number one they resort to mockery

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to insults

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and harming

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whether physical abuse or verbal abuse,

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accusation accusations

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and of course, that included character assassination

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distorting the message

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trying to distort Islam.

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By Pauline Hanson recently, she gives a fatwa please Muslims all after a Bismillah and they made this Hello.

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That was it. Exactly. Perfect.

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She contaminated my computer screen honestly.

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Next bargaining

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and negotiating with the Prophet.

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Correct. As you can see, now, you're familiar with a lot of these stories from the ceiling. This is basically all they could muster up towards Islam and the Prophet. Six bribes and temptations.

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happens a lot today, especially with Asia, they bribe you to give them information to spy on the Muslims. That will shout you lunch, dinner the works. Okay, I will have lobsters every night. So, but yeah, that's what they that's what they do.

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As you saying, look, what's hap what happened to those who law is no different than today. We said this is man hedge 101 of the kuffaar this is exactly what they do. This is how they attack Islam in every era, every time you replace it. Don't be surprised. That's why studying Sierra is so important because when you study Sierra and you see what's going on in the world, you think you know have happened to us law happened to the best of men, it's gonna happen to us. What are the best happen to the best it's gonna happen to us. Don't be surprised when the kofod resort to these disgusting dirty tactics of this when I was a biller. And of course not all of them not talking about every single

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one. There are some

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silent majority who are fine with it. They have are my neighbors and Muslim. I'm fine with him. I'm fine with her didn't give me any problems. I don't mind Hello, mate. I actually find a tasty bitter. A lot of people say that. Whoa, we're usually talking about the heads, the mullet, the mela, the leaders. They're the ones who have the most animosity. Why? Because they feel for their power for the authority. They feel, look, this message of Islam is going to change the status quo. We are pressing the people exam is going to change that. We don't want that we want to stay in power so we can continue to earn those dollars and earn these lofty positions and oppress the people. So as you

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can see, really Usually, it's always the maillet that are that show the most opposition towards Islam, like Tony maggot and john coward and just be an American Prime Minister, as you say it's those people who always show the most animosity

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Well, that's actually an insult to my guts, but Oh, well.

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Setting challenges is number seven, and that includes boycotts.

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And as you can see, it's getting worse. Yeah.

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Number eight, pressuring the prophet and pressuring the Muslims

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if you don't do this, we're gonna cut you off we're gonna call people about it and call everyone against you. No one's gonna buy and sell with and trade with you anymore. Then jealousy and that lead that leads to magic.

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If you look at sort of follow the sort of the I'm sure you research recently. How does it the idea of Cialis What woman shuddered enough? 30 for local what's the next bit? I'm sure he has it in either hazard. Jealousy has it the envious one, because the one who is envious the peak of envy is magic. People are so jealous, they will resort to resort to Magic Hour the villa. So that's what Allah amazing link the two in that sort of very, very important surah and we'll study that in more detail next term. And

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you see that

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you know, that sword is all about darkness, right? Michel de Maha I'm sorry Vasa Canada Cobb. Cossack is actually the night when I woke up as it gets darker when we shut it ineffective local magic and that is as a it's a dark

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it's a dark field that's what they call it black magic, or sorceress Amish. It has it either has a person has dark intentions, dark character, jealousy. So about darkness, right? In fact, evil shadow is mentioned a lot in this sort of evil isn't necessarily associated with darkness, right? The Grim Reaper, a thief, a robber, they wear dark clothing, darkness upon darkness. So it's all about darkness. So that's why it starts with Rob Boyle. Falak the lord of daybreak, that Allah azza wa jal is the light that penetrates through darkness. In other words, he is the truth that penetrates through evil and falsehood. That's the wisdom with Rob boufal have been mentioned. It could have

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been robbed of another thing, by see why followed, because Falak one of the meanings is the daybreak that's why it's called the sort of Daybreak so it's an amazing surah.

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So, turn to Allah sisters whenever you're facing a problem, because if Allah is all that you have realized all that you need and the one who kneels before Allah can stand before anyone in anything. So why look for a shoulder to cry on. When you have the ground to prostrate on? That's the answer when you're going through troubling times. Turn to Allah Rob will follow him. If Allah can remove the blanket of darkness from the entire world in mourning time. Surely, you can remove this shade of darkness from your life. That's the lesson there is teaching you he lifts the blanket of darkness

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at morning time. In other words, you can also remove the shade of darkness from your life.

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Number 10. persecution and torture.

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And number 11.

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assassination attempts not was the worst. If they couldn't assassinate the message? They were going to assassinate the messenger.

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Yes. How to make easy on you?

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What is it?

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Has? Yes. See, that's what I taught for me to record. But I will send you the recording of last week. Actually, I sent it to Elena because she requested it. The best way to get a recording is to email me because I just send it via the computer. Can you send that to her sister?

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Your best friend.

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So from here on in assassination attempt What did lead on to

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it got so bad one of those will have to do

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and actually pick up next term. So we're all done with zero. Does that come along later? And I will see you Until next time. So panicle lahoma.

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We did we did actually

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that is a summary of the next few weeks, but we'll go in a bit more detail inshallah. But don't worry, we'll finish by 215. Today as we promised. We promised to finish 215 every lesson. And that's why I wanted to have the break earlier today so we can come back earlier. So let's take those and these are all mentioned in the sealed nectar over the next few pages. thank you pages mockery. They would mock the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam annual membership I said something beautiful. He said whoever thinks they are safe from the tongues of the people is a madman. You think you're safe from the slander and backbiting gossip of the of the people you're crazy because if rasulillah

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was insulted. And if Allah was insulted when they said he's taken a son, surely anyone else beneath these two in status is going to be insulted. For line His Messenger were insulted. We're going to be insulted. Don't be surprised, and I was insulted a lot over the last few days, especially the Facebook post I put recently of Ivan mullet. And yeah, you know, last night they had a documentary called catching millet. You see that? Did you have you looked into how he was apprehended and arrested?

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Yeah, amazing. This man. Ivan mela is Australia's worst ever serial killer. Serial Killer. He's Australia's worst ever serial killer. If you haven't heard of Ivan milat. Then look into his life. This guy was sick, twisted, he slaughtered brutally at least seven people. They only found the seven people their parts anyway. Right some of the parts that weren't even found, although I know what he did with him. He killed at least seven people. One of them he stabbed 35 times in the torso. Another person who shot 10 times in the head and other person he beheaded. And the girls who he killed he raped also before he killed them probably after as well. This guy is Australia's worst theorical

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Ivan Miller, you've probably heard of him. Guess how they apprehended him

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and compare how they apprehended him compared to the how they're apprehended the Muslims who were raided in Sydney Melbourne not long ago. Firstly, this is a person who's a convicted criminal murderer. They send 50 police whereas the Muslims as an 800 police. They come to him at 6:36am sunrise, they come to the Muslims pre dawn.

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They call him on the phone please come out kindly requested them. Yes.

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The Muslims no unexpected raids.

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He requests Okey dokey. Let me put my pants on. He's allowed Muslim sisters request to put on the hijab do not

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look at the injustice. Isn't that amazing? So you can imagine the backlash I had from the profile and I was getting a lot of comments. All I would just do is delete block, delete, block, delete block handler, those functions come in handy. Some people in your life you need to delete and block them. So use them to their for reason. It could be a friend that you don't like anymore. Or it could be a loser. It could be someone who's just

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and I don't know either. You know why? Because it was what we'll doing. We will condemning the government and the AFP and what what I wrote was basically condemnation of the AFP and the tactics so that I like that. I don't like that.

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Yeah, see how it shows you how blind they are. And it just shows his pure hatred is pure hatred. So anyway, I put the link on my page of you can read the full transcript of what happened and how was apprehended and you can see Sergeant Gordon, whatever who called him up on the phone, you can read the conversation. Can you please come out? Look, the police are here and come out with your hands up and he goes Okey dokey. And he actually requests Let me pull the pants on and he's allowed

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and things like that. And it's our job the way they treat the Muslims. By the way who were me suspects, right? They weren't even accused of anything. Look how they're treated. But this guy was a person who brutally slaughtered seven people. beheading one of them, say away but barbaric I was a biller. So don't think that you are free from the insults of the people expect it and that's very important. When you study Sierra, you, when you when you realize that Rasul Allah was insulted, and he and the prophets, in fact, in general were very, had had pure hearts Thus, this would affect them when they were insulted and mocked, it would affect them. Some people, they're not too sensitive,

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but the prophets of Allah, of course, they they had a heart they had a soul plus they were affected, you know, an insult hurled your way, will turn your whole week upside down. You got to the road, got to your car and someone just insults you, you terrorists come back and they scream at you, right or ruin your whole day at least. And the prophets of Allah were mocked constantly, constantly, constantly, but would not stop them from delivering the message and that shows you their strength, their strengths upon Allah. So he was mocked and insulted and harmed physically as well. wasn't like torture, but it was harmed once Abu Jamal and this is in the silk nectar. It mentions that the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam was at the Kaaba one day and he would go to the Karbala to pray and I would just saw him. So he didn't like that. He told his cronies Are you going to allow Mohammed to rub his face in the dirt? Meaning pray that was his disgusting evil way of referring to the Salah. Because you're going to allow that in front of the idols in front of your gods. He goes next time he does that I'm going to trample his neck one eration says I'm going to bring a stone and crush his head with it. So when Mohamed Salah Salim comes out soon later, he tells his friends, look, I'm going to do it. So he walks over to the prophet

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and he says

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companioned all they see is a bola Abuja has sorry Abuja waving his arms around frantically as he's trying to push away as though he's trying to push away something and he rushes back screaming they go What happened? He didn't you say? No we saw nothing. All we saw is you waving around like a madman

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anything he said All I saw was wings terror and fire. As I thought I was just gonna, I was gonna die I have to come back. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said those were the angels. If he had one step forward, one step further, they would have ripped him apart, took them to pieces. So Allah was always protecting the prophets, Allah send them as the law said, Will law who yasim aka meanness or lower protect you from the people, doesn't mean he won't be harmed like magic, he won't get sick, it means he's protection from the dean and delivering the message. That's why he'll bring you protected his prophethood and he'll be protected in the sense of he won't get killed until the messages

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delivered on hamdulillah. Because if you look at the beginning of that area, Allah azza wa jal tells him or messenger Prophet, Bella my own delay like him Arabic, Val preach, it's about delivering the message. That's what the eye is referring to.

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As for now, accusations and character assassination.

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They, and it says they in the next paragraph, it talks about the council, yes, the Advisory Council in the field nycdoe. What's the title and Advisory Council.

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They the leaders of Quraysh, they decided to hold this council because now the message was open. A lot of people were very interested in accepting Islam at the same time, and they didn't like this. They didn't like this. And they accused the Prophet Mohammed of splitting up families and splitting up breaking up homes and the communities and dividing the society. And in fact, that's what he did. Because the Quran is Al Furqan. What is it? The criterion between truth and falsehood? So yes, would break up it'll separate truth from falsehood or separate good from bad. So that will have right in saying that, yeah, he would divide. And he was dividing because truth is not equal to false, which

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is like water and oil that don't mix. So they decided to get together the leaders of Porsche and have a meeting look, we have to come to conclusion because they were mocking him insulting him some saying he's obsessed with or possessed by the jinn. Other was saying he was using magic. Others were saying he is a soothsayer. Other saying he's a poet. So we'll need him. We need April mahira, he decides to hold this meeting. So he goes, Okay, look, we need to come to a conclusion because how much time is coming? And what's going to happen? People from Arabia gonna come? Because Mecca was like the headquarters of Arabia, spiritual headquarters, people will come. And if they he, he's

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ramblings, he's in chanting words, people will accept Islam. We don't want that. So we have to have a common stance, right? We have to label him with a common stance. So some suggested, he's obsessed. He's possessed by the gin. He said, No, he doesn't have the characteristics of those who are possessed. One other person said, say he's a poet. He said, No, we the most knowledgeable in poetry and other issues. I'm the most knowledgeable in poetry. And I know all of its ozanne all of its forms, and it is not poetry. No Quran is totally different out of this world. They said, okay, say he is a madman, he's crazy. He said, he does not have the characteristics and the erratic movements

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of a person who's crazy. Let's just say he's a serf says No, he doesn't have the ramblings, the filth, the garbage of a suicide. Okay, what are we gonna do? And it just shows you that they even themselves didn't know what to accuse him with. And that's it. The fact that they contradicted themselves is proof that they are lying, they are lying. Because if they all testify to one common thing you can perhaps I've got some grounds to stand on when I had nothing.

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So they were at a loss, what should we accuse him of? So they said, Okay, let's just say he's a soothsayer, separate between father and son, mother and daughter, husband, wife, male or brother and man and his brother, is that okay? So they did that. And they only did that why so other people won't accept Islam. So they heard they heard that a man by to fail ignore house, too often to fail ignore hombre DOS, he was coming to town. It was this man. This man was a leader of his tribe outside of Mecca. And he was extremely intelligent. And he was a poet. And he was extremely respected. So this is, look, this guy's coming to town. We better warn him of this man. Because if

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he accepted Islam, then people will follow. So they go outside of Mecca. To meet him on the outskirts. They say, look, we've got a problem in the city at the moment. Better not come this year, perform tawaf next year because that's what the outer will do that will come to the carpet to perform the web. Even though machico they still had some significant tool. They really

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Have a look I've come all this way I'm not going to go back now.

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He said okay, what do you suggest? He said, let me perform my toe off and then I'll leave like okay, in that case take these two things. What do they give him?

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If lugs I said when you hear this man Mohamed word, put him in his at run

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that's how scared they were crushed me words me word, Allahu Akbar will change them. Why? And as we said that was the most eloquent in Arabic When they heard the Quran. He was just like, out of this world out of this world. So he said, Okay, I'll do it. So he goes this he said, How would I know when to put them in? That's it. Trust me. Y'all know one of the kind colors one of our clients unique to that guy. He's performing his staff who did you see that?

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Mohammed Salah Salim and he recited from the Quran because it so plugged his ears and he makes a boat for it. Halfway through his job, he stops you guys wait a minute. I'm the proud of my tribe. I'm the leader of my people are a few words gonna overpower me in Hawaii? I can handle this. What a few words gonna do. Let's see what he's got. unplugged it is he goes to the Prophet Mohammed he is when he has to resign from the clan. So what does he do a shadow and how long?

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It takes us powerful. Those are the powerful effects of the Quran. So SISTERS IN YOUR dour, use a lot of the Quran, use it in your diary. It's unfortunate that many people in the diary. The Quran is very literal. No, the Quran is the base. That's the core of your diary. That's awesome. That's the foundation. If you don't have any doubt, then there's a large chunk of money in academic knowledge missing. So unfortunately many do add today. It's your hard pressed finding could add in their dollar or in their lessons or in the hot tub. No. And in the Quran is the base of all knowledge. So he accepted a somewhat hamdulillah. So as you can see all that mockery insults accusations, it did

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nothing. It did nothing. Just like when it's September 11, the September 11 attacks occurred. people tried to accuse Islam. And so for them actually made people more interested in religion. And they searched into what Islam had to offer, and how do they accept it accepted Islam. As we said, just last night, a woman accepted Islam from Newtown. And a few weeks ago, Angela before him a Spanish brother. So despite the negative portrayal of Islam in the media, people still are accepting Islam in multitudes when hamdulillah. And that's a sign of the truth because as we said last week, a lie has speed Yes.

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But it won't last. Whereas truth has endurance, the truth will stay. And that's a sign of the truthfulness of Islam.

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So they tried to distort Islam as well. They try just like today, they'll try to bring a out and say all these Muslims are terrorists, and so forth. And as we said, what they did back then is exactly the same as today they tried to distort the message of Islam. And of course, the prophet SAW Selim was there to clear up any misconceptions and they also tried to bargain with the Prophet.

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They approached the Prophet Mohammed and said, Look, we're willing to negotiate with you. We're willing to worship Allah for one day as long as you worship our idols for one day or so said no. Okay, we'll give you a better deal. We're willing to worship Allah for a week you worship our artist for a day he said, No. Okay, we will worship Allah for a month you worship our gods for a day or so said no. Okay, how about a year for one day? No, I'm not going to give you a single day in my life. Then Allah revealed to you healthcare for your own. Abdo Mehta who don't want to enter Maradona, my output Oh, disbelievers save to them Mr. Mohammed, I will never worship what you worship and you

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will not worship who I worship lakum Dino komali then you have your way I have mine we're not going to compromise because the kuffaar wants you to compromise even a little bit. Allah mentioned this what do we know today he know for you the he known

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what do we know today he knew for you though he known they want you to compromise a little bit why so they can compromise because they already compromise they don't see the big deal they say how come this Mohammed character Sala La Jolla is not compromising he's not budging we're willing to do so. Why? Because Firstly, he's Dean is the Dean of a Lhasa which is not the Dean of man, your religion is the way of man man made laws and systems. It came from you, you can change it, no problem. But with the message of Islam, a trauma surgeon I can just change it according to how I deem fit. No, it's not from me. It's from Allah. I'm the messenger. That's what we don't compromise and I want you

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to compromise a little bit why? If you veer off the right path, right, you're traveling just five degrees. It seems like a very narrow distance in the beginning, but over time.

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

heaps. So by compromising 5% now, you end up compromising 100% later, and that's exactly what we see some do out in the West. Some drought in the West is particularly America. They started to compromise many years ago. A little bit

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You find the beat starts to come down, Ryan. And he's talking about dodgy fatwas in the beginning. And then over time, you see a huge difference. Huge difference in the dollar. Just two nights ago, I saw a Facebook page of a particular shave from America, who used to be very popular many years ago. And now you should see his page. A lot almost done. That's not our he's calling people to watch this movie in the Fast and the Furious. And what about that movie? Let's look at what he's calling people to do now. It should these videos, these videos are jokes. They're just jokes. He's just they're cracking jokes. Now. The video is a just eating fruit. And he's describing the fruit.

00:25:37--> 00:25:43

Yes, psychology champion will lie. What though is that? He's talking about the fruit that he's eating?

00:25:44--> 00:26:16

out? Yeah, what kind of why? Because you want to compromise a little bit, you start to come in the beginning and ends up and no one's safe. Yeah, they will not say from the from the plots of straight on. So that teaches us also, there just because you may have knowledge, don't think that my knowledge is going to save me. No. It's a topic from Allah, that's gonna save us. That's why he told me I said, the believer is not in more need of the drug than in a sort of Muslim. That's what we say 17 times that I guide us guide us guide us because there's so many ways we can be taken off track.

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And as for that was for any bargaining with the Prophet, they wanted to bargain. And that's why they also then that led onto bribes. Okay, if we're not going to get something out of it, then let's just try and convince him by bribing him. So they said to him, Look, you have to stop this preaching if women is what you're after, we'll marry you, the best woman in Arabia. If money is what you want. We'll give you all the money we have. If it's positioned, we'll make you a king. But please stop this Islam.

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And he said no. He said no. And that's when the famous narration of he, he said to Abu Talib, we see that son, just as you are not able to bring the flame from it. I'm not able to stop this down. I'm gonna keep on going. And that shows you once again the truthfulness of Rasul Allah. He wasn't after dunya he was doing this for the sake of Allah for the sake of Islam. So, those are the bribes and inshallah Tada. Next lesson. We'll continue with more of the

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more of the attacks and the reactions of the kuffaar and then that'll lead us to the minor hegira which was to a senior before the major huge draw to Almudena. Does that come low? Hayden szczepanik alohomora the shadow and Mr. Furukawa?

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No, sir