The Muslims are Responsible for Saving the Others from Hell

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One person came and told me while I was doing the our non Muslim came and told me mind the old business.

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What should I do?

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I told him a yoga incidence, suppose you and your family, along with their wife and a small kid or four years old, goes on his station for a holiday.

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While you're on the hill station on the hill, when you and your wife are talking, your son, four years old, walks away from you. And he's walking towards the edge of the cliff of the mountain.

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By the time you realize he's far away, you can hardly see. But

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be careful. Otherwise you don't reach there. If you can see, while your son is walking towards the edge of the cliff, there's the elderly gentleman, standing at the edge of the cliff and admiring beauty.

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He looks at your son.

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He smiles. And he continues admiring beauty. Oh, Mr. St. My son, or the voice cannot reach

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me, Mr. Save your son, say my son, please. Boys cannot reach the elderly gentleman of citizens mind. He can see your son walking towards the edge of the cliff. After some time

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your son falls off the cliff.

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Then you go to this man. And tell him why didn't you save my son?

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He replied, I was minding my own business.

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And he's right. He did not push your Sunday? No. Did he tell your son to jump? No. So why should you blame him? He did not tell your son to jump. He did not push your son. Yet you will blame him and tell him. Allah gave him he could. He could have saved my son easily. He didn't even have to take a step forward. He only had to stretch his hand and my son would have been saved. Will you blame him or not?

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Yes or no.

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You will tell this person my son is muscle. Four years old. He doesn't know this elderly gentleman could have easily saved him.

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He said no. I was minding my own business. When anyone tells you when you're doing Dawa, that mind your own business telling it is I'm that's what I'm doing. I'm minding my business. It's the business of every Muslim to mind other people's business as far as the news concern.

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Let me repeat.

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When anyone tells you mind your own business, valuing Dawa tell him, it is the business of every Muslim to mind other people's business. As far as Dean is concerned

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that marijuana Bill Maher view without non human good, they're the best of people because they enjoy what they viewed. And if I'm wrong, that is what we're doing. We're doing our duty.

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When joining the good and forbidding what is wrong what we are doing Correct?

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Why you should feel shy by You should be ashamed. Imagine if you have a non Muslim neighbor.

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And you don't do that to him.

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I need either the mushrik on the day of jasmine, Allah will ask you did you accept Islam? He said No.

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He didn't. No one told me that side but didn't you get the message?

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Allah gives the message himself.

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He likes me some.

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He'll go to hell. Allah will ask you, did you deliver the message to your non Muslim neighbor? And if you say no, you will follow him. You will follow him because to deliver the message to the non Muslim is further if you do not deliver the message to a non Muslim neighbor, you will follow him and go to hell.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Surah Al Asad chapter 103. Was number 123. The criteria devoted Jana

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Rahim, the way to Paradise, Allah says while us in sanella, Fucus Illa Lavina Amanu, Muhammad Ali, hottie whatever. So Bill Hackney with us on this subject, by the token of time, man is rarely in a state of loss, except those who are faith, those who have he did those exhort people to truth and those are your people to patience and perseverance. There are minimum four criteria required for any human we will agenda number one is the man belief faith. Number two, I'm going to call it her righteous deed number three, whatever. So we'll have inviting people to throat doing Dawa, and Islam and the fourth was our cell B sub inviting people to patience and perseverance. There are many more

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four criteria required for any human moonbow Jana, if anyone is missing, under normal circumstances, you shall not

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Under Jana, you may be a very good Muslim. You may be praying five times a day you will be I will mark on the forehead, you will be fasting in the month of Ramadan, you will be giving you the card, you may have one for HUD. But if you don't do Dawa according to Surah Al Asad chapter number 103 was number 123 You shall not enter Jannah

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you have to pass in all four criterias if you only go through all four important Eman, righteous, D. Dawa in Islam and invite the people to patient in person. If anyone is missing, you shall not enter Jannah all four are required. If you don't do dava and Allah wants you to put you in Jannah that others prerogative

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he can forgive your sin and put you but under normal circumstances, if you don't do Dawa, according to certain asset you shall not enter Jannah

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it the farther it is the duty of every Muslim that he should convey the message of Islam to those who are not aware of it. Dawa is forbidden Islam at least a part time day.