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AI: Summary © The human body is created from the pestilized body method, which involves removing " pestils" from the body. The method is more of a "wide field" and can treat various diseases. The success of the method is highlighted, including converting hundreds of individuals to healing techniques and reducing the risk of future diseases. The use of GOD Power in daily life is discussed, along with the potential benefits of their own clinical research and belief in Vedic technology.
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We not saw is my name. I am professional by spiritual healer.

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I'm doing aura pornography and psychic surgery, surgery without cut. This is a exactly the spiritual science, we can say. Medical science is the science of medicine. And the spiritual science is a science of human body. It is a body, mind and soul. What we say is a room or a soul at the science of a god power. Once the person develop the spiritual power by sadhana, whatever the prayer, spiritual prayer or whatever the namaz and whatever we are doing, and if you develop the spiritual ability to heal others, this is a difference between an ordinary human being and a super human being what we say, and the science of this energy, invisible energy. Now, there is a two type of things

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which exist in human being, one is visible, physical body, and another is a solid body true. So now science of the true soul body is 99%. And science of the body is 1%. Today, what we are practicing is the medical science is the science of medicine, and not the science of human body, and purpose of any religion is to keep human body healthy throughout the life and achieve the final goal of the life. So, understand the science of invisible power, GOD Power. Sir, can we have your question? Without a background so that just you can have your background? And then your question, if we follow the path of religion, any religion or Quran, we can keep ourselves healthy throughout the life, if

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you don't get any disease in the body, without the question that he is a spiritual healer, and he heals things without cut without using a knife, and treats patients etc. Talking about spirituality, healing of the body healing of the soul. Basically, whether as far as spiritual healing is concerned, there is something like true spiritual healing. And something which is like a deceit, the world of difference in that

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we do have many spiritual healing in public,

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done by missionaries. And I have attended some of the programs of Christian missionaries, they get a person and they get them on the stage, and the person is lame and he starts walking, the person is blind, he starts seeing and we find many.

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And I don't know where they are seen as many documentaries

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which have tried to expose how they do it,

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how they do it, and you know, Islamic Research Foundation, or the research organization, on Islam and comparative religion, and we try and collect materials dealing with such things.

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There are many documentaries, we show that how they do it,

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how they make a fool of the public.

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For example,

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they show a person that they're the person leaves sitting in audience,

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the healer goes and picks up the stick in the name of the they start running and the person starts running, but the person who started sending you the person or sitting on the right, the person was name was sitting on the left

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what we realize that all these are pre planned

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you know, the pre plan, what I tell them that really if you are a spiritual healer, you come to the hospital in ama medical doctor,

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I tell them come to my hospital, direct ready made.

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If you treat, the full family will convert.

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So if you are a spiritual healer,

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and if we all need the truth, we require hundreds of people like you, we don't want to have all these government hospitals you know, narrow hospital Sinai Hospital came hospital will employ you

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what we have to realize that isn't the truth or not.

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Yes, there are something like spiritual

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like for example, the Quran says that the verses of the Quran can be used for healing.

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But what if we realize in Islam,

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the person to heal is why Shafi it is huge.

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If anyone says I heal, it is nonsense. It is Almighty God who heals by the throat doctor.

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But doing this surgery without knife, find the laser technology. But surely you aren't using laser technology or using laser technology.

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So what I'm trying to say that this spiritual thing you're talking about, yes, I being a medical doctor, coming from medical background, if it was true, you'd have learned in medical first year that there is this method. So if you would prefer having more such people then spending five enough years there. So what I'm trying to say

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But most of these things that people talk about spiritual healing, it is more of a big farce. It is time to make fast buck fast money. But, but but but there's Almighty God mashallah there are words of the Quran which can get peace for you in your mind

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which can treat you there are certain diseases

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which science cannot understand, beyond science understanding, there may be but what we see today, mostly in in the spiritual healing sessions involves gathering. According to me, it is nothing but a gimmick. And all these people who heal, I would like to invite you, brother, less tomorrow go to Sinai Hospital together Fine, and you heal the people better Have you then 50 doctors,

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healing generally what we say is a healing. Healing is not for the curing the disease will occur in the body. But if you treat your mind and soul body, you will never get the disease throughout the life. So preventive care what we do day to day prayer and namaz and whatever we do it properly, we will never get a health problem. And if you understand the science behind it, it is a science of God power and how to use GOD Power in our day to day life, what is religion of God power with the human body. So if you understand that science totally, which is 99% of human health, medical science has not understood the mind and soul science because it's a western science, it is a science of body

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only, and it is a 1% of total knowledge. 99% Knowledge is just mind and soul knowledge, which is a secret knowledge lost from India. And today, what is the science student, I grew up my religion, Jainism to going to temple and other thing for 20 years after learning the science. And when I came to know in 92, about the spiritual healing about Reiki and pranic healing, we just came from the foreign, these foreign people are teaching our own science in India, the science which was there in 5000 years in India, Vedic Science, Jainism Muslim, whatever that is lost because Western science has taken over the charge of our human body and human health. And this science was discovered to

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kill virus and bacteria only.

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Chemical poison brother, this is a questionnaire that I'm not a speech time. We are what your question.

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You're saying that if you know this spiritual healing, you will never get the disease of the body I disagree with you. Yes, if you do practice, there may be on certain occasions where there are less chances that you may acquire diseases. But if you say that you will never get diseases, I disagree with you.

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I disagree with you. What if you realize that I do know that there are certain for example, you spoke about namaz I can give a talk on the scientific benefits of Salah.

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I can give a talk of one hour on the scientific benefits of Salah for example, the best part of Salah is to sujood. So very to Sudduth you put the highest part of your body the fight on the lowest part of the ground. And when we do that, what we find that there is more supply of the blood going to the brain that makes the healthy brain the less chances of having chilled beans. That is the disease of the skin of the face. When you're doing food. There is drainage of the bronchial tree so less chances of having bronchiectasis. Now when we breathe normally, when we breathe normally 1/3 of the air in the lung remains it's called as rested really when you breathe in the food. The abdominal

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viscera, the press against the diaphragm and the diaphragm it extends out the residual a so you breathe in more fresh air. So because you breathe in more fresh air, there's less respiratory lay the chances Your lungs will be healthy, far superior, less chances of having lung diseases. Furthermore, there's more increased venous return of the abdominal viscera, there is less chances of having piles when you get up from the position of Sista when you stand up. There is more stress on the calf muscles and the calf muscles are gonna medical science they are known as peripheral heart. It pumps the blood to the lower part of the body. I can go on and on giving references. How does

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Salah benefit

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but but we Muslims we don't praise Allah all these benefits. We pray because we think Allah subhanaw taala

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these medical benefits aside dishes desert our main dish biryani is because we thank Allah and we worship Him.

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These medical benefits may inspire a non Muslim he may come brother Islam. It will keep you healthy, but mainly it is to thank Allah subhanaw taala

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because we worship him, it is not because you want to exercise. These are extra benefits, side dishes. But even a read about other religious about Vedic and all. Some I do agree

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do have some benefits, but to say that if you do this, you will never get any disease. I disagree with it. And it has not been proven by science at all. And as for the non Muslims, if they'd like to ask any questions, even outside the topic, if he or she is a non Muslim, you're most welcome to ask questions. They will not say the topic from them.