The Reason of Increasing Conflict in the World, According to Dr

Zakir Naik


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Talking about unity of the humanity which is very fundamental. Today we're living in a fragmented world, a world full of hatred, full of killings, crisis and what have you confrontations around religious identities around ethnic identities and so on? Why is this happening to us, the conflict in the world for various reasons.

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One of the main reasons for power is for money, it is for status. It is for land, because most of the people think that world and everything, but if you go back to the Scripture,

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if we go to Quran, Quran, saving for the multitap number 57 was number two, under the colonial motto Hattah. It is Allah who has created that and life to test which is good indeed. So this life is temporary. It's a test for you. So everyone realizes that the life is temporary, then you won't run after wealth and dunya so much. For example, when I'm traveling, I come to Nigeria, I stay in a temporary hotel, I don't buy a house for me, by the way, then I'm going to be Nigeria for one week, two weeks, three weeks. That's it. So if you know that the world is temporary, you will not behave like a person who wants to hoard wealth. So mean life is the life after death. And most of the

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agents say the same thing. So if every human me understands that this life is temporary, it's the test for the hereafter, then you find the difference. And that's what I mentioned in my talk, I'll Quran the global necessity. The Quran talks about the path to salvation.

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About Shanna, and a beloved prophet masala Salam said that this world, for the believer is like a prison.

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And for the unbeliever it is like paradise.

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So there was a port you to approach halfway didn't address Kalani, the famous scholar who wrote the Shara I'll say Buhari at this time, when and when he was walking in the marketplace, you know, on his meal with a big approach to this poor Jew comes and catches his bill. And say the Prophet said this, that this world is a prison for the believer. And for that believer, as paradise paradise, I'm a poor man, my clothes are toned, tattered, you're so rich, you have all the luxury, how can you explain to me this hadith of the Prophet. So half of the blunders can be said that I know what awaits for a believer in the hereafter paradise. And if you compare a paradise to any human being

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living in this world, you may be the richest man, maybe the king, but compared to the life in paradise, which is million times better. This is like prison. So that's the first part I explain that because if we know that in the hereafter for the believers, who follow the commandments Almighty God, they will go to paradise. So paradise compared to the richest man in this world, he may be a king he may be a sedan, he may be a president, he may be Prime Minister compared to the next life. This life is like a prison for the unbeliever if he knows what the hell is going to go in, even if the poorest man here yet this will be paradise as compared to year after. If you

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understand this hadith that lives life is the test. Then you will not try to acquire wealth, or power or status. You strive to get benefit in the end. That's it