Yasir Qadhi – The Parables of The Quran #10 – Baqarah 179 – “And in the Qisas there is life for you…”

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The phrase "nails on the wall" in Arabic language is used to indicate a strong opinion on the victim's personality and the link between society and their culture. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting people's lives and the benefits of the Darthlawed, including saving people's lives and protecting society. The Sharia law is discussed as a way to ensure publicity and forgiveness, and the potential for a turnaround in shave evolution is emphasized.
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Nina Shay. banyule onging Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He will be he will know what I'm about. to do, we're going to do Surah Baqarah verse 179 is another very powerful phrase that is used commonly in the Arabic language to indicate many things. This phrase is what a Conficker saucy hyah tune.

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Mr. Mirza Moksha is one of the great scholars with the Arabic language he actually has a commentary on this passage in which he mentions that it is one of the most powerful aphorisms of the Quran. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions opposites in the same verse, the word cause loss means the death penalty. And Allah subhana wa tada revealed in the Koran that no matter who kills the murderer or her rubella, God will be able to intervene on whether it's a free person, whether it's a slave, whether it's male or female, the murderer is going to be executed. Okay, this was a new Islamic revelation. In pre Islam. If you were a person of standing a rich person, a person who had noble

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lineage, then you would not be handed over and maybe even the tribes would go to war, but you would not be hurt because you are a rich person that if you were a poor person or lower caste or somebody who didn't have reputation society, then they would hand you over to be executed for murder. Allah subhana wa tada revealed it doesn't matter who does the murder. It doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor, male or female freemen or slave and horrible hurry what I would do better

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than Allah subhana wa tada says, what a comfier saucy higher tone. In the death penalty, there is your life. This is the profundity of this verse that Allah mentions two opposites. And he says these two opposites are linked together. Your life is linked to the death penalty. What a comb filter, saucy hyah tune. Yeah, Bob are people of intellect, law law. Come on. Now what does this verse imply or mean? Many things First and foremost, as we explained that in the days of jarhead iya, tribes would go to war, because they refuse to handle murder over. So because of the death of one person, many hundreds might die, because they're going to go to war, because the actual murder is not going

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to be handed over. So the two tribes are going to go to war, and potentially maybe even go to many long wars. And this is what happened in the Wars of broth, pre Islam, and it happens across all JD societies. So Allah says, With this new law, I will save the lives of all of these people, a secondary meaning what a conflict rasasi high art, there is even higher art for the murderer himself. How so? Because Allah has legislated these punishments to be a cofounder, to be a expiation. So the real life of the Hereafter, the real life of the next life might be possible for the murderer even if he repents and he accepts his fate and he repents to Allah subhana wa Tada. Our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever amongst you commits a crime and the head punishment is then done upon him, then it will be his Kufa it will be an explanation for him. So even the murderer, if he repents to Allah subhana wa tada and he then faces the kiss loss. In reality, this is going to be his life, because his life of the ark era will now be saved. Otherwise, we learned in the Koran that whoever kills a believer intentionally shall be in the fire of * forever. One of us no more, no more to me than for Jesus will Johanna Mohali than fear whoever kills him won't mean intentionally, he shall be in jahannam forever, but then if he faces the sauce, that

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will he will not be in jahannam forever. So it is going to be his life as well. And then the third meaning what a conflict associate hyah tune in the death penalty is your life is the life of society itself. In other words, when we criminalize this act, and we punish the murderer, and we do it in a manner that everybody knows that hey, if you kill somebody, if you kill somebody, then you are going to be executed. So Allah is saying the sanctity of life will be upheld. If you upheld the death penalty. If you if perform the cases properly, then all of society will be safe. So Allah azza wa jal mentions that in the death penalty is your life, oh, people have intellect. And we learn from

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this dear brothers and sisters, that the laws of our religion, the laws of the Sharia, they are meant to flourish human society, they are meant to protect society. They are not meant to make life difficult. They're not meant to be out of a buck.

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Word are barbaric, as the critics allege, on the contrary, the Islamic laws are the most conducive to the welfare, the spiritual welfare, and the physical welfare of all of society. And all we need to do not to go into a long tangent, all we need to do is to look at the reality of the penal system of the land that we live in. It is one of the biggest disasters of the modern world. I don't know how many of you realize this, but our country and particularly the United States of America, It is well known that it is the worst when it comes to its reputation of the incarcerated over almost not, we're not, we're not quite 1% in 650, for every 100,000, the highest incarceration rates in the

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globe, are of this country, an amazing statistic, one out of four people in prison are in America. In other words, there's 195 countries or something, right? All the prisons in the world, if you had all the prisoners, one out of four, or in America, three out of four, divide them into one 195 countries. Imagine that we also are aware that prisons are a for profit corporation, we also are aware of that when you take a prisoner and you put him in, you know, the average the person who gets the the murder of the first degree, they typically get life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. What is the benefit of taking a person 18 years old, maybe and putting him in jail for 6070

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years? Who is going to benefit from that? Neither his family, how is he rehabilitated? Even at least if there's a resource, he goes to me to law and society knows you do not punish the person but what is going to happen? You take a normal, healthy human being and you lock him up in jail worse than an animal because if you did the same to an animal, you will be put in jail yourself. If you did the same to an animal that this society does to its prisoners, you would be put in jail. You know, because we are used to prison system. We think it's normal. The Shetty did not come with the prison system. Because when you take a person and you put him in a room for 10 2030 years, not only does he

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suffer, not only does that environment suffer, the children suffer, his family suffers, you're breaking families, you're taking brothers and fathers away. You're harming all of society. That doesn't make any sense. And Allah azza wa jal tells us in these laws, there is life for you. If somebody is guilty of a crime, do the punishment and then move on. And the punishment is meant to send a public message the Shetty is meant to be enforced in a manner that sends the message. That's why sort of the norm. Allah subhanho wa Taala explicitly mentions that when you're going to do the punishment, do it publicly while yes had other Bahama let the people see this punishment because the

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goal is not just the rehabilitation of the one that did the crime that is a goal. And by the way, even in his death, there is rehabilitation as I explained, even in his death, there is His forgiveness, otherwise there is hardly any forgiveness, but even then the sauce there is His forgiveness and other punishments as well. There is His forgiveness. And then more importantly, there is the message center society that eight there's a red line you do not cross it. And so Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the laws of Islam, and even in the law of the death penalty, it is your own life. Then Allah says yeah, only Al Bab or people of intellect which shows us you need to think

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a little bit you need to be critical. Don't just accept the criticism of the outsiders or the villa Islam is backward. No, it's not. Well, law e our Shetty I makes full sense, but you just have to think a little bit. Yeah. Bob or people have intellect and that's why Allah azza wa jal says, you have to think about these laws. And then if you do so, look into who you will attain the taqwa of Allah subhana wa tada inshallah we'll continue with one more power will have been cut off tomorrow and then move on to the next.

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