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Sheikh Bilal discusses the five bad things that the Prophet (SAWS) warned the ummah about that will happen before the End times.

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approach that is about to say something so important that he just remembered. He said

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yeah, I'm not sure.

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Our noble mohajir on Oh migrants he's talking tabaka Rama Osman Ali, these were ones who migrated from Mecca to Medina, because this was at the message of Russell was, as I said, earlier noblemen of Mahajan.

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There are five bad things that are going to happen, that are going to be for my oma towards the end of time.

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I seek refuge in Allah,

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that it does not happen in your time.

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Such a difficult challenge.

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He said, and I want the young people to listen to this, especially parents also indirectly close one ear and open the other ear.

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He said number one,

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when sexual obscenity

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becomes widespread, a widespread norm in my own mind.

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And it will never happen. Except if they start coming at it, committing it publicly and publicizing it openly, meaning they feel proud about talking about it.

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They feel good talking about it. They don't have to do it. But they talk about it. They publicize it. That's almost I sell them said they make Ireland poorer. They make an advertising for it. Do you know what that means? It means that when you're at school, for example, at high school, and you hear your friend talking about going out with a boyfriend, or a boy saying, I've been out with this many girls, they're actually lying to you. It's not true.

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And then you go and do it. Because you think everybody else is doing it.

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Immense studies have come up today telling us research about high school students, young people, why do they commit dinner? They stay because they think everyone else does. But they don't. And everybody loves to publicize themselves that way.

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And Xena is not publicized just by merely saying I go out with this person or that person today on social media to publicize in an indirect way how the way girls and boys pose on the internet to other people.

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That type of posing as a sexual posing my brothers and sisters in Islam, the way they do with their mouth and with their eyes and with their faces. But also the lunch that I sell them told us they publicize dinner.

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You know that round mouth thing? What do they call it?

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duck face? What? Duck? Anyways, got some kind of name. This thing was taken from the baboon kingdom. Did you know that? You studied zoology until it took from the baboon kingdom?

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Because the baboons have a big grid site. And I'm not saying that, you know it's lipstick or degrading anybody? No, no, no, no, I'm saying they display it in order to call the mate.

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Now we're displaying boys and girls. I'm not talking about females only I'm talking about men as well. I'm not being sexist here. I'm saying the publicizing of sexual material and sexual images. Sorry if I said that word too many times, because we live and I'm going to say one more time in our hyper sexualized society that are still alive. I still am told us this is what's going to happen. And this is the most widespread thing right now. most widespread thing right now. People are going to die with this.

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It is an absolute epidemic that our supervisor has done and told us what? Xena, Xena is widespread throughout. He's not talking about the non Muslims. He is telling the oma he's saying my alma they will be in that.

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And then sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said,

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then mark my words, he said, then mark my words, terminal illnesses, diseases and pain

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that had never existed in their ancestors before them will come become widespread among them. And this is the types of disability called up our own town in those days was any known sickness that

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brought this to a person, there's no cure to it. And he said there will be diseases that have no cure. That will become an epidemic among my own map. today. We have HIV AIDS, and we have STDs, sexually transmitted diseases.

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Now, I have questions like this from the Muslim community. Brother said I'm a marriage celebrant so people come to asking me questions. Can I get married? I said yes. Why not? And these are the types of questions I'm getting now. Brother do I have to tell this person that I'm getting married to

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They don't have STD.

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Did you know that these are the questions? They're asking me right now?

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all over the place? We say yes, of course you have to tell them because it's a contagious disease. They say what if I have it under control? There's some kind of control pills, say, but when you when you don't have the pills, they actually what they exacerbate. And then if they're pregnant, they have a child, the child gets that STD as well automatically. Did you know that?

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Among the Muslim Mama,

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you know why? Because people what they say is that Muslims, they say, I'm not committing Zina, but they do everything else.

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And look, what happens is it also was how Salam told us. And you know why I opened up with this, you're probably thinking why if I opened it up with this, we're talking about the last day, this is the last day, the last 1000 years of this world, right towards the end, this is what has happened to us.

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So to us, our salon told us that this is what's going to happen five things. The second thing he said, they will cheat in their business and trade as a livelihood.

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And that's when drought will come upon them meaning poverty, dictating rulers and oppressive rulers upon them. Maybe not in Australia, but in 60% of the world. This is happening among the oma. They live upon cheating lying and betraying.

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It happens here in Australia too. If you don't get caught legally, for example, give you an example.

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A Muslim wants to buy a car from another Muslim.

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One Muslim says well ah he cost me this much the other Muslim believes me because he said well lie.

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So then the other Muslim wants to blackmail him. How does he blackmail him? By using verses of the Quran Hadith says he actually Allah said it also Sam said love for you, Brother, what you love for yourself on your brother give me a cheaper price.

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So the other brother resorts to the one law he thing and he resorts to the holiday thing. h1 blackmailing the other person with the religion. And this brings to me a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he said, and people have no measure. He said people will use the religion for their worldly gain. This is the word of the end of time, they will use the religion for their worldly game. They will use the religion for a status Look at me, I'm a chef.

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Now listen to me. I'm gonna shake her female. Now listen to me. I am certain structure of a person this is my Hadith. And now I will get to make people believe what I say. And I'll be the person who everybody listens to it's even worse today because we get to hide behind usernames on on the computer everybody even the most shy is the people have because become the loudest person now sits in their bedroom, hides behind the username and feels it okay to type anything. It never goes off. And this is where your first one out is. People kind of believe some things when they get written. I don't know why

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is the world we live in using the dean for worldly gain?

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Number three, he said they will stop there's a cat people how many people even though the law rules in Islam of the cat, what are the rulings of the cat? How do you give the cat What do you give the cat? I'm sure I'm sure a lot of us know a lot about Islamic Finance and the river banks because many Muslims they say what's this Islamic finance business? I'll just go to a and Zed it's the same thing managers trade this is it's just a different name. They say if everybody's such an expert on Islamic Finance, then all these other finance. How come they don't know much about Zakat? Yeah, and this is what I'm saying people become ignorant about their own Deen. Number four he said they will betray

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the promises and loyalty to a law

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to the point that the enemy will control and possess their wealth.

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Now millions and billions of dollars

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are given away to the non Muslims to deal with it in our own countries and control us. Brothers and sisters the pros are seldom said The fifth thing is they are leaders and figures do not apply the laws of laws book but choose what suits from them for themselves until Allah curses them with disunity and enmity amongst each other.

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I say to you, it's not just the leaders, but all figures. Everybody now has become a leader, a self appointed leader of themselves

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on social media, for example. And what it has caused is disunity and the fragmentation of our Ummah, we cut each other off, we don't talk to each other. We meet each other now on Facebook and that's about it really. People don't meet anyone anymore. People don't say sir lambs except the people who they know otherwise. It's a very individualistic society. We live in a society where it's about you and only you myself, and me. Rasulullah Sallam told us the last day will be about that. About Me and myself, or I three most common words used now.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us towards the last hour towards the last hour

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There will be extreme display

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toradol fifth and

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the fifth and the trials and tribulations will be displayed before you there's a very intricate word he is using here. Display meaning there will be placed in front you don't you're not even looking for it but it will be in front of you. Just like the pieces of straws in a straw mat. There's so many of them and the straws are displayed to you this bit on the street display to you like all the individual straws in a straw mat. If you ever look at a straw mat, it's got about 10,000 straws in it, maybe 100,000 straws in it. When you look at a straw man you see all the straws individually don't you don't you kind of see how they go along and and they're all at once. So suppose I'm using

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a metaphor here he's paying the fitten will be so many on that day that you will look at them. You will see them all at once in front of you and you recognize that each one is out there on its own fitness after fitness after fitness after fitness all displaying themselves in front of you. He said there will be too hard on that day two hearts. One type of heart will be pure. And the other type of heart We murky stinky and ugly and dark. The pure heart will be the ones that reject these fit and try to go against it and the fit and the hearts which will be dark and murky are the ones who take it and accept it and love it

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once I was driving out of my house I went down to the next street

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The street is two way cars coming this way cars going that way.

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So if you go down in one direction is very hard to overtake another vehicle. As I was reaching the roundabout there was a bus stop. I looked at the bus a few meters ahead and right at the back of the bus is a huge picture

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of a woman

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partially naked

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now you shouldn't be shocked because this is very normal isn't it? So normal or not? normal or abnormal? very normal. Normal everywhere you go you just drive kids to it very normal.

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So I said I bet a beat that bus because if I don't beat at the bus is going to be right in front of me.

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And I can't overtake because there'll be cars coming this way. And I have to look at the bus because otherwise we'll have an accident. What am I looking at the picture

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so then the bus when in front of me

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How strong is the shape on so the bus when in front of me driving behind this bus? Where do I have to turn and look away? I'm gonna have an accident until the bus 100 low anyways thought for a while I think I said satoko Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. truthful is he that the fitten will be displayed before your eyes. You can even run away from it. this day and age. The other day this brother says brother I lowered my gaze to the ground and I see a magazine with another woman on it.

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I looked away from this era shop right there displayed on the window how lower La quwata illa Billah.

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You're going to read your email bang right in front of you this junk mail comes up sometimes they display isn't that correct? everywhere.

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Great fives and sixes are now

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looking at stuff they shouldn't be looking at by the time they're in year nine have

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gone with the wind.

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Pornography has become a widespread epidemic today. Rasulullah saw Salam told us on before the last hour, there will be a time when people will look at this as very normal to the point where you will see people committing the act of Zener on a normal street where people pass by in the public area and people will take us so normal and ordinary that you say look at least you know that's cute, but at least you can go a slight a little bit away from the people let us walk. People see a very normal now we've gone even more than that. That was probably a few decades ago. Now it's even worse. People not out in the street anymore. They're inside their homes. In the other day. You know my day my

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parents if they sent me to the room.

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It was a prison for me. Today you send the child to the bedroom it's paradise.

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Give them and give them an iPad, their phone or a computer. They don't want computers anymore. And the whole world is at their feet. They don't need to go out anymore. Brothers and sisters in Islam Allah hates an epidemic.