Saad Tasleem – Are We Sinful for Having Bad Thoughts?

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of letting people know when they act upon bad thoughts, as it could lead to negative emotions and negative behavior. They stress that actions like speaking out against bad thoughts should be allowed, as it could lead to behavior that is not desired.
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Are we sinful for having bad thoughts? First off, even if nobody knows what we're thinking or feeling Allah knows, as Allah says, What in tuba do Murphy and fusi come out to whom you have a civil Combi Hila whether you show what is within yourselves or you hide it, Allah who will bring you to account for it. But what this verse is talking about, is when we act upon those bad thoughts as the prophets of Allah, who I send them said in Allah Hotjar was an almighty ma had death be an Fusa man and thermal out attack earlier, Allah has forgiven for my OMA that would stay speak within themselves as long as they don't act upon it or speak about it. But we have to be very careful that

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we don't allow those bad thoughts to continue because when we allow them to continue, there is a higher chance that we will act upon those bad feelings and when we act upon them, well, then we're in trouble. This is why some scholars have said that we become responsible if we allow those thoughts to continue without making an effort to stop them.

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