Healing in the Qur’an

Mufti Menk


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If you ask yourself who are those who develop the correct relationship with Allah, those who have hope always those whom the verses of the Quran will he'll

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remember that. Yes, the verses of the Quran have healing in them, but not just for anyone and everyone. For those who believe in the Quran, they will achieve confidence they will achieve contentment. Look at what Allah says. I levena You mean on eBay, Ebay you Ki Moon or Sala Tommy rose upon whom you FICO on, he mentions three beautiful points, he says those who believe in the unseen, they don't have a doubt they believe in the unseen, there is a heaven coming. There is goodness coming. And subhanAllah even if the world laughs at you, you're a believer and you know, just like I was somewhere before I was born, I'm going to go somewhere after I die. I was with my Creator before

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I was born and I'm going to return to my Creator after I die. And in sha Allah, I will go to a much better place. But I will live my life to the full extent on condition that it is within what Allah has ordained and that's why Allah says, Those who are keen are the ones who believe in Allah, they pray and they spend from what Allah gave them. Why these two qualities, the quality of prayer, you must pray, we pray five times a day we should be praying the reason is, it is your link with Allah, you want hope you want to healing, you want to cure you want contentment, how can you achieve that without prayer? How can you achieve contentment that belongs to Allah without connection that is

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with Allah, amazing. You need to think of that. So Allah says, on one hand, you must be on the best possible level of relationship with me your maker, and on the other hand, he says, think about others I've made. You're not the only one on Earth. If I've blessed you with something, use it to give others That's why Allah marries the two here you may not be right Bok masala women Moroccanoil Phippen they spend from that which we gave them so they give charity and over and above the charity. You see other people in need, do you feel for them? It will bring about a lot of healing. When you sit with those who are broken and try to heal them. You see, you want to be healed. Learn to help

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others in their difficulties. And Allah will help you in your difficulty.