Zakir Naik – Prophet Muhammad (p) and Prophet Moses (p) were Mortals is not then Jesus (p) special

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that Jesus Christ peace be upon his special nature as a unique person. They also mention that Jesus Christ peace be upon his father, his mother, or his father had no father. The speaker argues that the parable of Adam peace be upon his God is a miracle of Almighty God, not meant to imply that he is greater than Adam.
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From Catalina D'Souza on the questions slip. In your talk you singled out Jesus as a very unique person. Then you emphasized how Moses and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him were mortals. Doesn't this comparison make Jesus more special?

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The question posed by the sister is that when I spoke about Jesus case peace be upon him in comparison. I proved that Mohammed and Moses peace weapon they were Maltese, doesn't it? May Jesus Christ peace be upon a special, special Yes, but not God.

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Especially as he the special messenger, every messenger was given a speciality.

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A speciality, like Moses peace be upon him nice called as,

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tell him Allah that Almighty God spoke to him. So in that way, he was special say maybe this case peace be upon him was question because he was born miraculously without any human intervention, because Jesus Christ peace be upon him was born miraculous without male intervention, he was special, but that does not make him God.

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You know what people say? Normally some of the Christians Jesus Christ peace be upon him he had a mother who had no father who's the Father, almighty God. So just because he had no moldy father if it makes him God, the replies given in Surah Lim Ron chapter number three was number 59. It says, In the masala ether in the light MSL Adam halochem, Interim some masala confi akun, that the similitude of Jesus is the same of Adam peace be upon him. He was made from Dustin said Be it was if you say that Jesus Christ peace be upon him, Almighty God because he had no further than Adam peace be upon him according to the Quran and the Bible. He had no mother no father, so do you mean to say he's a

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greater God?

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So it is just a miracle of Almighty God. That does not mean Jesus Christ peace be upon his God, neither that mean that Adam peace be upon him for God. Hope that answers the question.

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