Nouman Ali Khan – Seeking Forgiveness

Nouman Ali Khan
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One of the most important secret ingredients that you and I need to be able to ask Allah successfully, whatever we want, and we all have things we want. And those are secrets between us and Allah. But if you're really going to be able to ask him in a way that you're truly hopeful that Allah azza wa jal will respond to what you're asking for, there are some things that have to be in place. And one of the most important things that the Quran keeps highlighting that has to be in place, is that you and I have to ask Allah to forgive us first. You have to ask Him to forgive us first before you ask him anything else. Anything else that you want, or I want? We need to be able

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to genuinely ask Allah to forgive us. And I'm saying today, you know, you might people ask which dog can I make for forgiveness? Or which what are the best words I can say to for this dollar? You know, people have to ask for separate occasions. So when a woman is expecting she'll email me or he'll come up to me and say, Look, I'm gonna have a baby, which do I can make right now? Or somebody who say, I'm going for a job interview, which do I can I make right now? Right? I was always this give me the special dial for the special occasion. Let me tell you, those words are important because they're sacred and they revealed. But the dua for all occasions, is actually seeking Allah's

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forgiveness. To do our job, open up all of your problems, get rid of all of your problems. The one guy that digs takes care of everything is genuinely seeking Allah's forgiveness. No hellacious

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invites His people you know, for over nine centuries. He's doing constant dollar to them. And at the end of that career, he looks back and he summarizes the the message that he was trying to give them of course, he didn't have one speech with them. He didn't talk to them once or twice. Leyland when a Hara TAO to call me Leyland when a Hara night and day, he didn't even take nights off. He's constantly inviting them constantly inviting them and in a surah dedicated to his name Surah Noor, the surah of new Hyundai sedan. He himself summarizes the entire message he was giving his people this whole time. What is it that I want from you in Nikola TAO to whom Lita feel alone? Every time I

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was inviting them, I was only inviting them calling them to this face, so you could forgive them Jakob, so you could forgive them. And then literally, he says, here's how I invited them. This is what I exactly said to them over and over and over again. Called I said it stop Futura bacame seek forgiveness of your master. In the hookah Farah, I'll come back to this part later in the who kind of afara Certainly Allah is someone who keeps on forgiving and keeps on forgiving and keeps on forgiving. And he does it repeatedly. But what he says after that is so remarkable. He said, You people and I need you to understand who he's talking to. He's talking to some one of the worst

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nations in history. No Hyundai Salaam is described as one of the worst nations of all the nations. Places like Sudan comma, were Allah destroyed. This describes different nations or even sort of very odd. Allah describes different nations of the past that rebelled against Allah that rebelled against the prophets and were destroyed. When he gets to new heights asylums nation, what does he say? Well, coma knew him in Kabul in the homecare new home of La opera, the nation of Newark from much before they, they certainly weren't more wrongdoing and more rebellious than everyone else. Like he has the worst condemnation of the people of Newark. It makes sense. They had a messenger not from what for

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one generation, like every other profit, they had a generate profit, three generations, four generations, every century, every two decades. There's a new generation of kids that have grown up. And he's seen that century after century after century after century, he's seen 4050 generations of people. And they've all rejected him. And he's making the same invitation to all of them. So I'm not I'm the thing I the reason I brought this up is for a purpose. He's talking to very, very bad people. He's talking to the worst of the worst. What offer does he make to them? He says, seek forgiveness of your master in the hookah afara. He keeps on forgiving over and

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over and over again.

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You guys have been messing up over and over again. Allah keeps forgiving over and over again. But he has offered doesn't stop there. He says you'll see this summer Alico mudra. You silly, it's actually Javan hammer here. What that means is, if you seek his forgiveness, then Allah will open up the sky for you, and it will start pouring on you. Now that could be a reference to rain. That could be a reference to rain and ironically, it's not a reference that you will get flooded. They did get flooded, right? They did get flooded but ALLAH is talking about a different kind of rain. Now. If you seek forgiveness, that same rain that destroyed them will be the rain that brings them life.

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They didn't pray for rain. They didn't ask for rain, and they just Allah just ask them to make dua to be forgiven. But if you ask the Lord to be forgiven, the sky will open up and start pouring. Now Allah did not say water will pour

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Allah will lead did not say water will pour he said the sky will

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Pour, because the sky has a lot more than water.

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The sky has forgiveness that comes from the sky, the sky has peace, tranquility, faith, your provision, the solution to your problems, they come from the sky, he will open the floodgates, and everything held from the treasures of Allah that you haven't been getting. Because you haven't been seeking forgiveness, it's going to open up. Just ask for forgiveness.

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You're asking to solve problem, a problem be problem, see their problems you don't even know you have. Allah knows that you have them. If you and I just became genuine people of seeking forgiveness, then those problems will start getting solved by divine intervention. You'll see this summer on a command run. And that's not even enough. You're asking forgiveness, for who? yourself, install Fedora back home, and seek forgiveness for yourself. He says, Well, you'll need to come be unwell in what Bernina and he will extend you by giving you money and giving you children he will further your good legacy with money and kids. It's not even money that will lead you away from

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Allah. Because it's in the context of you seeking forgiveness. He will give you good money that will lead to you doing more good and benefit you in this worldly sense and in the Orthodox sense. And he will give you good children that will give you goodness while they're alive. They will respect you show you love obey you make you proud. They will give you happiness when they're alive. And even when you're gone. They'll continue to do good deeds that become a continuous investment for you after you're in your grave. Allah will give you all of these things by the way, this is the same two words, money and children. Later on. We're in the home isone Waterboro Mala Mia said Humala hoo Wah

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well I do Allah Cassara

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they disobeyed me. And they only follow the people whose money and his kids do nothing but cause the MORE LOSS money and kids are a means of loss. But when money and kids come from Allah, after you seek forgiveness, they become game. Celia it's the same money in kids. It's the same money in kids. The only difference is now they have the blessing of Allah's forgiveness on top of them. It's like they were contaminated until Allah purified them with this forgiveness stuff back home and look, seek Allah's forgiveness. What doesn't open up, the sky opens up in ways you can imagine. Guidance opens up for you understanding opens up to you, your your, your personal internal problems start

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going away, you know, anger, for example. Anger is a very hard thing to get rid of. Some people live a miserable life because they can't get rid of their anger. Something is eating inside of them and they're just not able to fight it. So much so that they recognize I cannot get rid of my anger. And I bet Allah will not forgive me because I'm such an angry person. I'm not able to forgive

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Sahaba were really angry at about love at the at the occasion of Saudi Arabia. What did Allah say about the removal of anger? He said unzila Sakina tough equilibrium, meaning he sent peace, calm tranquility down from the sky into the hearts of the believers. Calmness doesn't come from you. It doesn't come from you and we can't calm ourselves down. Musa is mother was dying of nervousness of fear when she was putting her baby in the water. And Allah says Lola, Robert na Allah cobia had we not tied her heart and kept her strong. Allah made her heart strong. She's not capable of that herself. She's too scarred for that. She's too traumatized for that. Allah there is such a thing as

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divine intervention that will help you heal. There are sins that you have tendencies that you have. Some people are very tempted by fracture. Some people are very tempted by their anger, they can control their anger. Some people are overrun with greed, constantly thinking about money, they can even help themselves. The solution to these problems comes from Allah. This is how the sky opens up. The sky opens up for things that are deep inside you and it comes and it solves that problem inside you. It cleanses you just like the water cleanses the earth. So you did can be a Malinois bunny, but that's not enough. He says when I look on Janna tin, when I look him on heroin, he'll put in place

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for you gardens, he'll make rivers flow for you. This is Allah's way of saying what will I not give you if you just ask for forgiveness? You and I think when we ask for forgiveness, the only thing we're getting is forgiveness. Allah is telling us when you ask for forgiveness, there is nothing I don't give you. It's like, it's almost like you can ask for other things. Or you could just ask for forgiveness and everything's covered. Everything's Included. What's left, money, children, the skies opened up for all of your problems, gardens, rivers, all of it's ready to go. And by the way, seeking forgiveness, you weren't learning now, you would think normally a person would think when

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they're asking Allah's forgiveness, then you know, it's going to help them in their chakra. It's going to help them in their afterlife. These are out there telling us know Allah is not only going to help you in your asset, he's going to help you we're in this dunya think about hedge the biggest motivation you and I have for going to hedge and getting our house

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accepted is that we are past sins are forgiven. We get a fresh start. That's the reason you go. You literally go into clothes you're supposed to be buried in, even in Hajj itself. When we're going to make the march for a few boom in high school faba Nas was stuck for Allah. Go where people go follow the people follow the crowd and seek Allah's forgiveness. Pour in and seek Allah's forgiveness. The essence of Hajj is seeking forgiveness. That's the purpose of it. That's the fundamental goal of it. And even in that at the occasion of where we ask Allah Robina Artina for dunya Hassan Warfield, Ankara Rito off same dua dua from Quran that describes what you should do at Hajj or a woman who

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Manya Kula Robina Artina for dunya or Phil Assa T

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dunya hasta la phylloxera Tia Hassan Machina, Adana give us good in this life and the next life. In other words, give us the kind of good in this life that guarantees the good of the next life. There is such a thing. And you can get all of it when you and I are genuinely seeking forgiveness.

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep, profound understanding of the Quran. We are students of the Quran ourselves. And we want you to be students of the Quran alongside us. Join us for this journey on Vienna Where 1000s of hours of work have already been put in and don't be intimidated. It's step by step by step so you can make learning the Quran a part of your lifestyle. There's lots of stuff available on YouTube, but it's all over the place. If you want an organized approach to

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studying the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a

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