Quran Is The Healing – Recite & Reflect #22

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the use of the Quran in a powerful title, warning of its negative impact on believers. They also mention a disturbing image of a woman wearing a dress and encourage people to be careful of who enters the church. The title is meant to be a mercy for the believers.
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Subhan Allah in this powerful ayah Allah invites our attention to take the potential use of the Quran, as the Quran is meant to be a mercy for the believers. The Quran is meant to be a healing for the believers Subhanallah we go here and there we talk to you know different people we try to find solutions from different ends, but we fail to realize the mercy the healing is right there with the Quran. So my beloved brothers and sisters for the cure for the healing for the solution, look into the Quran and you will find absolute healing, beautiful mercy in the Quran. And Allah reminds us to be away from those who are the volume in who are the wrong doors because they would not enter

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