No spark in your marriage

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The speaker discusses how people will tell sp Casinos that they are too busy to share information and feel embarrassed if they don't. They suggest sharing experiences in an emotionally intelligent way to make the spouse feel valued and respected. The goal is to make the spouse feel like they are appreciated and respected.

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because there's some people will tell me Well, I run out of things to say with my spouse. And that I would pretty much guess is that maybe maybe you're not reading, maybe you're not taking new classes, maybe you're not exploring new things. As you explore as you learn as you take classes, you're gonna have things to share with your spouse. So never ever stop learning, and feed your mind. And when you have, you have all this information you're learning and experiencing, and you share it with your spouse, they're gonna find you so interesting. You're not going to just sit there and like have nothing to share, have something interesting to share all the time in emotionally ask yourself, How

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do I make my spouse feel? Do I make them feel appreciated? Do I? Do I make them feel like they are valued? Am I giving them the love and the attention that they need? Because if you're not doing that, if when they are like spending time with you, they are just basically feeling criticized. If you're being if you're criticizing your spouse, if you're always saying how they're not doing things, then obviously they're not going to want to spend time with you and they're not going to be very attracted to you. Because we are attracted to people who make us feel good, right? So if you know if you learn how to light up your spouse's life, right, if you know how to give them a

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compliment and be genuine, right, say something that makes them feel happy, say something that makes them feel like wow, they really, they appreciate who I am. When you do that, then your spouse is not going to be able to get enough of you. It doesn't matter how many decades you've been together.