Purpose of Eid Salaah

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Basically what is the overall purpose of the eat Salah.

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As far as the purpose of the slides, that Allah makes it on us, that we should make a social lifestyle, that it should be seen that we believe in God consciousness, we believe in Taekwondo. And the best example that we have is the five times daily congregation, Salah Muslim gather together and we show the Tacoma that we have to God consciousness, people are aware of it, it seemed in a social life. The bigger gathering is the Juma Salah.

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And the biggest local gathering are the two is Salah, and the largest annual gathering in the full world is the gathering. And gathering people from different parts of the world come together and they gather, but the local lodges to gatherings are the two Salah for a name.

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That is the purpose. And secondly,

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the bigger getting that we have it shows our strength, the Muslims and our love to Allah subhanaw taala our servitude, that there is a prophet said you should go to the eat car, so that they should be one big gathering rather than multiple small gatherings. So people will come to know the strength of the Muslims. And it boosts up the model of Muslims. Whoa, I didn't know that in two small villages, 50,000 Muslims. And for the non believers, they'll think 10 times before making mischief. 50,000 Muslims, they'll think 10 times this thing 1000 times before making mischief. So these also work on the psychology. And I feel that's very important. That is the reason the Prophet said even

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the children, even the menstruating woman should go even if they don't have a Salah so that the gathering is bigger, and it's good. Third of the Muslim on my show. Yes. Very beautiful to see them as soon as in such large gatherings on the day. It really is beautiful.